2006 Corvette AM/FM radio and NAV unit occasionally goes dead

by Neil
(Fresno, CA (USA))

I'm the second owner of a 2006 base model Corvette that I purchase a little over a year ago. I've had a recurring problem with the AM/FM NAV unit in the car.

Periodically there is absolutely no audio from the radio, CD player, or NAV unit. The unit lights up and I can press the various buttons on the screen and to the left of the screen to move around between the various options, but absolutely no sound comes out of the speakers. Not even amplifier hiss when I turn the volume up all the way. Then after a few weeks or a few months, everything will start working just fine and may work perfectly for several days or weeks or even months, then suddenly the audio stops working again.

Yesterday something a little different happened for the first time. I had been driving the car and everything was working great. We stopped and parked to do a little shopping and when I got back in the car and started it to leave, the entire radio and NAV unit was completely lifeless. The screen did not come on, there was no Corvette name with the clock showing, all the buttons were unresponsive including the on/off button. We drove to the next store. I was going to drop my wife off and then park the car and go into the store to meet her. She opened the passenger door to get out and she exited the car. Just before she closed the door, the radio/NAV unit lit up and came to life and everything was working perfectly again.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Do you have any idea what the problem might be?

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