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spare tire and pan hanger bolt drops too far down 
long bolt under rear fascia that holds spare tire and pan tight against underbody drops too far down to tighten wheel,tire against underbody, do you have …

Lumbar seats don't work 
1995 corvette lumbar seats don't work

I have a 1992 c4 Corvette when I go to accelerate and take off seems to be running on about six cylinders wondering if it's the computer just seems to load up and just 
I've had my Corvette for a few years seem to start getting a Miss have the injectors cleaned out last year they all on doubt good this year started out …

Service engine light 
I have a 1990 C4 Corvette and while driving on the freeway at freeway speeds the service engine light comes on and if I let off the gas for a little while …

1988 Vette Fuel Low Level warning light stays on. 
Fuel Gauge started to act up with low fuel warning light staying on even though tank is full. Had a major tune-up (injects, plugs, wire, etc.) to include …

brake pedal very low changed booster brakes and rotors 1992.. 
brake pedal very low when stopping..feels like no presure..changed booster brakes and rotors..

gas pedal kicks back 
When I put my 1996 automatic Corvette into drive and punch the gas pedal,it oddly feels as if the gas pedal is pushing back on my foot when the RPM's increase …

I hate the 1 to 4 shift on my 1990 
How to reprogram ecm to disable cags? which scan tool and how to please. See the CAGS Disable via the link embedded picture below. You may have to …

temp runs hot 
is 210 normal temp on a 94 vette

C4 Vette was running great, parked 2 weeks in garage now no electrical. Nothing. 
No electrical system at all on my C4. No dash lights, no radio, nothing. It was running fine, no issues at all when it was parked in garage. The battery …

Water leaking from side edges of dashboard 
I replaced all the rubbers on my 1985 c4 and now when it rains heavy I get water dripping from both sides of the edge of the dashboard padthe water hits …

96 c4 runs hotter than I like 
If I get on my car it runs to 240 sometimes close to 250 with no ac on. How can I wire both fans to stay on every time I start the car. It’s at 160 k miles …

Passive Security does not work and Also Passenger door window stopped working 
My 1994 Corvette's Passive security stopped working.I'm looking for some ideas of what could be the problem. Also my passenger side power window doesn't …


When I let off the gas and come to a stop the engine idle will drop so low that sometimes it will die 
When I'm tooling through town about 30 miles per hour and let off the gas to slow down or come to a stop my idle drops so low that sometimes it will completely …

1991 c4 convertible wont crank 
Turn key and security light goes out fuel pump primes rail but engine doesnt turn over 12.9 volts at battery everything serms to work but the starter …

1990 not srarting 
Three times now the car has not started after a short drive.When turning the key nothing happened. Everything else seemed to be fine.Full power just nothing …

Replacing the clutch master cylinder 
I have a '85 C4 and I'm having trouble trying to get the clutch pedal and clutch cylinder apart. I can't even see the pin holding them together. Am I missing …

Right side headlight does not open up. C-4+ 1996 
Right side headlight does not open up. C-4+ 1996

Where is the relay for the headlight motor 
I am not getting power to my headlight motor and need to know where the relay is located

Rattling or irratic knock from back side of engine 
'91 corvette zr1- So Im working on fixing some all around issues as a new one starts. As im accelerting I do not hear the noise, but if I let off that …

engine cuts off then won't start will only crank 
i have a 92 c4 corvette and it been giving me a problem lately where the car will just randomly turn off ill loose the power steering and the power breaks …

won't start until 20 minutes have gone by 
I'll be driving and arrive at a location. I'll turn it off and go about my business. When I return and insert the ignition key, nothing happens. Everything …

87 Corvette sways when I let off the gas or accelerate 
My 87 Corvette convertible sways when I let off the gas or accelerate. It's scarey at times. Hard to control.

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battery drains within 12-15 hrs 
Is there any common problems that I should look for?

Hatch struts 
Hatch only goes up 3/4 by itself, then have to lift it the rest.Is this normal or should it open fully by itself?

Blower motor won't work 
My heater blower motor won't work. In my 1986 corvette. I replaced the motor and fuse and still no blower! Help.

Engine stumbles and sometimes at idle it surges and stalls.  
I replaced the module and distributor pickup with new ones and it got worse than it was before with the old ones. On acceleration during normal takeoff …

cooling fan wont come on,on my 88 c4 
My cooling wont come on and there's no read out on the dash board to let me know how hot the car is getting.

stalls sometimes 
Hi.. I have a 93 corvette lt1 that will stall occasionally.. seems either hot or cold engine.. could drive it for days with no issue then it will stall(just …

Speedometer reads almost double speed 
Just bought a 91 c 4 and the speedo meter reads 65 when I'm only going 35

heater & air 
Please help!!! I bought this 1984 corvette and the heater nor air conditioner blows. I know its not a huge issue but I would like to get it fixed.

My 1995 c-4 starts hard after the car have been driven and is warm  
My 1995 c-4 starts hard after the car have been driven and is warm Actron CP7838 Professional Fuel Pressure Tester

CEL on after driving on highway 
My check engine light comes on after driving on the highway for about 20 minutes or so. No noticeable performance issues, the light just comes on, it …

the top on my 1989 Vette won't release 
The top on my 1989 Vette won't release when I pull the release handle. It comes open on the passenger side but not the driver's side. What can I do?

1988 c4 covette dash flashing on and off 
my 1988 c4 covette dash is flashing on and off when I turn on key please tell me why

car wont turn over 
Replaced alternator & battery now car will not turn over, not clicking at the solenoid

How do I replce my AC condensor on my 88 vette? 
How do I replace my AC condensor on my 88 vette

92 Corvette will not start 
Yesterday I backed the car out of the garage, I carefully rinsed off the engine compartment, now the car will turn over, but it will not start, no codes …

Shifter lens on 94 vette sunken into console on one side. Help? 
Shifter lens on my automatic has fallen into console on the left side. How do I fix or replace it?

Door hatch switchs and foot well courtesy lights not working 
Both door hatch release switches and foot well courtesy lights not working. Hatch lights, when open works, center counsel lights and hatch release switch …

Body lines 
Seems as though the whole front of car may have shifted around in some way. The lower panel on driver side "battery" panel sags with the wider part of …

Horn doesn't work 
I'd like to know were the horn relay switch is on my 1994 Corvette.

94 Convertable LT1 module 4.1 H64 rt bnk lean 
When you start out cold in open loop, everything is perfect, once its in cosed loop its ok for a few minutes then will start to run ruff and then kick …

what is the function of the switch on the right of the headlight switch.

rough idle,lack of power 
my 86 vette is running really rough,it seems like it misfires and has total lack of power,how can i check for these problems myself?

94 corvette shuts off and wont start util you let it set 
the check engine lite comes on and goes out.the dist has been replaced and wires coil plugs.water pump replaced and ig module.car was running rough but …

1985 won't start! 
Drove the car for about an hour. Parked it went inside for about an hour and a half came out and wouldn't start! Looks like no fuel pressure at the rail …

interior lights flashing door ajar flashing hatchback poping 
recently interior lights have been flashing i notice it mostly at night the door ajar light flashes a lot also and awhile back i went into a store and …

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whinning noise 
I have a 1985 corvette and I have a whinning noise which sounds like it is coming from under the hood. I have removed the serpentine belt and it still …

had tunup and tranny flush 
Car loses power idle goes from 6 to 9 up and down

Stereo doesn't shut off with the ignition 84 corvette 
My antenna won't go down and power to the stereo and Amps stay on even with the ignition shut off.

Is there a differential drain plug-1991 corvette 
Can't find a plug to remove. Will I have to Suck it out?

tackometer works sometimes, other times only when engine hot 
Tach starts immediately sometimes and other times only after engine gets hot on my 1986 corvette. How do I correct this problem?

when it is cold outside my 95 automatic won't go into gear 
When it is cold outside my 95 automatic won't go into gear. Shift release button won't go down. what is the fix for this problem?

'84 vette won't go into any gear 
My corvette won't go into any gear now;it's an automatic when I bought the car about 4 months ago it would go into gear and drive.There was this loud noise …

1994 Corvette wont shut off with switch  
When I turn my car off it keeps running. Not dieseling but its still idling. What's wrong

Tapping noise when car reaches normal running temperature 
Tapping noise when car reaches normal running temperature

coolig fans 
at what temp. should my fans come on on my 1992 corvette

engine starts ok will run for short period of time and stop. 
I have a 1991 corvette C-4 that runs for a short period of time and then stops off as if out of fuel, I let it sit for awhile and it will restart and do …

drivers side turn signal not flashing+86 model 
My lights burn but don't flash on drivers side. Arrow just stays on. Other side works fine. Not sure where to start and changing bulbs looks scary for …

cold start problem 
Car when stone cold does not want to crank up, have to engage starter for a long time then it fires and once it does it is fine the rest of the day it …

91 vette turns exhaust cherry red  
starts and idles fine will not respond to throttle,turns exhaust cherrry red by time gauge says its warm

1992 electrical fire 
We have a 1992 C4 that caught on fire and burned after being parked for over 3 hours. Had battery replace 53 hours earlier. Insurance company says fire …

right headlemp dooor won't open 
The right headlamp door won't open any suggestions?

knocking noise coming from rear passenger side 
I have a 95 Base Coupe, and at the passenger side, rear, I hear a knocking sound. I have taken the wheel off and I can see anything loose. And it handles …

Passenger headlight will not open sometimes. 
Sometimes when I turn on lights, the right headlight (passenger) will not open. If I try multiple times, sometimes it will start working. Any ideas? …

door locks keep clicking 
Door locks keep clicking

carpet panel removal 
How do I take down the carpet panelunder the steering column?

1992 c4 electrical question 
My new to me 1992 C4 Corvette LT1 6 speed has an electrical problem. Car has no working horn or reverse lights. It has a security system with a PA looking …

will start &run cuts off when press on gas 
cuts off when press on gas

1991 shakes and sputters at highway speeds 
1991. all stock. 51,000 miles. auto trans. L98. while driving at highway speeds, mostly around 65mph, it will shake and sputter and have little throttle …

87 Corvette battery drain 
The battery on my 87 Corvette will drain in about 5 days if I don't start it. I noticed while driving the car on the gauge where the temperature is set …

starts but shuts down after a few sec. 
There is power at the fuel pump, also have pressure but it won't stay on. Any ideas?

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87 Corvette battery drain 
If I leave my car sitting for more than 5 days she will not start. I disconnected the negative side of the battery for two weeks. No drain, it tests good. …

Reset service soon ligh on 1996 vette 
Light comes on periodically and then after a time goes out. How do I reset it?

stalled and died on highway  
the car stalled on the highway and died, I had "no pedal". Then it restarted but ran rough as though not on all cylinders. Once again it would run and …

cant find a switch to put up my power antenna on 86 corvette 
audio system is a pioneer updated stereo & my power antenna stays down always. Is there a switch located some were to put it up ? thanks in advance, Ken …

transmission only goes in first and reverse 
The transmission will only shift into second if you run the motor rpms up to 3000

speedometer not working right 
Iput in a rebuilt ecm in my 1992 corvette now the speedometer says i'm going much faster than Im really going does this have anything to do with the …

can not remove key 
Key will not come out of the ignition. 1988 with 38K miles. Did the following: *A 4+3 trans.-put shifter in reverse *Moved steering wheel right/left …


air will not come out of dash 
In heat and ac mode i can only get air from the floor and defrost vents. could my control box in the dash be bad? Chevrolet Corvette 1984 thru 1996 …

re installing air outlets 
Decided to do a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning outlets on my 1986 Corvette. I removed everything; and I do mean everything, including taking …

Reset Change Oil Light 
How can I turn off the CHANGE OIL light on a 1996 Corvette WITHOUT using the normal method of using the Trip Monitor / ENG MET buttons on the display? …

died at light and would not restart 
driving home car at normal temp. pulled up to stop light and she dies, car will crank but not fire, waited 5mins and she starts i drive home ?

Oil Leak 
My 1987 Corvette seems to drip oil when its cold what could cause this ?

Ac does not blow out 
Ac compress works but does not blow out. Is tge problem a fuse or blower moror

I have no high speed AC / Heater fan control 
Horn Works ...new relay and fuse.. 10A.. Modular plug has 4 wires to plug into a 5 prong control switch...what' missing or what should I check or do next …

Loses power when accelerating  
Hi their my 81 corvette with a 350 loses power when I accelerate and blows white smoke out the exaughst it repeatedly does it I've yet to put timing light …

Headlights work but will not go down when turned off.

1993 interior lights take 14 min to shut off 
1993 interior lghts take 14 min to turn off

heat doesn't work in 89 corvette 
heat doesn't work. fan and A/C okay. in and out hose to heater core both hot.

1991 Corvette cranks but won't start 
1991 Corvette cranks but won't start

what eng in my car vin#1g1yy0785g117747 
which engine is in my car?

Intermittent no start 
I have ’90 Automatic Corvette, I can drive it for 3-4 days straight, or let it sit for 2 weeks, and it will start every time. A few weeks ago went to take …

cant get new belt under crank pulley and crossmember 
Not enough room to slide belt under pulley at crank, is this common? or should i install new motor mounts

1995 Corvette starter problems 
I have a 1995 Corvette that sometimes when you go to start it the starter will just click untill I try it several times then it would finally start. I …

1984 c4 automatic 
I have a leak thinking could possibly be from differential? Does it have a drain plug or plugs and if there is two where are they located?

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noise at passenger air bag on a 94 corvette 
My 94 corvette has a dead battery but inside there is a clicking or fan noise around the passenger airbag?

Battery light on dash stays on 
What does it mean when the battery light stays on, IE: altenator not charging, etc. I just try replaced the battery

where do i find serial number on the engine 
I need to know where to find the serial number on the engine on a 1992 convertible corvette?

1996 Corvette runs rough when starting hot 
I have a 1996 Corvette with the LT-4 engine, 89,000 miles, very well cared for and garaged, runs great, never any problems EXCEPT on very hot and humid …

courtesy lights radio and under the hood lights went out all at once 
Courtesy lights raido and under the hood ligths went out all at once

clock light does not go off 
The clock light on my 1994 corvette does not go off when i turn off the car. Is it norman ?

Fuel Pump unit 
Have 84 Vette,WHAT LATTER year unit will fit in its place ?

The wipers barely come out  
My 1990 Corvette - When you turn on the wipers (I don't drive it in the rain, but I need them to work once a year for inspections), they barely come out …

water blowing out of the tailpipe 
Water is blowing out of the tailpipe when i start the engine

84 corvette has a miss only around 1000-1400 rpms, It causes it to shake sometimes. 
I have replaced plugs, wires and cap n rotor button. I lose small amounts of antifreeze quit often. New water pump and hoses and it never smokes. Could …

funny pump sounding noise 
After any start up when first roll off there is a sound like a pump coming up to pressure. I never hear it again until I shut the car off and restart it …

Runs great when turned off have to wait 3 minutes to start? 
1989 Corvette Replaced ignition switch, fuel pump, fuel filter, complete tune up, what next?

sometimes hatch will not open 
sometimes hatch opens and other times it don't, what could cause tnis to happen ?

starting issues 
My corvette seems to have an attitude problem that i cant seem to adjust It starts up, but then again,like now i find my self sitting here and it wont …

neeed to know where my computer goes in my c4 corvette 
want to see picture where my computer goes

noisy front spring 
Replaced uper & lower control arm bushing,also ball joints. I have a cracking noise when you bounce the car up & down . LUBE sway bar bushing sprng show …

ac not blowing out front vents & courtesy lights won't go out hard starting only in am 
AC blows out the top of the dashboard but won't blow out the front vents on the dash also the courtesy lights in the car won't go off when I shut the door, …

Help Me identify this light on my 1990 Corvette Convertible. 
I am a new COrvette owner. I am trying to learn as much as I can about this car. One small item has become difficult to identify. What is the little …

1988 corvette will not start when hot 
1988 corvette 350 tpi hard to start after driving when hot

Headlights only move about two inches 
I just had headlight motors re-built and I installed the motors back into the headlight units. Then I installed the headlight units back into my C4. I …

1989 corvette on occasion fails to start after use 
On occasion after driving the vehicle, it will fail to start and must sit for a couple of hours before it will start. I would like to fix this problem. …

intoir lights will not go out 
My 1990 corvette lights inside will not go out ive tryed the doors and I have no idea what it can be help me its getting old having to plug up my batt …

car will be running and just stall out and not turn over for 5 to 10 Minutes 
will be driving and the car will just stall out and not start for about 5-10 min. will start up and run fine,not sure why and what to look for

What is the light on shift counsel for? 
Just courious what the little red light is on the shift console...or is that something the previous owner put in for a non-stock item ?

code 32 on 1986 C4 corvette 
Have replaced EGR temp switch the. EGR valve and the EGR vacume solenoid and cleared all the storedd code then take thr car for a test drive, then check …

replacing electric window ribbon 
i need help to get my old broken ribbon out and the new 1 in

overheating concerns 
My C4 1995 temperature runs between 193-213. Is this 20 degree difference normal? Does it sound like the previous owner did anything like change a thermostat, …

No electrical power 
Radio, A/c Instrument panel shutdown. Engine lost power and shutdown. Checked fuses all appeared good. Any thoughts?

