2007 c6 Z06 now has a beep or ("Dink" as it is called in the manual) every 60 seconds.

by Gardner Wade
(Carlsbad, CA)

A "beep" indicator sounds every 60 seconds even after I disconnect the battery and reconnect. There are no dash board icon lights that appear. I have used my key fob to lock and unlock the vehicle. There is no key to the "beep" indicators in the 3 volumes of manuals that I own (poor documentation on Chevy's part).

I have searched all the forums. No answers.

Can anyone please point me to a "Vette Rosetta Stone" to unlock the meaning of a beep every 60 seconds that continues even while driving, parking, locking, etc?

What does it mean?
How do I stop it?

Going BEEPING crazy in Southern California!

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