2006 Corvette C6 Rear(Hatch) Window Sits Too Low In Hatch

by Steve
(Porterville, CA, USA)

Ever since I got this 06', the rear window has been too low, coming a fraction of an inch away from the rear of the roof when I lift the hatch. It binds the trim seal when I lower the hatch, and has torn the 2nd seal I have had on the car. I recently looked at several c6's in Monterey, at Laguna Seca, and noticed some others were also low. My local auto glass shop would not get be able to adjust it unless they raised the hatch to do so. I have felt that the window alone could be raised higher at its front to solve. I just looked at a guy's 07' today, and his glass is almost in perfect alignment with the roof. Any ideas?

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