1995 corvette a/c control panel switch buttons sitck 
1995 corvette a/c control panel switch buttons stick, can't turn on or off, change temperature, amount of flow air, or any of the other a/c swithc buttons …

1984 crossfire has no spark to plugs 
I have changed spark plug wires, distribitor and still no spark to plugs. Engine cranks but no fire. 1984 crossfire. I have fuel going to carbs.

Coolant Temperature 
I am a bit concerned...my 95 coupe runs between 205 and 207 coolant temperature, outside temperature about 80 degrees. It has climbed to 213 to 218 at …

c4 corvette cooling  
Is there a different cooling fan switch i can put in my 84 c4 corvette from a different car to make the fans come on earlier!

back hatch on 1987 corvette will not stay up when opened 
My 1987 corvette hatch will not stay up when opened, i have to hold it up. I don't know the problem or how to fix it. Please help thanks

Dash light too dim 
Is there stronger dash light replacement for '85 even LED'S WOULD BE GREAT! I don't have the best of eye,so the brighter the better,misses excess heat. …

"Door Ajar" light and interior lights keep flashing 
"Door Ajar" light flashes while car is in drive and at all speeds. Interior lights also flash at all speeds. All doors and rear hatch are closed tight. …

gear indicater not moving on ny 94 vette 
gear indicater not moveing on my 94 vette

1993 Corvette base coup head light motors run on after executing command for 5-10 seconds, opening and closing 
1993 corvette headlight motors continue to run after executing opern or colose commands. then secure operation. Lamp nodules/assemplies operate promptly …

warped, separated dashpad 
I cannot locate a replacement upper dashpad,color black, for my 1990 corvette. Are they still made or do I have to have professionally restored, if possible? …

Will 275-45-fit275 my 1989 corvette without rubbing 
Will 275/45/17s 275 fit 89my vette no rubbing

Automatic Shifter stuck in Park 
More often than not I cannot shift the automatic transmission from Park.....follow all the directions, engine on, foot on brake, push in shift button....there …

How do you reset computer on C4 1992 after battery and alternator replacement 
Guages and Control panel is either not working or working intermittently. Need to know the procedure to reset the computer. Thank you.

dash pad removal 
Can't remove dash pad and headlight switch

doors lock when i close them 
I have a 1992 Corvette, and everytime i close the doors they lock for no reason, this is a problem when i get out when the keys are still inside the car. …

hood will not latch 
Hi I have a 1992 c4 corvette. When you close the hood it does not latch. I have just purchased the car. I made some adjustment to the pole that holds …

1996 Corvette- headlights will not go up 
I recently repaired the right side headlight motor. I have seen many write ups where the most common fault was the bezel gear was damaged. My headlight …

96 coupe..both .headlights knocking when switched off??? 

coolant temp sensor 
I have a 1994 corvette. I understand that the coolant temp sensor is located in the water pump. How do I replace it?

climate control switches don't work consistantly 
1996 vette -climate control switches don't always work -can't always turn ac/heater on or off -can't change temperature setting -can't change modes …

The low coolent light comes on and coolent level seems ok 1989 corvette 
The low coolent light comes on in my 1989 corvette but the level seems ok i have noticed the oder of coolent but have seen no leeks

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1992 vette turn signal doesnt work one side 
turn signal doesnt work driver side, all lights work but doesnt flash driver side bulbs & ground good,also when you turn parking light on left blinker …

Mechanic unplugged AC from my 1990 Corvette 
The mechanic told me and my wife the AC motor was constantly running, so he unplugged the AC from under the hood. Said, it could be low on freon (maybe?), …

1991 Corvette Dash- Rattles/Noise 
I test drove a 1991 corvette. Only 39,000 miles. The car fits my budget and exceeded my expectations except in one area. I can not believe how many …

how to remove the seat cushions to put new ones on 
cant figure out how to get old cushions off

rear brake light not working 
On my 95, the rear brake lights don't work, but the third or center mounted one does? Where do I start looking. Fuses are fine, bulbs are fine?

My instrument cluster lights up but you can't see any numbers 
It lights up fine no flickers the fuses are good an bulbs but I can't see any numbers or gas guage or anything

488 comp yellow 96 C4s built, what # in sequence is mine? VIN 1G1YY2259T5102946 built 08/23/95 
488 comp yellow 96 C4s built, what # in sequence is mine? VIN 1G1YY2259T5102946 built 08/23/95

hard starting when engine gets hot 
My 85 corvette starts good, but after driving for a while an turn engine off, when restarting the engine it has a hard time starting.

Rough Engine Idle 
I replaced Plugs, wires,injectors and it still runs rough on idle

seat replacement 
There s a round rod i cant remember where it goes?

water leak in passenger floor 
Rain water leaking into passenger floor

im wondering why my 84 vette has this emblem behide the door near room 
i have a 84 vette and it has a emblem right behide the doors,where the roof support gos up,i have not been able to see this in any pictures of other vettes …

C-4 window hitting body when closing 
My 1994 C4 driver side window starting to hit body when closing the door.

My security alarm won't quit on my 1987 Corvette. 
I have never had a problem with my security alarm on my 1987 Corvette. Recently I started it up and backed it out of the garage and left it idling in …

My problem is the folks here that supposedly have help for others in need of same. Two(2) posts not even a tickle for an clue as to what the prob is. …

1987 Corvette targa top 
I own an 1987 corvette with a cracked plexiglass top , I have another top but the front mounting brakets are the rounded triangle shape which was made …

Repair the cruise control in a 1986 corvette 
The cruise control does not work, how do I repair it?

Why does the window ribbon keep breaking on my 84 corvette? 
I've had it replaced twice and it just broke again after one month. All from different suppliers. What gives?

1995 corvette coupe, how to remove the console trim panel and remove the automatic climate control head

will not start, engine rolls over 
fuel pump will not run when turning key to the on postion fuel pump will run when jumping the fuel pump relay and will start run. when removing the …

horns don't work they work when hot wired.can't find fuse for them.need help,thanks

1986 corvette won't start when hot has fuel and spark

idle goes up and down when cold. whats wrong

Wanting to change leaky water pump on my 1996 but have been reading about peoples problems in doing so. Looking at it, it seems rather easy but so have …

1992 Auto AC Controller Question 
I have a 1992 conv with 22k orig mikes, at trans ac blows cold, but not thru the ac vents, only thru the defrost at dash and heater ducts below, any ides …

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C4, manual trans. high idle 
Whether starting the engine warm or cold, it jumps up to 1300-1400 rpm and will take a very long time (several minutes )to come down. For example, stopping …

how do i remove the tranny from an 84 vette

my hood on my c4 vette is heavy to lift what would be the problem?

What is the "normal" operating temp for an 1988 vette? I am running about 226 to 246 on the highway with the air on. At night, about 205 max. I know it …

Operating temp 
I have an 88 vette that is running hot. During the day it will go up to 220 to 230 plus on the highway but at night will not get over 205. I know it will …

Check Engine Light, no code 
1994 corvette coupe LT-1/automatic. my service engine soon light comes on after driving about 10 miles in the city. car seems to run fine but the mileage …

1996 C-4 Corvette 
How to get the change oil light to turn off after oil has been changed in 1996 C-4 LT-1 Corvette.

Non-Blinking Turn Signals 
My turn signals won't blink, light stays on until turned back down. It's not the 10 amp fuse

I have a 95 corvette coupe. I opened up the hood and it will not close. Any ideas?

1988 Corvette voltage leak 
My 1988 Corvette has a battery leak with ignition off. I put a test light between positive battery post and posive cable and there is voltage. I pulled …

Corvette man, Headlight motor grinds 
Headlight motor grinds when I close it drivers side

Diane Stone 
Car suddenly will just not start. Computer diagnostics suggest no problems. my husband believes it is the security system. He has been stranded 3 times …

1986 corvette no brake lights 
I have a 1986 corvette with no brake lights. Ive checked bulbs, replaced brake light switch, checked both flashers, and fuses. Still no brake lights. …

Corvette owner 
How do I replace the left rear turn signal and brake light bulbs in a 1985 Corvette? ( Outboard ).

92 C4 horns not working 
Newly acquired C4 60,000mi. Records show horns replaced , but horn buttons on steering column not working. Local vette shop says likely bad ( possibly …

85 corvette air conditioning not working right 
The air conditioning not working right. i put it on high speed but it blows out like if its on low. and the compressor is new and evaporator

94 lt1 no leaks, water pump 1 year old, this weekend installed new cap, new thermostat new coolant, water wetter. Fans working - but after 30 minutes …

My corvette dash board removal? 
How do I remove the dashboard in my 1995 corvette

gas hog 1990 corvette 
I only get between 13 and 14 miles to a gallom. Any ideas ? is this norm or is something wrong? its a 5.7

Robert 1994 Center plastic stop light cover 
How do I remove the center plastic stop light cover on my 1994 coupe there are no visible screws?

How do you replace visors? 
How do I replace visors on my C4 coupe?

My 1992 corvette wont start and blinks security light 
Hello Guys!! I have a 1992 vette, and I have a problem with the car: The car starts when he wants! Sometimes starts fine, sometimes not. When …

I have a 1995 corvette the seems to run hot at an idle the temp ranges from 220 to 240. I've been told this is normal. What are your thoughts? 
I have a 1995 corvette the seems to run hot at an idle the temp ranges from 220 to 240. I've been told this is normal. What are your thoughts?

Why does my 1986 corvette keep blowing brake light fuses when i apply the brakes 
Why does my 1986 corvette keep blowing fuses when i apply my brakes?

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What engine does a 1988 vin#1g1yy3187j5109733 have?

How do I adjust the hood release cables on my 1995 Corvette? 
I would like to know how to adjust the hood release cables on my 1995 Corvette.The passenger side sticks and has a little bit of slack in it.

where does this go? 
I have a '96 C4 Grand Sport.The black tube with the gray plug came loose from somewhere. It is not an electrical connection. It appears to be some kind …

I would like to put a newer gm radio with a cd player in my 1984 corvette. Can anyone tell me witch ones will fit? deyoung@tds.net Thanks Don

Hood Latch location 
I am storing a 1986 Corvette for a friend who is in Afghanistan. I need to charge the battery but can't find the hood release handles. Please tell me where …

"85 Sun Visor 
How do you replace driver side sun visor on an '85 coupe Vette

How many 1996 competition yellow corvette coups were produced with the LT4 option ? 
My father in law has a comp. yellow 1996 corvette and we are trying to figure out how many were built with the LT4 option like his.

Need to find a new 1986 corvette air conditioning programmer part number 16042981, help? 
I need help finding an air condition programmer for a 1986 Corvette, part number 16042981. Can't find one anywhere, any help appreciated!

Replacement Tires For 1990 Corvette 
I have a 1990 Corvette with the original Good year Eagle tires on it that need replacing. I was wondering what tires other Corvette owners have recently …

Cold Start Switch 
Can you tell me where I can find the cold start switch on my 87 corvette?

1994 c4 LT1 idle problem 
I have a 1994 c4 w.lt-1, milagge 107,000 once the car gets up to operating temp the idle starts to jump around when in gear or in neutral. It has an automatic …

C4 Black Rose 
I just went out to start my 1992 Corvette for an end of the year drive. The starter won't engage. I have full battery power though and the starter won't …

Detailing a Corvette engine 
What is the best way to detail the engine of a Corvette....I'm concerned about the Optispark and other vital electronics getting wet....any ideas anyone? …

vette noir 
I have a 1994 corvette I think in traffic it runs to hot temp gets up 229 and the fan kicks on and brings it down to 213 is this ok what is gm specs

C4 Idle problems 
I have a 1990 C4, the car has recently started having problems on idle when the gear is in drive. The idle will not be consistent and the engine rocks …

1987 Corvette Hatchback 
We recently bought a 1987 Corvette Hatchback that had been sitting in a Bail Bondsmen Garage, due to owner went to jail. We have put a lot of work into …

My A/C only work on the bottom and defrost, What could be wrong?

1993 Corvette engine temp high 
Car starts running hot temperature runs about 220-230 if you don't turn the heater on... It has gotten up to 242 but did not go any higher. I have no idea …

Lighting problem 
Head lights work however rear tail lights do not. Fog lights do not work. Parking lights do not work front or back. Thanks

I have a 1988 corvette, installed new slave cylinder and now ther is no pressure on clutch petal. Tried bleeding w/ no progress. What could the problem be? 
I have a 1988 corvette, installed new slave cylinder and now there is no pressure on clutch pedal. Tried bleeding w/ no progress. What could the problem …

how to remove 1987 dash pad 
how to remove 1987 dash pad

C4 jerks and seems to runs out of gas Not rated yet
When shifting into 2nd or 3rd gear the engine starts to jerk almost seems like as if the flow of fuel is all of a sudden shut off

I just got this it has been starting hard when cold Now it will not start at all unless I put just a couple dips of gas in injectors starts great after …

I got no heat 88 vette Not rated yet
I got no heat just air con. On all modes I have a 1988 vette with the c68 auto climate

At what serial number did GM move the CDM in the 93 corvette from under dash to behind the passenger seat? Not rated yet
AT what serial number did GM move the CDM in the 1993 corvette from under dash to behind the passenger seat?

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small slight pop in stering wheel.. Not rated yet
I notice the small pop when driving slow, but happens at all speed.

1986 corvette lost key Not rated yet
Can't find ignition key for an 1986 automatic need to move car.how do I replace the switch?

no problem, just a question Not rated yet
I own 2 1986 Corvette convertible pace cars. One has a roll bar and the other does not. In one of them, the trim panel on the passenger side of the dash-facing …

no heat unless set to 90 degrees Not rated yet
95 corvette convertible . car has electronic climate control. after driving car for 10 minutes you will not get any heat unless set to 90 degrees. …

replacing keyless entry with aftermarket system Not rated yet
I want to replace the keyless entry system with an aftermarket alarm and keyless entry system. Will I have to do anything with the wiring? How is a negative …

no dash lights no security light turn key and get nothing Not rated yet
my 84 c4 i get absolutely nothing when key is turned battery is fine i do get lights and center dic lights except radio when i pull the knob and turn …

1986 corvette air only blows from defrost when on any vent setting  Not rated yet
Air blowing out of defrost vent only

Can not dim headlights  Not rated yet
How to replace dimmer switch

size of front spoiler center bracket bolttrying Not rated yet
Trying to locate size of the bolt that bolts the center bracket of the front spoiler to the nose of the car

intermittent starting Not rated yet
Have a 90 vert that I purchased in October - 76,000 miles. I am having an issue with intermittent starting. I have replaced the battery and alternator …

Speedometer reads 0 Not rated yet
I bought a 1992 corvette in june and the speedometer read 0.I replaced the VSS and the speedometer worked about a month and quit again.Voltage signal to …

Dash pad removal Not rated yet
I have a 1995 Corvette Purple Metallic that I just purchased in Oct. 2019 with 23,000 miles on it. The dash pad has edges flipping up near front windshield. …

Seat belt chime wont stop Not rated yet
Chime continues even with seat belt fastened. Dash light indicator goes out, but chime continues.

Dead battery Not rated yet
Doors locked and battery dead k door doesn’t open with key

1986 corvette w/doug nash 4+3 - overdrive switch replacement procedure Not rated yet
Hi, My Doug Nash 4+3 overdrive switch is not switching on/off properly with out lifting the plastic cap and lifting/pushing on T rod below the plastic …

fuel lines Not rated yet
I recently had the fuel feed & return lines changed to stainless steel on my 1996 C4. I noticed that one of the lines (I don't know if it's the feed or …

94 corvette alarm problem Not rated yet
I have a 94 Corvette that the alarm goes off randomly. I started about the time the weather was getting colder, about 40 degrees out. It happened mostly …

sys and ses lights flash on 1991 c4 Not rated yet
The car runs good in open loop when cold. As soon as it warms up sys and check engine light come on and car will run rough and stall. I replaced the battery …

1985 corvette shifter stuck in park. Not rated yet
starting to restore. pulled dash, radio and console. went to move it a little and it will not shift out of park. automatic. tried u-tube but no luck …

The vette won't start Not rated yet
I drove it to work fine, left work no start . I tried either no difference , also tried a new ign mod ?

