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2005 C6 Corvette "Service Column Lock"

by Vito

This is the second time 22 months that this has occured, but only 3000 Km. traveled since this is not a daily commuting vehicle.
Steering Column Lock Module was replaced 22 months ago at a local GM dealer.
Coincidence I observe:

- My right hand turn signal bulb burned and inoperative

- Column steering lock module was replaced cost Parts/Labor $1100 Can.

- Within 22 months and only 3000km, right hand turn signal bulb replaced twice

- Right hand turn signal bulb out again and

- Column Steering lock module possibly out again because car steering wheel is locked out again and unable to start and display shows "Service Column Lock"
Not sure but am I to something here like a bad ground somewhere to cause this interesting scenario?

Please suggest and thank you in advance

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