never know when car will start

by umyang
(rhode island)

I have a 05 with z51,6speed manual, 44,000 miles, have owned since has been great until this year but know it is nothing but problems.seems that it all starts with electrical far i have replaced the battery with new delco replacement,battery cables,body control module,had steering wheel lock modified by dealer.also replaced rotors,calipers,pads,water pump and belts (2) because a clip fell from under dash causing brakes to lock up.but that one is on me because i got mad and drove it to the dealers with the pads smoking and calipers glowing.i think i have seen every display possible on the dic.last friday i picked up car at the dealers. we all thought it was finally de-bugged.then Saturday morning drove to a restaurant at which point car would not restart. dic showed accessory mode then no fob detected.tried fob in glove box to no avail then disconnected neg. terminal at battery and finally restarted. Sunday morning car wouldn't start first thing in morning. dic showed steering column lock which is impossible now.disconnected neg. term. on batt. and finally got it here i am on labor day weekend twiddling my thumbs.hope it starts when i go out shortly but I dont really care any more. back to the dealers tomorrow i have had enough.i have spent approximately $6,000.00 in the last two months and i just want to make sure it starts when i sell or trade in. i previously have owned a 1956,1975,1976 and a 2003. any body out there with suggestions ?

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