Clock Lamp Not rated yet
Will not turn off

stalling when lift off gas Not rated yet
Engine starts from cold well and runs perfectly. When shut off hot, will not idle when restarted. I must keep my foot on the gas to keep it running, yet …

Tail lights  Not rated yet
84 corvette tail lights stays on

blower motor only has low speed Not rated yet
My 89 c4 vette with climate control only blows on low speed even though i can change the setting.

c4 corvette stalls at traffic light when warm Not rated yet
i have a 1988 corvette,47k miles,many new parts,it stalls when i go to stop at a traffic light,only when its good and warm though.but starts right up.i …

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Car keeps jerking Not rated yet
I just got my first project car and it is a 92 vette. In the beginning it was driving smooth, but now when I'm driving the car keeps jerking forward when …

cranks but doesnt start Not rated yet
92 corvette parked it and went to start it it cranked but didnt start came back the next day and it started but idled really rough like it wanted to die …

A/C pipes freeze when in use Not rated yet
1993 40th Anniversary Eddition. A/C blows cold air but the pipes freeze up. Also, there is a strange growling noise and it doesn't want to run right. …

87 will not restart  Not rated yet
After running my 87 corvette for a while say an hour or so and turn it off it will not restart for about 15 minutes while it cools off? Doesn’t even turn …

Clicking noise behind dash  Not rated yet
87 corvette has a clicking noise behind dash that clicks when I start car and even after I turn it off , this all started after I replaced the water pump …

What causee the a/c not to stay off? Not rated yet
My a/c unit works but will not stay off and the display is -- The code always comes back 00 no faults. What are some of the causes Your help will be …

85 vet battery is draining, hear clicking noise Not rated yet
Have 85 vet just bough haven't looked into car that much yet, but battery is draing fast, hear relay clicking around transmission area in side of car …

High rpms while idle and driving and my dash light flickers Not rated yet
I have a 1988 corvette i put new battery in and ran amazing but after drive 30 miles i turned car off and now engine light popped on and rpms are high …

Car won’t start Not rated yet
Went for a ride parked it cranks over try’s to start but won’t had it flat bed to garage they think the Vats system 1991 C-4 14,468 original miles..had …

Drivers door was damaged and components are getting wet. Not rated yet
My drivers door got hit recently on my 1992 corvette. The mirror wiring was hand and the door has a huge bow in it. After a huge rain storm my window …

targa install Not rated yet
cant line up front bolt on driver side.

No radio clock or tuner display on 1984 unit Not rated yet
I see people talking about the 1990 and later radio's with the blue LED lights not working and that there is a bulb you can replace. I have the older radio …

Starts be up, Runs for a couple minutes and then it shoots off. Not rated yet
Starts for a few minutes then shoots down. Set for a little and starts back up but does the same thing.

Cable to hood latch on 1985 C4 has broken and I can not get access to the engine Not rated yet
Last week I tried to open the hood on my 1985 C4 by using the manual lever at the lower left side of the dash. The cable has severed and there does not …

1991 Convert Charcol canister Not rated yet
I am working on my 1991 convertible, the fuel tank creates so much pressure when you take the cap off if you are not careful it would shot into the air. …

89 vett air conditioner never gets cold bar re ly i have vacuumed down system tey to recharge its still not rite changed orfice tube finally took freon a little better butt very slow  Not rated yet
89 vett cant get it to cool or take freon new compressor dryer orfice tube dont get it very slow at taking freon and barely cools ... help ..ty

Hard start after u drive and warms up Not rated yet
1984 corvette hard start after warm up and no oil pressure unless you fat finger the fuel relay then it starts right up with oil pressure new relay new …

Heater/ac wont shut off with car off  Not rated yet
When i press the off button on the HAVC it reverts to blowing through the defrost instead of turning off even when i have the key out of ignition and have …

Heater/ac wont shut off with car off  Not rated yet
When i press the off button on the HAVC it reverts to blowing through the defrost instead of turning off even when i have the key out of ignition and have …

Electrical Not rated yet
Hi guys my c4 has no headlights,stereo, tailightsor interior lights.have checked fuse box looks ok

Engine light comes and idles poorly  Not rated yet
1988 corvette when the fuel level in the gas tank gets to a 1/4 the engine light comes on and the cars idles rough and starts bad As soon as it’s filled …

1988 c4 runs bad and cuts off when gets to running temp. Not rated yet
1988 c4 runs fine when cold but when it gets hot runs bad and cuts off and wont start back until it cools off. Put new coil dist.cap and rotor and module …

Won’t start. Don’t hear fuel pump Not rated yet
When I turn over the c4 it doesn’t start. I replaced the fuel pump but don’t hear it. Just a thump from the rear.

no power to fuel pump big fuse is ok Not rated yet
No power to fuel pump I have power at fuel gage line at fuel pump power at fuel pump 30 amp fuze can find location of fuel pump relay

Power steering not working Not rated yet
AC was not working so I replaced my AC compressor and did r134 conversion. Decided to take the smog pump out and move the alternator over. Got the correct …

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1992 c4 parking lamps Not rated yet
in acc mode parking lights turn on and are fine.. As soon as you start the car , the 15 amp fuze blows...

Car would not start after battery positive terminal short circuited against frame Not rated yet
I removed the positive battery terminal and it sparked against the frame .Although the battery is at 13.2 Volts,on the dash it shows 10.2 volts and the …

Car would not start after battery positive terminal short circuited against frame Not rated yet
I removed the positive battery terminal and it sparked against the frame .Although the battery is at 13.2 Volts,on the dash it shows 10.2 volts and the …

Lost fire to plug , now want even turnover  Not rated yet
1995 lt1 . Started backing out of garage and it just quit . Doesn't seem to have fire to plugs . Doing some checks , after turning it over a few different …

Dashboard cluster not working 1988 corvette  Not rated yet
Dashboard cluster not working lights work. Battery dies try to jump car off the dashboard cluster lights come on then when off. Replace the battery no …

hydraulic lines ? Not rated yet
Under the storage panel behind the driver seat appear to be some metal tubing of some sort and looks like it's unhooked , any information as to what its …

Cannot Locate Brake Pressure Warning Sensor Connector Not rated yet
Hello. I purchased a refurbished gauge cluster for my new (to me) 1995 Corvette. After installing the new cluster The "Brake Pressure" warning light …

barely runs after shutting off and starting again Not rated yet
my 95 starts great at first but when i drive 15 miles to a store and come out 45 min later it will start but within 5 min hesitates feels like hitting …

86 head light  Not rated yet
Passenger headlight works but won't roll down and the small light on the hood don't work

tail light Not rated yet
3rd Tail light on my 1991 Corvette Convertible not working

Front speakers don't work Not rated yet
Hello, My name is Lance and I have a 1995 c4 corvette convertible and I have one question. Does this car have a amp for the front and the back? I …

1990 base model almost stalls then recovers. Not rated yet
As stated above, when idling almost stalls then recovers to to 100/200 rpms above idle speed and settles to normal idle speed almost immediately. This …

Gauge cluster spazing 1987 c4 Not rated yet
I have a 1987 c4 and I've been trying to fix my guages for some time now. They turn on whenever they feel like it but they don't read anything no oil pressure …

Code 24 speedometer still works Not rated yet
Code 24 on my 1986 corvette but my speedometer is working

Will driver rear wheel turn when that tire is off the ground? Not rated yet
Jack drives rear off the ground and place car in neutral, should wheel rotate?

1990 Competition Yellow Roadster Not rated yet
Not a problem as such, I have an RPO Code on the build sheet YE8 ENGR TEST CAR. Can anyone help with what this code means, I have not seen it on any other …

Radio turns on no sound Not rated yet
I have had a battery charger on my 86 corvette over the winter months. Now when I start it up, the radio turns on but no sound, not even a hissing. I …

Crank shaft postion sensor location Not rated yet
Does anyone know where the crank shaft postion sensor is located on a 1986 Corvette? I can't find it anywhere.

Where does the accelerator Rod go into the ignition switch on an 84 Chevy Corvette Not rated yet
Where does the accelerator Rod going to the ignition switch on a column of a 1984 Chevy Corvette

Where does the accelerator Rod go into the ignition switch on an 84 Chevy Corvette Not rated yet
Where does the accelerator Rod going to the ignition switch on a column of a 1984 Chevy Corvette

Everytime the cooling fan comes on and then off the engine light comes on and off also 92 corvette Not rated yet
Also the fan comes on about half way on temp gauge i dont even think thats about 180 degrees help

I have a 1988,when it gets hot wont start unless i flore it. Not rated yet
A 1988 starts good when cold but drive to store and wont start unless I hold the gas peddle all the way down.Sometimes it dies when I let up but if I …

engine jerk Not rated yet
I had new fuel filter and sending unit with new fuel pump installed 10 days ago from reputable vette place. After the car has been warmed up I get a jerk …

'96 Blower Motor Won't Come On Not rated yet
The blower motor will run when hooked directly to a 12V source. The blower motor module checks good as well as the relay (12V+/12- feeds relay and will …

'96 Blower Motor Won't Come On Not rated yet
The blower motor will run when hooked directly to a 12V source. The blower motor module checks good as well as the relay (12V+/12- feeds relay and will …

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Engine stalls after 15 minutes of driving.  Not rated yet
I overfilled the gas tank last weekend and 15 minutes of driving it stalled. I opened the gas cap and let pressure out. Waited 15 minutes and drove home. …

85 vette wot start Not rated yet
Won’t start have wait about 3 min then start and then runs every time you shut it off

85 corvette won’t start after shut off  Not rated yet
New fuel filter 3 weeks ago gas was dirty car ran good . Ran gas down to reserve then drain gas out of tank put in new fuel pump systsem put gas in ran …

Radio Not rated yet
My car radio/cd player just went dead while driving.

Too much power going to the battery on my 1990 Not rated yet
Too much power going to the battery replaced alternator already still too much power started melting negative side on battery any thoughts

89 corvette cranks will not start Not rated yet
Will crank over shows rpm's and oil pressure when cranking and seems like it is going to start (lumps) for a second but not start. Have great fuel pressure …

1988 dash cluster problem Not rated yet
I replaced all cluster sockets and bulbs in my 1988 corvette. Almost all work fine except the turn signal dash cluster lights indicators and center flasher. …

crankshaft sensor Not rated yet
I have been unable to locate the crankshaft sensor on my 1993 vette LT1.

Need custom ECM for 84 Not rated yet
Recently upgraded my 84 engine. New heads, crank, cam, pistons, Renegade intake, headers, etc. and changed the PROM to a Hypertech stage 2. I don’t think …

rear window defogger for C4 (1996) Corvette Not rated yet
need a schematic for a C4 (1996) Corvette rear window defogger

Heater blower Not rated yet
My blower in my 84 does not seem strong enough .. If I turn the control to high the fan does not run.

Reverse lights not working  Not rated yet
I have a problem locating the ground wire for my reverse lights , I would appreciate it a lot if someone could tell me where the ground wire is.

1996 cruise control module location? Not rated yet
1996 cruise control module location?

Dash Pad removal Not rated yet
How do I take the Dash out

Where is the negative battery cable suppose to connect to on the engine block.? Not rated yet
Cable came loose don’t know where it connect

HVAC Blower not working on 1996. Not rated yet
For some time the blower would stop working, then come on after hitting a bump. Eventually it would go out again and then come on after another bump. Now …

unplugged ignition plug plugged back up now wont start Not rated yet
unplugged ignition connector plugged back up now 1994 corvette wont start

how to repair 1996 C4 Corvette Brake Lights Blowing Fuse Not rated yet
how to repair 1996 C4 Corvette Brake Lights Blowing Fuse

Restoring 84 need help and answers im 60 disabled but a decent mechanic Not rated yet
Have a 1984 corvette i bought engines shot what engine can i replace it with for more power that will work with computer

1988 Corvette no crank Not rated yet
New items; ignition switch, starter,starter interrupt relay,battery, bypass vats key, vats box,eco, can't figure out why it won't crank, check all fuse …

Need to locate the Antenna Relay on a 1986 C-4 Corvette Convertible Not rated yet
Need to replace the Antenna on a 1986 Corvette Convertible

My. 91 c4 blower keeps blowing ac fuse  Not rated yet
My. 91 c4 blower keeps blowing ac fuse when i operate when the car is running but with the key in the run position and not running it functions perfectly …

No start Not rated yet
93 lt1 cranks but won't start. When I turn the key back to off it blows air out of the intake and I can see the best move the opposite direction

digital instrument ground problem Not rated yet
Digital display works off & on. (works fine or goes blank). sometimes bumps or banging dash restart it (or cause while working). also, with panels/covers …

High Voltage/ Battery light stays on Not rated yet
Battery light staying on the time. I did not have this problem until I change out the alternator. The only reason I change it because the alternator shaft …

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ABS not working, brakes drag when warm Not rated yet
The ABS no longer cycles at start of movement on my '94 ZR-1 and the brakes begin to drag after driving a short distance. Allowed to cool a while, the …

removing dash panel  Not rated yet
Hi I hope you will be able to help me as i am in the uk and can not find anyone who knows i need to remove the dash panel in my 1990 to get to the …

clicks several times before starts Not rated yet
clicks several times before starts

what is the size fuse for the under hood light in 1996 base corvette ? Not rated yet
Just need the size of the fuse for the under hood light in 1996 corvette. bought car and no fuse was present. searched like crazy but no where is the simple …

1986 vette won't start Not rated yet
I have a 1986 vette and one day it just wouldn't start. I jump started it and as soon as I remove the cables, it stopped. The battery is only 5 months …

Targa roof rattle Not rated yet
I have a 1994 Corvette coupe.I am getting an extreme rattling when even hitting small bumps in road ,seems to be mostly on front of roof.I just put new …

C4 corvette starts but cuts out on selection of reverse  Not rated yet
My C4 vette starts and idles and soon as I select reverse gear it completely dies/cuts out. The instrument cluster goes black/non existant readouts. I …

Center console light works but not when life is open Not rated yet
When I flip up the lid the light don't work but tested light and it's good

Buzzing sound from quarter panel Not rated yet
When the battery is plugged in the rear driver side quarter panel nuzzles what do I do to stop it

changed small hose on plenum and water leaking out from back of motor Not rated yet
I did a pressure test on radiator and found small u shaped hose had leak,replaced with a hose that was crimped (kinked) did another test and held pressure, …

84 corvette won’t turn over after I installed a new battery. Not rated yet
My neighbor has an 84 corvette that has been setting for 2 years and has not been started in fact battery was dead on it and I had to replace the battery. …

cranks a long time then finally mstarts and then dies  Not rated yet
starts finally then dies

1994 Coupe Lumbar System Not rated yet
Having an issue with 94 Coupe Lumbar System. When activating the switches, the bladders were not inflating...When I pulled the passengers seat....I noted …

I'd like a listing of the normal sensor values that and OBD reader should show when all the sensors are good and the car is running in both open loop and closed loop. Not rated yet
I recently acquired an abandoned 1985 Corvette that seems to have numerous problems. I'd like to see what all the ECM should be telling me when the car …

1990 C4 Corvette Not rated yet
Lower power stumble runs bad

ac/ cooling fan issue Not rated yet
looking from some tech help, recently replaced both fan relays, and all was good, now I have no ac, and only one fan....help

I have a 87 c4. The head lights have no power. Not rated yet
They have come on once in a while but usually just the drivers side then would go out driving down the road. There is power to the switch on two posts. …

Part Identification and location Not rated yet
I am replacing the front end spoiler on a 1996 Corvette. I found a metal bracket all twisted up on the right side behind the center section of the spoiler. …

1984 Corvette 4+3 trany shifter stuck Not rated yet
Just bought 84 crossfire been setting awhile. Shifter 4+3 is stuck.don'know what gear.could it be in the linkage …

Buzzing sound under passenger side dashboard won't go off Not rated yet
Buzzing sound under passenger side dashboard won't go off while driving

Speedometer not working but lights up Not rated yet
1986 corvette speedometer lights up but doesn't move

Want to purchase 1995 corvette? Not rated yet
Have person wants to sell me 1995 corvette with 116,0000 miles. What is the worst th I ng that could happen. Seller asking $10,000.00 have had mechanic …

C4 Corvette Cold Start service engine light on Runs rough in gear until engine light goes out  Not rated yet
It doesn't matter what time of day I start my LT1 C4 1995 Corvette. What happens. The service engine light comes on. The car starts as it should. Idle …

Dash flashing loss of power Not rated yet
I was driving and my dash started flashing and loss of power. I reached under dash wiggling wires and it came back on. But at a complete stop dash went …

Running lights Not rated yet
Running lights are not turning on on a 1988 corvette

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Passenger side headlight motor does not after replacement Not rated yet
Replaced both headlight motors. Both motors operated properly after installation. The next day, the passenger side motor gave off a burnt smell, and my …

Tail light fuse blown  Not rated yet
I have a issue with my park lights/ and tail lights on my new to me 1986 c4. Headlights,turn signals,and brake lights work fine. I’ve had it a week and …

I am about to purchase a 1996 Corvette with 60484 miles Not rated yet
I was told by a mechanic friend of my daughter's that I would most likely have an ECM problem at some point, and that they were hard to find, purchase …

Why would my 1984 5.7l Crossfire Corvette stumble under heavy load only around corners? Not rated yet
If I jump on the throttle around any corner, at any temp, why would my 1984 Corvette 5.7l crossfire, not only stumble, but almost die out? After I lift …

dash light is too dim, hard to see on 1990 corvette Not rated yet
dash light is too dim, makes it hard to see.

goes into linp mode after 3miles  Not rated yet
Goes into limp mode after short distance shut it off restart car runs good for short time again no eng lite utill limp mode then when you restart no lite …

goes into linp mode after 3miles  Not rated yet
goes into limp mode after short distance shut it off restart car runs good for short time again no eng lite utill limp mode then when you restart no lite …

trying to decode RPO code on a C4 Not rated yet
My RPO tag ha 73I and 732 on it - last two entries - Thats 73eye and 732 I cannot find anything on those numbers

speed odometer Not rated yet
numbers did not roll up even on speed odometer.looks like it has been tried to roll back but it has never been tampered with

94 LT1 electric fan . Not rated yet
94 LT1 electric fan run all the time.When i first start and cut it off I CHANG THE ENGINE SENDING UNIT WATER PUMP SENDING UNIT AND CHECK BOTH FAN RELAY. …

the right front of my 1989 corvette sets about 1-1/2" lower than the left Not rated yet
the right front of my 1989 corvette sets about 1-1/2" lower than the left, how can this be fixed

Cant open convertible hood. 1988 Not rated yet
I hear the release switch when I press the button, but it's not releasing the back of the convertible top from the car any suggestions? Thanks

95 corvette coupe, sun visor lights stay on as long as car is on,  Not rated yet
95 Corvette cupe, switch on visor doesnt turn light off.always on when car is on. How to replace switch. Also the other visor lights never goes on, tried …

Installed a new headlight motor on the passenger side. Headlight goes up will not go back down. Not rated yet
Installed a new headlight actuator on the passenger side. It goes up but won't go back down. When I first plugged it in it automatically open without the …

Starter Problem? Not rated yet
I have a 95 Vette. When you turn the key, all you get is a loud noise, kind of like the starter trying to engage, but stops abruptly. Every once in a while …

1988 c4 vette direction of coolant flow to heater core Not rated yet
1988 vette coup...I need the direction of coolant flow from engine/radiator, water pump to heater core and which port the input and output of coolant to …

Excessive Cabin Heat Not rated yet
I Have a 1986 C4 Convertible (Indy 500) that the AC doesn't work..not a problem, but the problem is that only hot air comes from all vents and there is …

Runs for short time then dies Not rated yet
I've been having this problem on my '92 for 2 years now. Thought a couple times I had fixed it. It will run fine for 2 or 3 months then all of a sudden …

no feed back from pcm Not rated yet
car will crank but not run change following plug wires cap rotor andecm

Brake pulsates when first starting, then ASR and ABS Service lights come on and brake stops pulsating Not rated yet
Every time you start the car the brake pedal lightly pulsates when applied for about 10 minutes and then the ABS and ASR service light come on and the …

I got 92 corvette I got the brakes pedal as soon as I hit the pedal I here a click  Not rated yet
I got a 92 Corvette and when I hit the brakes it clicks what could it be

installed led headlingts air conditioning shuts off Not rated yet
after installing led headlights in my c4 I notice the ac shuts off when the headlights are on and the fog light switch puts the high beam indicator on? …

A/C electrical short? Not rated yet
I have a 1987 with manual a/c. Everytime I turn on the a/c the 25 amp fuse blows. I have torn the entire dash apart and cannot find a short. I have unplugged …

1994 Corvette engine comes on after 55 mph or higher Not rated yet
My 1994 Corvette Check engine light comes on after I reach 55 to 65 mph It goes off after I restart engine and stays off along as i don"t go 55 + mph.The …

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my left brake light and turn signal don't work. Not rated yet
i can not figure out what is wrong with my left brake light and turn signal. i can't figure out where the wire harness runs from the rear of the vett …

will not start without starting fluid Not rated yet
1989 corvette 5.7 lt. will not start without starting fluid, using starting fluid it starts and runs good

No start unless on ether then dies after it burns it off Not rated yet
Die pulling in driveway prior same condition at that time I changed fuel pump,fuel filter,distributor,spark control module,tps,then it ran drove 3 weeks …

1992 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 5.7L Opti_ Spark Not rated yet
I've Had the car 19 months and have replaced the opti-spark ,coil,control module,plugs,wires drove it 6,000 miles runs and starts great when cold and then …

New Engine and Transmission but trans is slow shifting from 1st to 2nd then takes off Not rated yet
I have a 1990 Corvette and recently had both engine and transmission replaced due to water damage. The new engine is great, more powerful than the old …

emergency brake warning light  Not rated yet
i cant get the emergency warning light to go out

1992 super high idle? Not rated yet
My 1992 LT1 convertable will only idle at 1800rpm.this was after I had the ecm, rebuilt. I sent it twice, to make sure,nothing was missed. I am pulling …

1992 chevrolet corvette 5.7 lt1 wont start after driving running great Not rated yet
1992 corvette corvette 5.7 LT1 Runs great while driving ,then i shut it off and wont start until sits 3 hours then runs great ive replaced the plugs …

Turn signals Not rated yet
Do the turn signal switch click back after you turn on an 1985 c4

windshield wipers do not work on c4 corvette Not rated yet
The handle on the left side of the Steering wheel column with NOT start the windshield wipers. There is a switch connection hanging down under the dash. …

Convertible top hard to latch down after installing new top Not rated yet
I bought a new vinyl top , installed it adjusted it and glued it in place but it’s so tight that I’m having a problem getting it to latch down , I tried …

Runs fine w/SES light on, Dies when SES light goes off Not rated yet
Have 1991 Corvette L98 engine, replaced fuel injectors, Distributor, ECM, IAC, TPS...now vehicle starts and runs for about 5 minutes with the Service Engine …

95 Corvette Stalling Issues  Not rated yet
My 1995 Corvette just recently after I changed out the fuel pump and strainer. Started to stall and die after a few miles of driving it. I thought I had …

Car will not start fuel pump continues to run when key in on position but no fuel in fuel rail Not rated yet
car will not start. Fuel pump continues to run when key in on position but car cranks and no fuel in fuel rail 88 vette

ses light on no codes Not rated yet
1986 corvette,ses light on showing no codes

r.p.m gauge initionally jumps when starting but sits at zero during idle and drive.its a 1988 limited edition 5.7 Not rated yet
1988 limited edition 5.7.during starting the r.p.m gauge will jump. during idle and while driving sits a zero.all gauges including r.p.m gauge are lit …

can' open c4 corvette hood Not rated yet
The left latch o the driver side is relesaed but the right one the passenger side will not release.

interior lights stay on Not rated yet
Sometimes interior lights don't go off after shutting door.

Climate control  Not rated yet
The climate control main screen lights up but it does not work no numbers come up are lights above the button don’t light up

Engine light Not rated yet
I have an 85 corvette that runs great then when I come to a stop,check engine light comes on then when I take off it goes away any ideas?

1987 shuts down after 15/20 minutes won't start until it cools down. Not rated yet
1987 l98- Eng.shuts down after 15/20 minutes won't start until it cools down.Replaced Distributor/complete set up,ECM & Prom,fuel pump & fuel pump relay …

1987 l98- Eng.shuts down after 15/20 minutes won't start until it cools down.  Not rated yet
1987 l98- Eng.shuts down after 15/20 minutes won't start until it cools down.Replaced Distributor/complete set up,ECM & Prom,fuel pump & fuel pump relay …

shifter alignment on a 1985 C4 Doug Nash 4+3 Not rated yet
Car doesn't like going into First gear. 2 years ago I had the problem when I got the car. I took off the counsel cover, shift knob, boot, etc. I sprayed …

A/C want blow on the dash  Not rated yet
I have this 1995 Chevrolet Corvette that the A/C quit working and I know there is a lot on answers out there, so if someone has had this problem, let me …

car runs for awhile driving and then shuts off 1992 corvette 5.7 lt1 Not rated yet
I've replaced the opti spark distributor ,coil,control module, plugs, wires

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my radiator fan is not going on. Not rated yet
i have a 1987 vette, i replaced the sensor, the sender, the relay, the thermostat to a 180 degree, flushed the radiator, the fan is still not going on, …

92 corvette, after car sits for a while..won't go into gear 6 spd manual Not rated yet
I don't drive my 92 a lot. After it SITS in the garage..i have THE hardest time getting it into gear. After Driving for a while it gets 'looser' and then …

Car won't start, filling cylinders full of gas Not rated yet
Car won't start, filling cylinders with gas

Remove Rev Limiter on 1991 C4 Not rated yet
My 91 vette has a new, slightly built motor and my tach is a bit optimistic. When I get to where the thing is just starting to pull it feels like there …

1989 C4 hot air coming through a/c vents at 1500 rpm or higher. Not rated yet
The a/c works fine at idle, however when the engine rpms are higher than idle, then only hot air comes through the vents. It seems like the heater core …

my 1987 vette cooling fan is not coming on Not rated yet
i replaced the sensor, the sender,the relay,put in 180 degree thermostat,flushed radiator,and fan does not come on. fuse is good. when i turn on the key …

Car has good charge but wont start and makes no noise when key is turned. Not rated yet
1990 Vet. Car has good charge but wont start and makes no noise when key is turned. Kept trying and it finally did start but after running for awhile it …

master cylinder Not rated yet
Trying to bench bleed a master cylinder that will not bleed on the rear. I haven't worked on a vette or a master cylinder like this one. Is there a trick …

sitting for 3 years Not rated yet
1995 corvette has been sitting for three years in a heated garage what should I do before I start it up

Brakes and blinkers not working Not rated yet
Light bulbs all good and fuses I know it’s something simple. Had salve cylander replaced. Could they have left a wire loose! Master cylander was low on …

Right tail light not working properly Not rated yet
Right tail light directional signal does not work all the time. It might work for a time when I change bulbs. Appears that there is a bad connection …

Back up lights out? Troubleshooting.  Not rated yet
Back up lights out.

1994 Climate Control System Not rated yet
When I turn the ignition on or start the car all of the climate control functions are working. After about 2 minutes the buttons stop responding and the …

Remove and replace evaporator Not rated yet
My 1984. nineteen eighty four C4 Corvette is leaking freon (134A) out of the evaporator. Need step by step proceedure for removal and replacement of evaporator …

Purchasing Fuel Pressure Regulator Diaphragm for 1985 Corvette Not rated yet
My fuel pressure keeps dropping too fast and when I clamp the return fuel line it holds for hours. I have been reading and it tells me the FPR needs replacing. …

fuel gauge Not rated yet
I have a 1992 C4 and my fuel level sensor has already been replaced but i am still getting no fuel reading on the gauge. I retested the level sender and …

Right & left directional indicators stay lit when headlights turned on Not rated yet
Right & left turn signals work with headlights on or off. However, when headlights are turned on, the right and left directional indicator green arrows …

Hood won't open Not rated yet
I just purchased a 1988 C4 Corvette. When I pull the hood latch the left side unlatches but the right side doesn't. Do you have any suggestions on how …

Hood out of adjustment  Not rated yet
I just purchased a 1984 corvette. The hood on the passenger side sits a little higher than it should. How do I adjust that?

lcd help Not rated yet
I have a 1992 C4 and i live in Texas My LCD only works when the veh sits outside with the windows up and the interior gets hot after the car sits overnight …

Driver seatbelt does not work at all Not rated yet
Seat belt

Car don't start after i turn it off.. Not rated yet
My 84 vette is having problems restarting after it was running just fine.. Messing with the telescoping steering usually i can get it restarted.

dish information mpg/instant mpg erratic Not rated yet
All of dash operating as normal except 1. when I move switch from English to metric, sometimes erratic values on dash 2.mpg and instant data erratic. …

power antena removal Not rated yet
Cannot get the power antenna out of the car. Cannot loosen the mast from the body?

power door locks 1996 C4 Not rated yet
Power door locks work fine when using inside button, but they only buzz when using button on remote, Hatch button works fine. Put new battery in remote …

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loss of oil pressure and overheats Not rated yet
After about 15 mins.of normal driving, the temp gauge (coolant) quickly rises to 299 and oil pressure drops down to hardly nothing. 88 C4 5.7 TPI Auto. …

electrical clicking noise when open passenger door Not rated yet
when open passenger door the cable to rear convertible top clicks and cable jumps back and forth? Only when you open the door

1993 intermittent dash lcd when bumps in road. When one though is awesome. Loose connection?? Not rated yet
Dash lcd is intermittent when bumps in road. When on though is bright and awesome. Loose connection or something??

C4 Hood unbelievably heavy Not rated yet
As with many other c4 owners, my 1984 c4 hood is almost too heavy to lift. New struts did not help at all. I am wondering if new hinges could help, albeit …

85 corvette shifting Not rated yet
Car jerks/jumps when put in drive. what could be the cause

Headlights Not rated yet
How to open the headlights without power i see that some you can turn a knob to open i didnt see one on my 85 corvette

Oil leak Not rated yet
My 1993 Corvette is using to much oil & some of it is showing up on my garage floor..I have a 383 striker in my Lt-1 block but why am I using to much …

bright dash lights nothing else works Not rated yet
dash light up brightly, will not dim. none of the other dash components i.e. speedometer,voltage, fuel, rpm etc. are present. Battery was changed recently. …

bright dash lights nothing else works Not rated yet
dash light up brightly, will not dim. none of the other dash components i.e. speedometer,voltage, fuel, rpm etc. are present. Battery was changed recently. …

1994 chevy corvette L1check engine light comes on on highway  Not rated yet
check engine light comes on on highway after driving around 10 miles.when I stop and shut engine off and restart light is out is it a concern

Speedometer  Not rated yet
Readout jumps all over , from 35-90-220-70-140 etc.etc

Speedometer  Not rated yet
Readout jumps around at any speed. 35-90-50-145-20-70-220 etc

Trying to remove information cluster in center of dash on a 1987 Corvette Not rated yet
trying to replace bulbs in information center in center of dash

have to turn over 5 to 8 times before it starts Not rated yet
Not driven during winter recently needs to be turned over 4 to 8 time before it starts with each start it tries to start but doesn't

Brake warning lights  Not rated yet
While car was in storage I start it several times during the winter. All three brake lights came on and stayed on (brake-ABS - ASR ) while car was in storage. …

Engine missfires when hot Not rated yet
Engine misfires when hot right at 4,000 RPM coolant was running at around 220. I just bought the car, is this a issue with 1987 C4 Corvettes?

Holly Sniper EFI Not rated yet
Has anyone installed a Holley Sniper EFI on an 85 C4 Corvette

1996 Corvette headlight actuators Not rated yet
My 1996 Actuatos have worn out (nylon gears stripped). I know I can replace the gears but I would like to replace the retractable lights with fixed lights …

electrical Not rated yet
Speedometer doesn't work. door locks go up and down.headlights motor runs

ABS and ASR lights on after replacing front hubs Not rated yet
ASR and ABS lights on after replacing front hubs

ASR and ABS lights on Not rated yet
Replaced my front hub bearing assembly on right and left 1995 c4, ASR and ABS lights on now Confused ??

No Problem want to send you video Not rated yet

Car won't go into gear.  Not rated yet
The battery in my car has been dead for about a year. I jump started my car about 3 months ago and drove my car for a few miles then put it in park then …

Fob key, interior lights, and temp controller not working???? Not rated yet
I drove the car earlier in the evening, turned it off, went to leave again after needing to run back to the parts store for something else. Went to unlock …

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Sounds Not rated yet
Clunking sounds when traveling over uneven pavement. Vehicle still tight, with no dipping.

91 corvette No Start issues.  Not rated yet
I have a 91 corvette that I picked up. When I first got the car I got a no crank no start. Bypassed vats, replaces battery, starter, altenator, and smog …

my ac compressor locked up Not rated yet
my ac compressor locked up in my 1986 Corvette, when this happened my dash lights and radio stopped working

1984 corvette will not turn over Not rated yet
My 1984 Corvette will not turn over - I do not have the right key, I removed the 10 amp fuse to bypass security system and it still will not turn over …

coping targa top came loose Not rated yet
coping loose on front edge of top can it be reset by sliding the sides down

C4 Digital Instrument Panel Intermittently Turns Off or Severely Dims Not rated yet
I have a 1985 Corvette and when turn on the vehicle the instrument panel intermittently does not light on or severely dims..

C4 Sputters upon Acceleration Not rated yet
I have a 1985 Corvette and when I accelerate the gas pedal, the Vette sputters and misfires and my engine light turns on. Then I have to pull over and …

C4 Air conditioner intermittently shuts down (turns off) Not rated yet
I have a 1985 Corvette and when I turn on the air conditioning or heater it shuts off and it turn on when it wants. It turns on usually after a few minutes. …

Security system problem Not rated yet
Hi I own a 1986 corvette convertible Whenever we open the passenger side door when the car is running it makes a weird clicking sound and after several …

88 Vette interchangeable instrument cluster? Not rated yet
My 88 Vette is an automatic. Will there be any problems if I replace this instrument panel from one that was a 6 speed?

how do you slide out the starter relay assembly Not rated yet
I am trying to unplug and replace the starter relay. This is for my 1988. This is on the center panel and also houses the hazard warning flasher that …

Oversize wheels and tires for a 1995 vette Not rated yet
I recently purchased a 95 c4 vette. The car actually had the original tires on the car.(31,000miles) I would like to put some aftermarket rims with new …

Early or late 1993 base model.  Not rated yet
How can I tell if I've got an early or late 93? I'm told to see if its a Batch or sequential injection system. I didn't figure that out either. VIN code …

I have elected drive on 1991 corvette how can know it's changing when I select which piston I'm in Not rated yet
I have a problem at this time but reading what should happen and what shock I need to make right because I have a selection drive.

car shuts off Not rated yet
I have 93 Corvette will the speedometer and gauge cluster not working correctly affect the alarm system? security blinks while its running and when you …

Dash and exterior lighting issue Not rated yet
I have intermittent issues where the dash lights (except the digital speedo) and fog/market, tail lights go out for 3-10 seconds. When this happens, all …

Engine starts and died Not rated yet
Lt1 engine starts then violently shakes and dies

c4 size spacers to make flush Not rated yet
what size spacer does my 95 c4 need to make flush?

Power surge with defrost Not rated yet
Just bought a 1987 Corvette. Whenever I turn the defrost on, the electrical surges as the compressor kicks on. It lasts for only a couple seconds but happens …

1996 radio stops working  Not rated yet
I have a 1996 with out the Bose gold system.The radio works fine untill I start the car .When the car is running it looses sound and the face looses the …

CAR WON'T START Not rated yet
I unhooked the battery for a few months hooked It up and the horns went crazy and it won't start what did I do wrong Thank You

Broken hood release 1985 Not rated yet
How to open the hood on a 1985 coupe with a broken hood release?

Horn not working Not rated yet
1990 corvette- horn does not work

Car stalls out and won’t start back up. Not rated yet
My 1996 Corvette starts fine but after about one minute it starts blowing smoke like it’s running too rich then it will stall out and won’t start for days! …

Gauage cluster damage Not rated yet
using the proper way to jump a 1985 vette will it actually damage the gauge cluster???

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can my c4 corvette shut itself down due to low coolant? Not rated yet
I let my 1996 Corvette run for about 20 minutes in the driveway since its been so cold, and when I when i went out to check on it the motor was off and …

can not see oil or water temp guages 1986 corvette Not rated yet
can not see oil pressure or water temp guages ,1986 corvette

1993 corvette blower motor won’t come on Not rated yet
I have a 93 corvette with climate control and I can’t get the blower to come on I can run 12v to it and it comes on I check the blower fuse it’s good

my 1987 c4 vat system keeps changing numbers Not rated yet
Can was in accident now wont start chevy garage checked and said the vat system keeps changing numbers

88 corvette won't start Not rated yet
My c4 exterior lights flash and it won't start. It had an aftermarket system installed before I got it so I don't know whether its the factory alarm or …

No start Not rated yet
New ignition starter is good still no crank and I can't find exact location of starter enable relay please help I've checked LH side of steering column …

grinding noise behind the driver seat when it breaks traction Not rated yet
I have a grinding noise when it breaks traction or when i cut the wheel to the far right and left when i pull out.

window wont roll up, new motor and switch Not rated yet
Hi, I switched motor and switch. Got the passenger window rolled up, went for a drive. Rolled the window down, now it wont go up, stalled the engine once, …

electrical Not rated yet
when I turn on turn signals, Tachometer blinks. Tach will not exceed 2000 rpm and voltage indicator on no charge even though engine is runnig great.

Cruise control wont engage Not rated yet
I have a 90 Lt1 and the cruise wont turn on. I have a shop manual for the car and have gone through every trouble shooting procedure that it lists for …

My 87 don't crank Not rated yet
How can I tell if me vats alarm is working properly

Rattling Convertible Stowage Lid Not rated yet
The stowage lid on my 1991 convertible is rattling. I tried adjusting the bolt that removes the play on the striker and latch assembly but this approach …

Coolant sensor fan does not work Not rated yet
I just bought this 88 Vette and drove it home 13 miles.It never run hot.I cranked in the garage and it ran hot sitting there and the fan did not kick on.Would …

Check engine light on Not rated yet
Noticed fluid under car, found no bad hoses, saw a little weepage around water pump. Replaced it today with new AC Delco pump. Replaced antifreeze, started …

Blower runs when 91 vette switch is turned off Not rated yet
I have a 91 vette blower will not shut off when car is turned off nor will switch from heat to cool

89 350 and when giving full throttle boogs down Not rated yet
rebuilt engine 500 miles boogs down when full throttle

how to replace back up switch for a 1996 6speed corvette LT4 Not rated yet
how to replace back up switch for a 1996 6speed Corvette LT4

85 Runs Hot over 230deg Not rated yet
New water pump, hoses, thermostat, antifreeze, flushed radiator but still runs too hot 51k orig miles. Need to check if the fan comes on at 200 deg. And …

how to replace back up switch for a 1996 6speed corvette LT4 Not rated yet
How to replace back up switch for a 1996 6speed Corvette LT4

Lever on drivers seat? Not rated yet
Just bought 1995 Corvette Coupe with drivers side power seats. There is a small lever on the left front of the driver's seat. Can't find it in the manual. …

Spodometer shows 0 miles Not rated yet
My 1984 Chevy Corvette battery completely died and was unable to be jumped by another vehicle. I took the battery to a place where it was fully charged. …

4+3 OD comes on too soon when the engine is cold.  Not rated yet
1986 4+3 OD comes on too soon when the engine is still cold. What do you think is the problem? The ECM or a sensor some where? How would you diagnose? …

Latch noise from convertible top Not rated yet
My 92 C4 convertible top rear latches are clicking on their own. Any ideas?

Can you get an Ignition key by vin number Not rated yet
Can the dealership make a ignition key using the vin number

noise when charging battery Not rated yet
When start charging the battery, a noise from the front end of car for about 15 seconds. Some clicking and sounds like a electric motor running, a humming. …

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grinding noise behind the driver seat Not rated yet
I have a grinding noise behind the drivers seat when i turn the steering wheel, could it be the traction control box, and why.

Dash intermittently works Not rated yet
I just had a new (L98) engine replaced in my 1991 C4. After the engine replacement the car sometimes starts and the dash is functionally and other times …

stall problem after stop  Not rated yet
'84- engine will stall occasionally when stopped at light, etc. Starts right back up...does not run rough at any point...fuel pressure regulator checked …

Heater AC actuator Not rated yet
96 vette. When set the temp Hot or cold. The actuator won’t be stable. Will move back and forth. Changed out temp control actuator inside temp sensor. …

Windshield wipers and washer non functioning Not rated yet
My wipers and washers do not function on my 95 Corvette

Thumping noise in 1994 Vette toward front when battery reconnected Not rated yet
I recently reconnected the battery in my 1994 Corvette and heard a thumping noise in the front headlight areas. Now when I turn the headlights on and off, …

No power to injectors key won't code  Not rated yet
87 vett lost keys had new key made all 15 codes would not work will start with starting fluid that's it

Horn does not blow when pushed Not rated yet
Cannot seem to find where the "2nd" fuse box is located. The one on passenger side doesn't have a fuse labeled "horn". Any help is greatly appreciated!! …

Abs lite remains on 96 model Not rated yet
ABS lite stays on 1996

dic system error 1996 base Not rated yet
how to reset the ccm

1996 Corvette sitting a long time. now speedo-Mileage does not display Not rated yet
1996 corvette sitting with dead battery. Jump start. Speedo, gas level, mileage does not display. light comes but nobody home.

warm engine restart failures Not rated yet
Car starts right up.Cold engine.Drive to the store.Park, turn off engine. Go inside.Shop. Come back out to my 86 L98, Engine now warm. Try to start it.Turns …

Stereo Problem Not rated yet
I have been having problems with my after market Stereo suddenly not coming on after working for years. So by process of elimination i replace the Amp …

88 Corvette side mirror issue Not rated yet
On my 1988 Corvette the side mirror on both left and right will move in/out but noe up/down?

Car starts then dies  Not rated yet
The car will start everytime for2-3 second and then die,i checked the injectors and getting no pulse why

1996 corvette coupe horn stays on??? Not rated yet

tach jumps all over when depressing gas pedal Not rated yet
The tach jumps to zero rpm whenever I step on the gas pedal. I've been having many issues with this car for several weeks, one is the tach another is a …

Speedometer  Not rated yet
Lights working speedometer stuck on 0

Drive to store and 94 C4 will not restart until engine cools down for 30 or so minutes Not rated yet
Seems that there is a failure in the ignition system but what part?

Air conditioning compressor clicks on and off Not rated yet
The air conditioning compressor clicks on and off every 5 t0 10 seconds.It causes the engine idle to jump 200 rpms when it goes from off to on.Driving …

87 corvette horn keeps blowing. Will not stop  Not rated yet
Horn wasn't working so I changed the fuse and the horn wouldn't stop. I then change the horn relay and it still continues to blow. Took horn button off …

erratic digits on average and instant mph on 1987 Not rated yet
get erratic information on dash board for average and instant miles per gal. I believe is also causing miles remaining of fuel to be in error. Noticed …

87 c4 dash lights gone after dead battery.  Not rated yet
My battery died and now my dash lights arent working unless you unplug the fuse and put in back in slow but the dash still doesnt function properly. The …

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My head lights and tail lights will not work. Head lights will not open up and tail lights will not come on. I have a C4 1986 corvette  Not rated yet
My head lights and tail lights will not work. Head lights will not open up and tail lights will not come on. I have a C4 1986 corvette. Blinkers do work …

hood release handle bezel Not rated yet
Where on a 1987 corvette does the hood release handle bezel attach to. I have the under dash carpeted panel but I can't see where the bezel attaches to …

1991 corvette sitting 2 yrs always starts fuel gauge way past full stays there Not rated yet
1991 corvette sitting 2 yrs . old gas half tank added 5 gal high octane chevron gas . Always starts. what causes fuel gauge to stay way past full would …

How do I remove broken studs in fuel tank sending unit for a 1989 corvette Not rated yet
How do I remove broken studs in fuel tank sending unit for a 1989 corvette? The studs have all broken - only one came out intact.

1993 Corvette Electrical issue Not rated yet
we have a 1993 Corvette that we have owned since 2000. A month or so back, it suddenly quit running - while my wife was driving it. I thought it was …

Loud squealing noise coming from engine area Not rated yet
My 1985 Corvette coupe (9800 miles) has a loud squealing noise coming from the throttle body area. It only does this at an idle. Does anyone know what …

Location of power window relay Not rated yet
Looking for the power window relay for 96 c4 vette. The window switches are on the doors not center console. Drivers door doesn't work but pass side works …

Brake pedal  Not rated yet
Is it normal for the brake pedal to push back when the ignition is turned off? 1989 Corvette Convertible

Heater/act only blows on low speed Not rated yet
I have an electronic dash in my 89 C4 and the heater/act blower only blows on low. Is this a relay problem or motor.

Coolant temperature on LCD display goes up and down when cold Not rated yet
I been having my check engine light go on and off for a few months. I did notice on my LCD display when I have my coolant temperature displayed the temperature …

Coolant temperature on LCD display goes up and down when cold Not rated yet
I been having my check engine light go on and off for a few months. I did notice on my LCD display when I have my coolant temperature displayed the temperature …

Computer behind radio on 1993 C4 Not rated yet
I have a 93 C4 that I was told the computer behind the radio is bad, (not sure the name) the mechanic discontented the ABS & traction control so I didn't …

Engine stalls when you. Press on the ⛽0 Not rated yet
The engine. Will idle but when you Press on the gas it dies

Won't start after sitting for a couple months  Not rated yet
I let my Vette sit for a couple months , put in new battery and it still won't turn over. I have lights and everything else seems fine , what do you …

Do I have a early or late  Not rated yet
I'm trying to order parts for my 1985 vette (shiftier boot) and the site is asking if the car is an early or late model. How can I figure this out? I think …

1994 c4 battery drain Not rated yet
If I leave the car sit for two days the battery drains. I checked it out an when I pull the large 20 amp.fues under the hood near the battery the gage …

My 84 running at a high idle Not rated yet
When I start my vett it runs at a high idle and never kicks down

dash board  Not rated yet
Speedometer and tach peged and all others not working

Sun Visor Won't Stay Up Not rated yet
I have a 93 40th anniversary edition and the passenger sun visor won't stay up. Is this an easy fix?

Can I replace a1991 Corvette dashboard with an 89 in dashboard I like the 80s dashboards better Not rated yet
I have a 91 Corvette but I like the 89 Digital dash better. Can i replace the 91 dash with the 89?

1989 corvette over drive symbol in dash Not rated yet
I have a automatic and when wondering how to put in or take out of over drive.symbol on dash shows a pic

Service engine soon light comes on Not rated yet
My 88 corvette service engine soon light comes on...Can you tell me what can be the problem or where can I start first?

When attempting to start the C4, a clicking comes from behind the radio area.  Not rated yet
Twice in the past year, on warm days, the car wouldn't start after being driven and sitting for fifteen minutes or so. A relay of some sort clicks behind …

Head lights  Not rated yet
Head lights open half way and make a clickING sounds

dont want to start after its set for 10 min .but when completely cold it starts right up Not rated yet
it starts right up every time when its cold , but after I run it for a while and it sets for 10 min or so it takes 2 to 3 times before it starts.

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blown ac fuse Not rated yet
Car went to leaning out above 2000 rpm and would not accelerate. replaced the ac blown fuse and car runs a lot better. the ac does not work at all,not …

91 vette I put new fuel pump in and if u let it set it will start for a minute if you try to give it gas will cut off Not rated yet
I put a fuel pump in a 91 Vette if you let it sit will start for a minute and you try giving the gas it will shut off

no crank Not rated yet
i have a no crank issue...new battery,....no power to the starter enable relay..everything else powers up. i have an 89...according to my owners manual …

I have 3 bars on my a/c control display Not rated yet
My 1994 c4 has three bars on my a/c display and will not do any thing . I put in another a/c control module but did not change anything . I also took the …

1994 corvette - just had tune up. Spark plugs and wires, distributor, fuel pump. Starts right up. After driving Not rated yet
Recently had a complete tune-up. Plug wires, spark plugs, fuel pump, distributor. Car starts right up, After driving a short distance, engine completely …

Ac clutch turns off and on allot Not rated yet
Acc good on Freon oil now orfice tube what would cause it to turn on and off when the clutch engages it's cold when it disengage it throws some hot air …

why do all the lights pulsate on 92 corvette while running Not rated yet
all the lights pulsate when running

I have very sensitive steering at high speed. Not rated yet
I have a 1995 corvette,standard. My problem is that around 120 the car very sensitive steering,pretty scary. I have put new shocks all around,did a four …

dash cluster Not rated yet
I have 1988 c-4 corvette the dash cluster flickers and engine wants to shut off but when cluster stops flickering it runs good ijust repair cluster what …

Replace third brake light lens.  Not rated yet
How to remove lens on a 1990 corvette cabriolet third brake light

keyless entry , have dead battery can not open the doors Not rated yet
I have a dead battery on my 1993 corvette. It has the PKE keyless entry.We can not open the doors.

Steering column moves on 91 Not rated yet
Entire steering column goes down and to the left when pulled down on.

When I turn on my fog lamps, when my headlights are on and are on low beam, my hi-beams come on. Not rated yet
I have a 1994 C4 convertible. When I have my headlights on low beam and I put on fog lamps, my hi-beams come on and my dimmer switch doesn't work. The …

Engine when driving sounds like it will shut of of bobs down  Not rated yet
Engine when driving sounds like it will shut of of bobs down

instrument panel lights out on left hand side Not rated yet
instrument panel lights out on left hand side

1995 Corvette/ Solid Black Line Appeared across the bottom of insturment cluster Not rated yet
2 days ago i was driving my 95' vette and a solid black line appeared under and the info on the digital insturment panel. If the line was going through …

87 vett no spark no fuel  Not rated yet
I recently installed tranny in this thing in my drive way the car has not been running or moved since 2012 according too the tags . I can install my hot …

Wipers won't work 1992 corvette Not rated yet
Using my wipers in the rain, smoke started coming thru the steering column and the wipers won't work now....

Cannot get heads off block  Not rated yet
1993 corvette 5.7 l while removing head bolts one pulled threads out of block and two broke as if they were over torqued the heads seem to be seized to …

Please direct me to a place where I can see what a C89 single reading lamp looks like and about the FE7 Vs the Z51 Not rated yet
I bought a shabby, low mileage 85 that seems to have all the High performance bits, it seems mechanically sound but needs attention for cosmetics as an …

having trouble after i drive it to start again Not rated yet
93 vet starts good runs good but after I have drove it awhile come back get in it try to start it and it just cranks over but if I wait about half an hour …

Radio and air/heater control panel not getting power 1988 Corvette Not rated yet
For some reason my radio and air/heater panel not getting power. Checked fuses and no problem there. Is there a relay that might be bad. Air was working …

Wiper issue on 96 Not rated yet
Just had clutch done on my 96. Now wipers do not come on. I understand they are grounded to bell housing and I suspect this is the problem. Anyone know …

clicking noise Not rated yet
89 vette has clicking noise coming from behind the radio or climate control after shutting off the engine. It continues to do this for 10 or 15 minutes. …

91 corvette Not rated yet
How many 91 convertibles were painted Quasar blue metallic

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Where is the cover in the back hatch suppose to latch at when you pull it forward?? Not rated yet
Where is the cover in the back hatch suppose to latch at when you pull it forward??

exhaust leak Not rated yet
I have the L98 motor and there's an exhaust leak, sounds like it's very close to the distributor and I'm not sure what it could be.

Inside floor lights will not go out Not rated yet
1992 corvette floor lights will not go our dimmer switch doesn't seem to be working

License plate lights out Not rated yet
No power to license plate lights

Alarm will not stop going off and car will not start now Not rated yet
We just bought a 92 convertible. Yesterday when we parked it, the alarm started going off. Tried doing what the manual said and no luck. Used the pass …

no ecm signal to fuel pump relay Not rated yet
key on no signal to fuel pump relay to prime injectors

missfire Not rated yet
i replaced the coolant sensor and the ecm started car now it has a miss

Trouble starting but then runs fine Not rated yet
Trouble turning over but once it starts it runs fine, I'm not sure if its the starter and soliniod or if its the opti spark please let me know what you …

Signals lights barely work after replacing the two front Amber bulbs Not rated yet
Hello!. My signal lights wit working after I changed the two front bulbs (amber color) when I turn on the four way flashers all of the lights flash, the …

fuel Not rated yet
It seems as if I'm not getting enough fuel? Could it be my fuel regulator.

Vats? Communication Not rated yet
96 lt4 ce 6spd replaced steering column old one broke in theft attempt prior to car would not start.. key power would stay on after key removed now wont …

rough idle, lack of power on acceleration Not rated yet
1992 LT-1 with 64,000 miles. Lately the engine has been rough at idle and usually lacks power on acceleration. The wires are about three years old as well …

Engine stalls when you put it into drive Not rated yet
1991 Corvette with L 98 motor I have low fuel pressure runs fine in park when you put it in drive it stumbles and stalls out

Stalls when you put it in gear Not rated yet
1991 corvette with a L98 motor low fuel pressure runs great in park when you put it in drive it stalls it also is bringing up a code of 12 and 42 ....please …

replacing ignition coil Not rated yet
I replace the ignition coil on my 1988 corvette and I must connected wrong because I don't have no electrical power at all

Heater will not stay working Not rated yet
I have a 1984 Corvette which will not always blow hot air. Generally, after the car starts from cold, the coolant heats to about 194 degrees, and if the …

wont start until i disconnect battery Not rated yet
I have a 1991 convertible that will run for a week or two and then all of the sudden will not start until I disconnect both battery cables and reconnect …

Losing coolant  Not rated yet
No ac/heat and losing coolant. Vehicle runs around 250 sitting idle. While driving averages about 190. Replaced radiator still losing coolant.

Car idles high and runs rich Not rated yet
Cant get the engine idle to settle, checked for vacuum leak but couldn't find anything

1985 Bose Radio Not rated yet
The Bose radio will play for 15 min to 1 hour the volume is very low then all of sudden it will stop working an all you can get is static. If I turn the …

Back fire lack of power Not rated yet
My 84 crossfire vette is idling sporadically from low to high. And when I floor it, it sounds like a dead cylinder or something. (Not noticeable when …

Key out of ignition, car still running. Not rated yet
My 92 corvette recently had the water pump and thermostat replaced due to overheating (radiator a few years back). After the work was done the car it was …

Information panel light problems Not rated yet
I have a 1993 Corvette, a few of the information panel indicator lights come on but when you turn the ignition off and back on they don't come back. The …

Keyless Entry Not rated yet
Just bought a 94 C4. The Vatt system has been disabled. The remote with a new battery doesn't unlock the doors either. Is that just how it goes if you …

HVAC blower motor keeps running after ignition switch turned off Not rated yet
I have owned my 95 C4 for 7 years. started up after being stored for the winter ,ran well ,I let it warm up then shut off the ignition and could still …

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Air in the brake line master cylinder ran low.  Not rated yet
Will I need to go through the entire brake system. Or can I bleed the lines

1986 c4 vacuum leak. Not rated yet
replaced fuel regulator. now have vacuum leak.dont think my son put plenum on right one bolt missing. will these be the problem.

fuel pump wont shut off Not rated yet
I have a 1989 vette and when i shut the car off the fuel pump continues to run, why? It will only shut off when i disconnect the battery.

My 94 clutch pedal goes halfway and car starts what is the service needed Not rated yet
Clutch engages halfway in neutral and starts what needs to be sdjusted

1993 Corvette coupe questions????? Not rated yet
I understand I am a novice, have been wanting a Corvette for years and years. Retired in 2009 due to Vietnam continued issues, saved, bought another …

Automatic transmission tap in first gear  Not rated yet
Tap goes away as soon as it shifts into 2nd gear.

Unable to shift out of park Not rated yet
1996 Corvette LT1-unable to depress shifter button to move out of park

starts but doesnt idle Not rated yet
Ran a code check showed no problems could it be a bad fuel filter

Blowing AC fuses Not rated yet
Recharging ac system the compressor cycled 3 or 4 times then blew the fuse. I replaced it and the compressor cycled twice then blew the fuse again. Now …

Engine turns over no start Not rated yet
Asr service light comes on sys flashes in dash aling with security light at same time. Car turns over but wont start.

Heater blower issue Not rated yet
My heater blower will only blow when the key is the accessory position while the motor is not running. Once the motor is turned on the blower stops. Could …

I have a 1990 c4 vette, I followed the steps to reset the oil light and the light still didn't o out Not rated yet
Oil reset light will not go off o. 1990 c4 corvette. I followed the reset instructions, still will not go out

blower motor relay Not rated yet
Hi ya I'm having problems when I turn on the heat/ ac it usually works on all modes but sometimes no air blows out from any of the vents wen i turn on …

car will do nothing Not rated yet
Left lights on car will now not shift and it has no power to anything.

Car won't start up again after temp cool down Not rated yet
Have a 1989 corvette that won't start back up after running it for awhile. Has to cool down to 150 or less to a start again. can anyone help me

The check engine light Will flash then car will die Not rated yet
Check engine light flashes then car

computerized heater not working Not rated yet
My heater not responding to any different functions,the lights dont come on @ the fan wont change speeds,the fuses are all good @ the relay near the fan …

I picked up my 96 c4 after having a new fuel pump installed, I drove 6 miles and service engine soon came on steady. . Any help on what could be wrong? I Not rated yet
I was enjoying a little road trip when my Vette stalled totally losing power while driving.It wasn't the battery because I travel with a jump n carry, …

a small grind going into 3rd only  Not rated yet
just wondering if i will damage my tranny if i cont to drive with a small grind going into 3rd gear

Intermittent problem with a 91 Corvette Not rated yet
The engine will suddenly quit while cruising down the freeway. It will restart and go for a few more miles before doing it again. Sometimes after restarting …

Intermittent problem with a 91 Corvette Not rated yet
The engine will suddenly quit while cruising down the freeway. It will restart and go for a few more miles before doing it again. Sometimes after restarting …

Alarm Not rated yet
The Anit theft is in and my car won't start. How do I I get by that?

Sys no speed a/c flashes Not rated yet
I fixed my Bose system now My a/c flashes showes code 10 and my speedomitor doesn't work

BRAKE light stays on and goes out when ya mash the pedal Not rated yet
On my 1994 corvette the BRAKE light stays on and goes out when ya mash the pedal when you drive the car it seems that the rear brakes are to tight you …

RPO 01L and 01U Not rated yet
I live in Adelaide Australia and I have just purchased an 85 C4 which is an ex San Carlos California car. It has the above codes "Special non-corvette …

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Service Ride Select light on, have 89 with Bilstein FX3 shocks.  Not rated yet
Would like to replace the FX3 shocks and actuator with non-adjusting shocks that does not use the FX3 system and actuators. Is this possible and what shocks …

Cruise control on a 1991 c4 Not rated yet
Cruise control wire plug from the switch is not connected and the wire connector from the cruise servo through the fire wall is not connected - what is …

Steering column swap Not rated yet
Will an 87 steering column fit my 96?

Oil leak  Not rated yet
I am buying a 94 corvette for a really good price. It has been sitting a few weeks since the last time I went by to check it out now it there is a small …

ticking gets louder not faster when you rev it Not rated yet
It has 73,000 miles could this be bottom end? It's an 1984 corvette c4

C4 - 1986 - Automatic transmission will not stay in over drive Not rated yet
I have an 86 with a t4 automatic transmission. I just replaced the motor and rebuild the transmission. Transmission will not stay in overdrive.

car won't start  Not rated yet
I have a 1984 corvette it does not start or make a sound when turning the key

corvette has a miss Not rated yet
I have a 1987 tune port got a miss. Here is what I have Replaced new injectors- new plugs -plug wires- dis cap rotor button- pick up in dist- new module- …

why does my 4+3 transmission not engage Not rated yet
I have a 1984 corvette with the doug nash overdrive. I have a overheating issue on the car but I have noticed that my overdrive will not engage once the …

wont shift Not rated yet
Throttle is sticking and now the car won't shift out of 1st gear 1986 c4

First Corvette is more than a hobby. Not rated yet
I have learned a great deal during ownership of my '92 coupe, combed the blogs for help with issues,(Bose, ride control, loose driver door panel) found …

is there any new designed hood props for my 1985 vette. The scissor design on the car breaks very easily Not rated yet
Is there any new designed hood props for my 1985 vette. The scissor design on the car break very easily.

can a 6 speed automatic be put in a C4 Not rated yet
Can u put a 6 speed automatic in a C4

1990 Corvette Convertable No A/C and Courtesy lights Not rated yet
I replaced the radio with a Pioneer after market radio and now I have no A/C and no courtesy lights. Why?

My 1988 C4 Corvette - is not pumping fuel to the injectors, what could be the cause of this? Would it most likely be the fuel pump or the fuel pump relay switch? Not rated yet
My 1988 C4 Corvette - is not pumping fuel to the injectors, what could be the cause of this? Would it most likely be the fuel pump or the fuel pump relay …

84 dash problems Not rated yet
My 84 corvette dash center display reads volts when set on temp and temp when on volts. The other readings are also backwards and the numbers look to …

my 1992 corvette alarm goes off for no reason, how can I fix it? Not rated yet
My 1992 corvette alarm goes off for no reason, how can I fix it?

Asking about a 1986 corvette.  Not rated yet
What is car worth it's white. Conver. Black top an red an white inter never seen one like this before is it a rare car that was made

what is the problem when a1995 vetted stop fireing when cut it off , but wake 20 menu and it will start. Not rated yet
What will stop a 1995 vetted from starting when you cut it off after you cut it off.

can I determine if my 1992 corvette came with an auto or standard tranny by the vin # Not rated yet
can I determine if my 1992 corvette came with an auto or standard tranny by the vin #

89 corvette Not rated yet
we have been told that our corvette is the Eldorado version. is this an actual version of the 89?

Is there a relay for the interior courtesy lights for doors, shifter console, rear view mirror, and heater controls for 1991 vette? I have checked every fuse and they are good. Not rated yet
The interior lights just went out driving to work during a rain storm. I still have the speedometer cluster lights.

Low and high tone horn-s Not rated yet
Where is the low tone horn located, and how do you tell the difference between them. Please reply

I have a 1987 vette will turn over but want run  Not rated yet
I have a 1987 Corvette will run but it won't stay running

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replace window washer pump 1984 corvette Not rated yet
How to replace the washer pump and resover

Hatch ajar while driving Not rated yet
Is there such a thing as an aftermarket part that keeps the hatch ajar some while driving? If so what is it called and where could I buy one?

Lost All Engine Power Not rated yet
1989 Corvette Coupe, well maintained, with 78k original miles. Going down the road the engine suddenly lost all power. Pulled to the roadside and found …

my 1994 corvette starts sometimes I think it the security system please help Not rated yet
My 1994 corvette starts sometimes an sometimes it won't the battery is good I turn the key it won't say anything all lights on sometimes it starts …

my 91 Corvette blower fan will not cut off?..Can anyone Help?? Not rated yet
The blower fan will not cut-off? I had to unplug the fan blower motor under the hood..where is the blower fan relay located under the hood?...HELP?

how to replace high/upper breaklight on 1988 corvette convertible Not rated yet
The upper breaklight (in the center) on my '88 corvette convertible is out and I woul dlike to know the best/easiest way to replace the bulbs. Also, how …

with light acceleration above 50mph engine bucks Not rated yet
When going at a steady speed at 50 or so and try to lightly accelerate car bucks an jerks like possibly converter is not unlocking I don't know what to …

Antil freeze spill Not rated yet
When i have my 1984 vette running anti freeze spills iut the back of the engine. Also the front window defrosters do not work is that part of my problem? …

i want more horse power Not rated yet
Next door neibhor got a roush muustang and other neighbor got 2012 5.0 mustang just want to make sure i have enough power to run with them

1991 C4 l-98 automatic A/C compressor not woking Not rated yet
I have a 91' C4 automatic and noticed that my a/c compressor is inoperable and was wondering how to troubleshoot this system. This system did work fine …

1989 idles at a high rpm in gear and neutral 1400rpm Not rated yet
I have a 1989 manual corvette that idles at 1400rpm when stopped at a red light in neutral. Also sometimes I go to start it and all I hear is the starter …

Stalls if you start it within an hour, but cold starts perfectly Not rated yet
My automatic C4 starts perfectly when i start it cold (in the morning) -- it registers about 14 volts on the battery. But if I stop the car and then try …

Stalls if you start it within an hour, but cold starts perfectly Not rated yet
My automatic C4 starts perfectly when I start it cold (in the morning) -- it registers about 14 volts on the battery. But if I stop the car and then try …

AC ORIFICE TUBE Not rated yet
I'm putting back together the ac system on a 1993 Corvette LT1. Can someone submit a picture of where and in which direction the orifice tube goes in the …

the wiring for reverse light on a c4 1990 corvette 6 speed transmission Not rated yet
I need to re-wire my reverse lights for my 1985 corvette 1990 cf transmission 6 speed having trouble knowing how to do it

1986 Z51 rims Not rated yet
What are the correct markings for oem stock rims. Made in USA or made in japan?

power loss 6th gear Not rated yet
Vette shakes and loses power when I shift into 6th gear. Above 65 MPH.

Cooling fans Not rated yet
I have tested the cooling fans they work. I replaced both relays and sensor but fans don't come on. Does the temp gauge in the cluster control when the …

My 1991 manual will not go into gear - paddle feels soft Not rated yet
Car has been stored all winter - starts and runs perfect but transmission will not go into any gear. Feels like the clutch is not engaging - peddle feels …

87 corvette service light on won't start Not rated yet
Sometimes the car will try to start but stalls immediately. Sat for 3 months in storage and started up and ran fine. Today it won't start.

loud static in right speaker Not rated yet
The radio has a loud static on the passenger side of the car. It's so loud it's unbearable. It's a 35th anniversary.

loud static in right speaker Not rated yet
The radio has a loud static on the passenger side of the car. It's so loud it's unbearable. It's a 35th anniversary.

I need routing diagram for positive battery cable 1995 Corvette Not rated yet
Can't figure how to route it

Trip Monitor Not Working Not rated yet
my corvette 1994 c4 has The Change Oil light is on ,when try to reset it ,all the buttons of Trip Monitor are not working .i have checked the fuse box …

Right headlight dims when I turn on the running/foglights? Not rated yet
When I have the headlights on no running/fig lights both head lights shine equally. When I turn on the running/fog lights, the right headlight dims. …

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Scan Tool Not rated yet
Are there any current scan tools that work on the 1995 Corvette which is neither OBD I nor OBD II? I believe it is OBD I but has the plug of OBD II?

License plate lights and fog lights don't work. Not rated yet
The license lights don't work and never have since I have own my 1986 corvette. I don't know why, but I'm thinking it has something to do with the wiring. …

CAR WILL NOT START Not rated yet

storing for 5 years  Not rated yet
I'm storing my 1989 corvete for five years will it be fine when i start it in five to six years? i am disconneting the battery thats it?

oil pressure reads low Not rated yet
The car would not start mechanic replaced the oil pressure gauge and sensor still had low pressure down to 1 then mechanic tested the oil pump and it is …

1991 corvette drive lights Not rated yet
my 1991 corvette lights dim in and out while i drive and the battery light is flashing in and out, the battery is showing 12.8 and the altenator is showing …

AC System Not rated yet
I purchased in a 90 corvette in top condition. The AC was still on R12 but looks new. Anyhow I went to convert it earlier to R34 but the clutch and compressor …

Horn doesn't work Not rated yet
I'd like to know were the horn relay switch is on my 1994 Corvette. My email address is arcticwhitec4vette at msn.com

looking for a 1984 corvette to come off the production line on my bday (january 5 1983) Not rated yet
Id like to find a list of vins produced on 1-5-1983. I realize there was no 1983 corvette but they started producing for 1984 on 1-3-83. Is this even possiable …

94 C4 courtesy lights remain on Not rated yet
I have reached the point that I don't believe the switches are the problem because the lights eventually turn off. If I give them 10 or 15 minutes. Which …

Reset fob for door locks Not rated yet
Charged ac clutch turned on and off disconnected battery ground side to reset clutch ,got it charged and cool then noticed can't look doors but will start …

Installing the hardtop of a 1988 convertible Not rated yet
We just purchased a low mileage 1988 corvette convertible with a hard top included. We have installed the hard top but there are two wires/connection …

Replacing front bumper Not rated yet
I purchased a 1991 vette with some front end damage on the passenger side I have straightened all the bent parts but can't seem to get the bumper to align …

Changing exhaust system Not rated yet
When I remove the cats from exhaust system will it trip the check engine light

antennadoesn'twork Not rated yet
How do I remove the antenna motor on a 1993 vette convert?

Lower shift boot Not rated yet
Where can I purchase a lower shift boot for a C4?

Excessive cabin heat Not rated yet
My 1989 convertible bleeds excessive cabin heat without the heat or air being on. Also, if the air is on, it will only work after a left turn. As soon …

1985 Corvette telescopic steering assembly Not rated yet
I'm changing steering wheels in my 85. When I took the old wheel off the telescopic adjustment worked great. Now I can't seem to re assemble it again. …

just had a tunup and tranny flush car sputters and shakes whin i give it gass it goes and sputters Not rated yet
Just had tunup and tranny flush car sputters and shakes when i give it gas.

heater control unit not switching direction...ie: floor-vent-defrost Not rated yet
In my 84 C4, the heater/AC works well when the air temperature lever works properly. The air flow will not switch from the vent to floor or defrost. Any …

fast idle on an 84 corvette Not rated yet
My 84 Vette idles fast, 1400 rpm--how to correct

dies at idle Not rated yet
Will not idle

flashers go on when I put on turn signals Not rated yet
The flashers go on when I put on turn signals. The flashers work normally. I replaced both flashers (turn and emergency)

1991 Coupe Hood will not release on Driver side Not rated yet
1991 coupe Driver side hood latch will not release, passenger side ok. How do I get to the latch to release it?

can I tell the suspension and brakes on 1988 vette from vin Not rated yet
I am upgrading my 1988 vette brakes but I dont know if it has hd suspension and j 55 brakes can the vin number tell me this?

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coolant light comes on and engine shuts down, wont start untill it cools down 1989 corvette Not rated yet
1989 corvette runs great until coolant reaches about 170-190. the coolant light comes on and engine shuts down. Wont start again untill it cools down …

1992 corvette as soon as i put a cluster fuse in it blows it Not rated yet
1992 corvette blows the cluster fuse but cluster still works

cluster dash Not rated yet
When cluster dash is on.the speed odometer and tach dont work.all other work.

Hesitation at idle and sutdown Not rated yet
Hi , i have a 1995 corvette c4 lt1 conv. That i well maintain and keep it in excellent condition, before one year i replaced the following parts, opti …

1994 Corvette wont shut off with switch  Not rated yet
Corvette wont shut off

Flashing lights Not rated yet
Every time the ignition switch is turned on the flashers flash for about 1-1:30 minutes. The interior gauges flash in sequence with them. The interior …

No start condition Not rated yet
92 vette will run approx 8-10 min and shuts off. When It shuts down there is no injector pulse, has fuel pressure, no security lights blinking. I have …

87vett stalling Not rated yet
My 87vett shuts down after running for 30 min. It will start again if I let it sit for 5mins or so. I have noticed that this happens when I have my …

1994 corvette interior dash upgrade Not rated yet
I've looked at a 1994 C4 Corvette and love the exterior but the interior looks a little rough. Is there any way you can upgrade the dash to look like a …

The low coolant light continues to come on although coolant has been added and monitored...why? Not rated yet
Whoops!!! Told it above.....low coolant light continues to come on even after coolant is added and monitored? Help...please...anyone and everyone Thanks …

led cluster display running down battery Not rated yet
Led cluster display running down battery

My 84 vette runs horribly when it is started in cold weather. Not rated yet
My 84 corvette with 51 k miles runs horribly until it warms up when it is cold outside.

1996 Lt1 Corvette won't start Not rated yet
Just bought this vette with 29,000 miles. Records are clean no accidents, roll backs or such. Drove it from Houston to San antonio. Everything ok except …

Bought 1996 corvette coupe Not rated yet
It has a missing spare tire. Found a 1993 spare tire on ebay, will it fit my 1996. Or should I ditch the spare and buy run flats to save myself the aggravation? …

1996 Corvette will not crank . Not rated yet
Car has new battery.Will start and run a few seconds if stater is jumped.

1996 Corvette will not crank . Not rated yet
Car has new battery.Will start and run a few seconds if stater is jumped.

1996 Corvette will not crank. Car will start and run a few seconds if the starter is jumped. Not rated yet
I think it the security system is the problem?

Speed ometer lights up/works intermittently Not rated yet
speedometer does not always show mph just stops working then starts up again, also sometimes works after tapping 1993 Corvette digital T

Excessive water from A/C unit on a 1994 Corvette Not rated yet
1994 Corvette, The Air Conditioning unit works fine but there is an excessive amount of water beneath car after driving and stopping. I've never seen so …

89 spare tire latch bolt  Not rated yet
89 spare tire latch bolt upper retainer broke off, any fix? just pops up and spins and drps back into slot.

rear turn signal bulb  Not rated yet
How to replace rear left turn signal bulb

96 coupe dash pad Not rated yet
Need help in how to remove the dash pad on a 96 corvette coupe. Thanks, Alex

Steering Not rated yet
While driving my corvette over uneven asphalt roads, it kind of loses it's direction and I then have to give it a quick jerk to bring it back at it's original …

right headlight will close but not open Not rated yet
I have change the motors and the relay and lolation.

ac control unit not working on 87 vette Not rated yet
Can i replace an ac control unit with rear defrost with my unit that does not have the rear defrost system. I have the c68 digital unit now

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Engine whine on start up Not rated yet
Lately my 88 Corvette has been whining on start up. It last for about 3 seconds and stops. I live in Indiana and its been getting colder, and that's about …

1987 Corvette alarm system Not rated yet
How do you shut off alarm system on a 1987 Corvette

1985 corvette left headlight does not come up Not rated yet
The left headlight stopped coming up. I removed the unit took the motor assy apart, all the gears were in great shape,motor look good checked all the contacts …

93 Vet Conv with Instrument Cluster intermitent failure Not rated yet
My Vet Speedometer Cluster group goes off and on with light taps to dash cuasing on mode less and less. I was told by a radio tech the connector that …

First speedometer doesn't read and Heater blows but not hot at all a/c works fine. Not rated yet
I have a 1984 Corvette the speedometer does not tell speed it is lit up but won't read and all other gauges work and display. The heater also does not …

wipers won't shut off Not rated yet
Where & what fuse do I need to remove to shut off wipers

clicking in light motor when closed Not rated yet
Just installed new motor and all works well but there is a clicking noise from the motor after closed. Also the metal clip holding the emergency dial keeps …

91 corvette Not rated yet
On my 91 Corvette when I press the cool button to turn ac down to the coolest setting the numbers go down to 60 the temperature stays hot and blowing …

turn signal 1984 vette Not rated yet
How do I change the rear turn signal on my 1984 corvette

automatic transmission Not rated yet
won't shift into first gear

security light  Not rated yet
Just got a 85 corvette and it wont start. the security light stays on.. We recommend due to the complexity of the system and for your reference that …

rebuild motor and upgrade horsepower Not rated yet
Hello, I haven't seen this website yet, so I am newbe on here. Anyway, I bought car from original owner, and he took good care of the car, but it has 173k …

Keep blowing my blower fan Not rated yet
I just replace my blower fan about two months ago and now it out again

heat doesn't work in 89 corvette Not rated yet
heat doesn't work. fan and A/C okay. in and out hose to heater core both hot.

Protect-O-Plate location Not rated yet
Just picked up a 1986 Vette and cannot find the Protect-O-Plate. Can you tell me where to locate it? Thanks.

while driving unit shut off never to restart again Not rated yet
Checked fuel, all injectors check out ok,spark plugs fine,vat system ok,ecm ok but obd not getting codes,says to check ground and power. Both check out …

washer pump relay location on 1984  Not rated yet
no power to pump motor

My 1988 Corvette won't start. Not rated yet
My husband went to start the car but it wouldn't start. He had driven it about 2 weeks prior to that. He thinks it could either be the selinoid or starter. …

I cannot switch to defrost or heater. Everything comes out of the vent only Not rated yet
I cannot switch to defrost or heater all air comes out only through the vents on my 1984 vette

want start after warms up Not rated yet
Car drives fine, drive till motor at normal temp. turn off try to start nothing. turns on like normal but wont turn over ,till it cools down. replaced …

a/c not working Not rated yet
blows air out top and bottom and a little out front vents.You can here the blower ,blowing hard but blow hard out the front. Also the compesser is not …

AC only works on defrost Not rated yet
AC only works in defrost

Ray Not rated yet
first: my 84 c4 right headlamp would not lift, the a few days latter they both lifted correctly then a few days latter neather one will lift. the lights …

1987 electric window on convertible Not rated yet
1987 corvette how do i replace the right window electric control on my convertible in the console?

engine will not idle down Not rated yet
The engine idles at about 1500 rpms. It starts fine, but the egine roars, as soon as you start it. You can not made it kick down to a normal idle

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gas gauge reads full and oil pressure and temp has bars no numbers Not rated yet
I have a 1985 corvette and the gas gauge always reads full and the temp and oil pressure has bars no numbers and I do not have the owners manual to see …

my display is dem on bose radio in 1993 corvette Not rated yet
is it a bulb or fuse how do i find out

1995 hard top Not rated yet
what yrs will a 1995 hard top fit

my car just cut off in the middle of driving Not rated yet
My car just cut off in the middle of driving. I had new wires ,plugs, throttle cleaned, new air filter and fuel filter put in but it stills is not staying …

1985 corvette heater-defroster door not moving Not rated yet
The heater-defroster door is not moving on my 1985 corvette

96 drivers side seat clicks and will not move up or down Not rated yet
The drivers seat in my 96 Corvette moves foward and backward with no problem, however it will not move up or down, you can hear a loud clicking/grinding …

1990 vette heating and air con Not rated yet
My blower motor works fine , but no heat or air con when I turn it on

Oil gage fluxuation Not rated yet
Oil gage fluxuation

My 88' corvette wont start when engine is cold Not rated yet
My corvette has problems starting when cold but once I get it started works just fine. I've heard that this year the vettes came with a cold starter valve …

Won't start when hot Not rated yet
After I drive the vette for a while, say I turn it off to get gas or just for a short period of time, it won't even turn over unless I pop the hood, then …

alarm will not turn off Not rated yet
I have a 1984 corvette. I had someone break into my vette and it set the alarm off and now the alarm will not turn off and will not start can any one tell …

wipers dont work Not rated yet
I need to know what wires plug into the wiper switch?

Air always coming out of lower vents Not rated yet
While driving there is constant air (hot) after driving for awhile. All vent settings or off but air is always coming infrom passenger lower vent. Why …

location of the cam sensor 94 Not rated yet
code says yo change cam sensor

AC and vent do not blow air Not rated yet
I have a 1987 corvette and it seems as though the the radiator fan goes on as the car heats up, however, the vent and AC fans do not pump out any air. …

steering wheel Not rated yet
Will a steering wheel from a 1996 vette fit my 1988 vette?

ignition wire broke and now my 91 corvette wont start Not rated yet
ignition wire broke and now my 91 corvette wont start

security light Not rated yet
just bought a 1984. is the security light supposed to stay on constantly with the doors locked?

Please help identify this missing headlight linkage part Not rated yet
Just purchased a 1990 Vette and was having headlight issues. Finally found that the metal arm shown in the picture is missing. I can't find the arm in …

Von number on frame Not rated yet
I can't find the location of frame vin number on my 88 c4

88 vette no brake fluid getting to the brake line on front passenger side Not rated yet
Replace front brake pads and passenger side front brake line. No brake fluid going to that side when bleeding brakes.

Right turn signal blinks once and stops. Not rated yet
Right turn signal comes on, vlinks once and stops. Left turn signal works normally. Turn lights work when emergency dlashers on. When head lights on right …

C4 rear hatch opens on its own Not rated yet
1984 C4 rear hatch opens on its own - even when driving. Replaced switch, still happens - fuse pulled until I can figure it out. All wires seem in good …

Car will cut off while driving then after setting an hour or so will restart Not rated yet
I recentlty bought a 1995 corvette with 114,000 miles on it. Had engine tune about 500 ago. On two occassions after driving maybe 30 miles or maybe a hour …

acceleration issue Not rated yet
My 86 vette starts and runs fine but when i accelerate it just keeps going and doesnt stop so my question would be what is causing the issue and how do …

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power windows stop working Not rated yet
Occasionally my the power windows stop working in my 94. Happens to both windows but not at the same time. Then, eventually starts working again. Any …

1989 corvette air conditioner bracket locations Not rated yet
There are two of the same size Where is the location of them. One goes from the exaust manifolds third bolt from the front to the air conditioner compressosr. …

starts won't run Not rated yet
Ran fine 2 weeks ago . Started today but ran lumpy & cut out. Starts now but cuts out after about 2 secs.

no heat/ac through the front vents on 1996 corvette Not rated yet
i have one of those auto panel for controlling the heat and ac i want to know why the heat or ac doesn't blow through the front vents it just does the …

right turn signal indicator light does not blink Not rated yet
When I make a right turn in my 1986 Corvette the bulbs blink very slowly, but the indicator light on the dash board does not blink when making a right …

how to replace Corvette Air Conditioning Blower Motor Fan Speed Switch on 1986 corvette Not rated yet
How to replace Corvette Air Conditioning Blower Motor Fan Speed Switch on 1986 corvette

Right turn signal Not rated yet
Right turn signal won't work but all the bulbs are good

1986 corvette dashlights wont light but heat/ac controls do and blinker and highbeam indicator stay lighted inside the dash Not rated yet
1986 corvette dashlights wont light but heat/ac controls do and blinker and highbeam indicator stay lighted inside the dash

1993 corvette rear brakes replaced and one caliber Not rated yet
I have a 1993 corvette 6 speed manual. I replaced the rear disc brake pads and the right rear caliber. I blead the rear brakes and now the brake light …

1993 6speed manual base model need to replace front bearing in trans Not rated yet
How hard is it to replace the front bearing in 1993 corvette 6 speed manual. Noise coming from trans

Rear deck lid won't close flush with top down Not rated yet
I have a 1995 C4 Corvette convertible. With the top up the rear deck lid closes nice and flush. However, with the top down it still closes OK but it …

1995 corvette ac/heater control Not rated yet
I'm unable to select vent,or dash air, I only have blower air on floor and defrost (windshield). All the lights come on as selected but it does not change …

alarm starts going off when I open door Not rated yet
c4 vette alarm goes off when I open door. doesnt matter if car running or not

c4 front park light replacement Not rated yet
I need to replace the driverside park light on my 93 vette. i open the hood and cant get to the spot where the back of the light would be.

car runs great turn off won't start for 3 minutes,  Not rated yet
what is the problem?

alarm keeps going off how do I shut it off Not rated yet
1987 corvette alarm keeps going off how do I shut it off

mice built nest in air ducts Not rated yet
I need to know how to clean out air ducts in an 85 corvette.

c4 front park light replacement Not rated yet
i need to replace the driverside park light on my 93 vette. i open the hood and cant get to the spot where the back of the light would be.

overheating concerns Not rated yet
My C4 1995 temperature runs between 193-213. Is this 20 degree difference normal? Does it sound like the previous owner did anything like change a thermostat, …

no fire through distribitor to plugs Not rated yet
no fire through distribitor to plugs

no fire to fuel pump on 85 vette Not rated yet
Thought our fuel pump was bad replaced it and now it's like no fire is going to the pump. We also replace the fuel pump relay,. We ran a wire from battery …

Will not fire Not rated yet
change plugs, cables, complete distrubitor Still no spark.

1984 corvette died out wont start for hours Not rated yet
1984 corvette died out then wont start for hours when i turn the key power goes on ,the dash lights up but nuthing turns over and no click from the starter …

Windshield wipers do not work. Not rated yet
I have a 1984 corvette that I rescued from a field out behind a barn. I've been slowly bringing it back to life. I cannot get the windshield wipers …

Engine idle increases at a stop light when hot Not rated yet
My 1993 LT1 engine idle increases when at a stop light. Why?

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1987 Runs Rough Not rated yet
My '87 runs great 90% of the time but it will intermittently start to run rough, bog, hesitate or stall if at idle. It comes and goes and can happen at …

1993 Turns over wont start, may got to Hot Not rated yet
LT1, about 85K miles. Been keeping outside with car cover for 3 years. OK, I was charging the battery and forgot and let the car run for about 3 to 4 …

service engine light out Not rated yet
How do i replace or fix?

Ignition wire broke Not rated yet
My ignition wire broke and the car isn't cranking nor getting fuel. The car lights and radio work tho. How can I fix this?

trying to remove the radio in my 87 vette - having problems Not rated yet
Can't get the main bundle of wires off the old radio

Dash pad has come loose up by the windshield.Best way to repair? Not rated yet
Dash pad has come loose up by the windshield.Best way to repair?

1990 Chevy corvette with 5.7 L  Not rated yet
Left head light doesnt go up but it dose if the hood is open

cant crank my c4 95 after one month park Not rated yet
hi have my c4 1995 i park my c4 outside home on sun 45 c then after one month i cant turn it on i donno whats wrong it show me "security" plz help …

i have a 84 vette with very small coolant leak Not rated yet

92 VETTE RUNS TO HOT Not rated yet

1987 Corvette doesn't start..sometimes Not rated yet
About one out of 10 attempts to start, it won't go. Wait 8 minutes and most times it fires right up and drives perfect. I have 47,000 miles on it and …

how to get the a/c to blow harderho Not rated yet
I have a 84 corvette and i changed the a/c system to the new freon and changed the dryer and compressor and put new freon in, the air blows cold but its …

digital dash and a/c doesn't work right afternew battery installation Not rated yet
Intalled new car battery and dash has worked properly once since then. at that time the a/c also worked, but after restarting again everything is whacked …

auto defoger discharging battery Not rated yet
The auto defog turns on even if the key is out of the ignition and vehicle is off. this continues to drain the battery uc270 at aol.com

1991 will not crank when hot Not rated yet
I have a 1991 L98 and when it has been driven for 30 -45 min or so and I turn it off / try to restart nothing happens, all dash lights come on, I have …

1987 corvette manual trans won't shift into gear? Not rated yet
I have an 87 corvette 4 speed manual with auto overdrive gears. I replaced the clutch pressure plate throw out bearing, slave cylinder and clutch master …

LCD display is flickerinf Not rated yet
LCD display is flickering

where is the blower motor fuse on my 1984 corvette the blower motor does not work at all  Not rated yet
My blower motor was working great then it just stopped what could be the problem

service engine soon light Not rated yet
My service engine light soon, doesn't come on at all. All the other lights come on when starting the engine.

headlight Not rated yet
one of my headlights only goes half way up

diagnose check engine light Not rated yet
Check engine light goes on and won't turn off

1994 coupe..The rear hatch  Not rated yet
The rear hatch needs 4 to 5 pushes to open. The same for the interior switch. Solenoid ??, actuater ?? relay switch ??

overdrive in first gear Not rated yet
1988 corrvette convertable 4+3 trans start in first gear acelerate to 25 miles anhour and deprees clutch and depress the overdrive button and let out the …

installed a new dcm box and removed the radio now car wont start. Not rated yet
I had to install a new dcm box because of corrosion and after checking all the new connections to the DCM box by pulling the radio and checking for continunity …

1984 corvette digital instrument cluster continually flashes Not rated yet
Bought an 84 corvette with a rod knock and a boat load of other problems. Anyway the digital dash was so dim it was almost impossible to read. Sent it …

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Possible starter problem Not rated yet
On occasion I have to turn the ignition switch twice to get the engine to start. One the first try, it will click without the starter engaging. On the …

Need wheels  Not rated yet
I have a 1989 C4 corvette and I need to replace the Wheels. First of question will a 17x8 wheel work for both the front and rear wheels the bolt pattern …

my 1992 corvette started to cutting when acceleration from stopping Not rated yet
hi sir im in amman jordan,and got 1992 corvette it just started to cut out if i accelerated from stopped, will you help m by telling me what can i started …

1984 corvette will not accelerate without dying Not rated yet
When trying to accelerate 1984 corvette in drive it looses power and dies.

gauges not working Not rated yet
I have a 1986 Corvette. And none of the gauges will read. Lights work. Blinkers work hi beams work. Just no readings on the gauges.

remove harmonic balancer on 1985 vette Not rated yet
replace harmoic balancer on 1985 corvette

replacing evaporator coil 84 corvette Not rated yet
evaporator coil bad

1984 c4 parking lights and auto locks issue Not rated yet
hi, when i turn the lights on in either setting (parking or full on) the door locks try to lock or unlock thems selfs continually until the light switch …

85 corvette cut off and has no power to anything now Not rated yet
I started the car and put it in reverse and started to back up, the car cut off and now has no power to anything except the headlight and running lights. …

1990 vette will not start Not rated yet
Car will not start, turns over good. Starts for a moment when using starting fluid in the air intake. How do I tell if the problem is in the relays or …

hard top latches wont release Not rated yet
i cant seem to get the rear latch on the passenger side to unlatch the drivers side is unlocked all bolts are out or loose the top has not been off to …

PARK LOCK CABLE Not rated yet


clicking noise o passenger side front by dash. is there a fuse for the alarm system Not rated yet
battery going dead. Is there a fuse for the alarm system?

power window switch starting to come out from passanger door Not rated yet
Bezel from power window switch on passenger side door is starting to come out on the left side of the bezel. if I push it in and lift the bezel it stays …

Replace instrument cluster on 95 Vette Base model Not rated yet

Drive shaft support tube seams to be too short by one inch Not rated yet
I had engine and trans rebuilt. Machine shop is reinstalling components and the driveshaft support tube is not lining up. It is an 85 and in it's vast …

security light Not rated yet
My security light is always on in 87 vette and eventually drains batterry !!! how does it shut off but cars vat system stills starts fine ...

security system has stopped working Not rated yet
1995 corvette security system no longer locks and unlocks doors with key fob. Could low fob battery be the problem?

hot air coming in through the vents Not rated yet
my 84 corvette is blowing out hot air when im driving and the heater nor the ac are on what should i check?

How do you remove ac fan motor for 85 vette ? Not rated yet
Need to change out fan motor. What is the easiest way?

tape player does not work Not rated yet
i need to know how to remove the radio

tape player does not work Not rated yet
i need to know how to remove the radio


starter is starting to go,no joke intended Not rated yet
looking to change the starter myself and save a little money or a lot.wondering if other components need to come out in order to access the bolts on an …

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service engine soon light on and fast idle Not rated yet
Drove the car hard then light came on and engine idle is too fast.

Door chime doesn't sound, which fuse is for the chime ? Not rated yet
Door chime doesn't work>


coolant leak at front of engine on COLD nights Not rated yet
My 95 LT1 engine code P corvette LEAKS on very cold nights. When its warm it don't.

Windshield wipers on my 1986 Corvette Convertible Not rated yet
The windshield wipers, on my 1986 CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE, will not operate unless I go to high speed, push the switch down for the washer to turn on then …

engine idling to fast Not rated yet
1992 corvette,runs ok when cold,when temperature reaches normal car hesitate at take off and idles faster.

car idles to fast can not get to idle down Not rated yet
cannot grt to idle down


.auto temo problem Not rated yet
a/c didn't work, replaced relay by battery and it worked for a little while manually, the controls on the auto temp never did functin right now the a/c …

how do you replace a radio antenna on a 1990 vett. ???? Not rated yet
How do you replace a radio antenna on a 1990 vett.??

runs smooth then runs ruff Not rated yet
1990 corvette sits alot. But last time I had it worked on because of lack of driving they replaced the computer mod, new fuel pump. I replaced the plugs, …

lights blinkers Not rated yet
Brake lights won't turn off, blinkers stopped working

window condensation inside vehicle just after starting Not rated yet
I live on the coast in Northern Cal. 1986 coupe - Whenever I start my drive, within about 5-7 minutes, all the inside of the windows fog up - I can't …

the headlight doors knowck for a few seconds on my 96 c4 when acuated Not rated yet
when i operated the headlights on my 1996 c4 the headlight knock for a few seconds like they are trying to hit a limit switch and not connecting

what should the oil pressure guage read when the engine is first started Not rated yet
I have a 1992 corvette and when i first start it up and start driving it the oil pressure is rather high as the oil temperature increases the oil pressure …

84 Corvette - no fuel to TBI Not rated yet
I had just tuned up the car, started it up and about 10 seconds later it died. When cranking a small amount of fuel can be seen coming through the throttle …

Loss of dash power and dash lights blinking on and off. Not rated yet
I have a 1994 Corvette. It will lose dash power and will not crank and turn over. When it does regain power it will start and run fine but the dash lights …

automatic to manual transmission change Not rated yet
I want to change the automatic transmission in my 1986 Corvette convertible from an automatic to a stick. Can I use a later model C4 6 speed or does it …

i want to give it a newer look

Harmonic balancer removal Not rated yet
Any tricks to removing harmonic balancer from crankshaft hub?

Vette will not go into gear until it warms up Not rated yet
My 1995 Corvette will not go into gear until its been running for a few minutes (6-10 mins). What could be causing this to happen?

Too much right rear tire spin!!!  Not rated yet
I see only the right rear spinning, My 1996 C4 Corvette has RPO G44 and G92 and MXO. The differential should be a DANA 36. Is this Corvette equiped with …

93 Vette turns over Not rated yet
Recently when cranking the car would roll over but not start then as i would release the key it would catch and start. A week ago It acted like it wanted …

security system light is on car won't start  Not rated yet
car won't start security light flashing 5 drive the key in the door

84 runs 10mins shuts off Not rated yet
Got the car off my brother and he had not finished it yet so i have it and cant keep it running. runs 10=20 mins then shuts down what am i missing. Thanks …

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Replacing the starter Not rated yet
I'm having a tuff time getting the new starter installed. I don't have a lift and currently only have the front end on stands so room underneith is limited. …

speedo and fule left Not rated yet
My speedo and fuel distance stop working as soon as I start the car. Would this be the a problem with the digital dash?

headlight troubles Not rated yet
Will 1990 vette headlights work in my 1985 vette



Exhaust systems Not rated yet
Can anyone advise me what type of mufflers a 84 came with from the factory. Did they come with the muffler with the large LT1 end pieces or the the two …

car cranks then shuts off Not rated yet
I bypassed the security system, thought that was the problem now it still want stay running but 5 seconds, then shuts off

changed battery in 1995 corvette Not rated yet
Changed the battery in a 1995, it ran for a couple of miles, then lost the dash lights, security system started flashing, turned it off and now can't turn …

How do you replace the convertalbe top on my c4 Not rated yet
How to or what to look for when replacing my convertable top on my 92 c4

Fuel pump doesn't work - 85 Vette Not rated yet
Changed it last year...have driven several times over the summer and had the fuel filter changed. Took it on a short drive (2 miles), stopped for 10 minutes …

starting Not rated yet
Always clicks on first try but starts on second try. It has a new starter and battery and steering column ignition.

Our 1990 Corvette bogs and sputters above 10 mph Not rated yet
Car will start and rev at idle. However when you put it in gear and attempt to drive it starts to sputter and bog. I'm thinking possible fuel pump.

air condition problem Not rated yet
My 1986 vette a/c shows code 16 and 24. the compressor is running the vents blowing hot air? need help.

front parking lamp replacement 1985 corvtte Not rated yet
Trying to replace the left front parking lamp bulb. Do not know how to disassemble

89 will start but not stay running Not rated yet
89 with 48k miles will start and run from 15 seconds to 2 minutes, runs strong and then dies. Does not appear to be the key. Tune up and New fuel pump …

horn relay Not rated yet
Where is the horn relay on a 1984 corvette

radio and cigarrette lighter both quit working.  Not rated yet
1984 only 10,000 miles. I Only see a fuse for the radio. it seems ok.

A/C Not rated yet
Just bought a 1995 corvette 7000 miles car is great but sometimes i turn a/c on it works great .. But other times when i start the car no a/c ?

1996 corvette lt4 3rd brake light works but not other 4 Not rated yet
Replaced 3rd light bulb in bumper but 4 brake light wont work when depressed fuse good brake switch works. why dont the 4 brake lights work but the third …

fuse box location Not rated yet
Hi i would like to know where the fuse box is located on a 1984 corvette 5.7 fuel injected i found one on the passager side door on the dash but those …

injection problen Not rated yet
Want to swap crossfire injection to a four barrel carb.

1991 corvette won't start after it cools down Not rated yet
My 1991 Corvette will start everytime I try when its cold or in the beginning of the day and then out of the blue and when its warmed up and i turn it …

1990 hardtop  Not rated yet
Will a 1990 hardtop fit a 1995

unpluging the heater Not rated yet
A shop informed me that my heater needed to be unpluged because of some dangers. I did not agree to this and wanted more info. I told the shop not to disconnect …

1985 vette drivers side headlight won't close Not rated yet
I want to rmove & repair headlight hood motor.

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my 94 vette has no power to the fuel pump Not rated yet
I had the car in the garage for a few years and it would run and everything was good but now the fuel pump just wont start

Need help with A/C vents Not rated yet
I have a 1984 corvette that I am building from the ground up and I bought a new center bezel. The problem I have is that the new bezel did not come with …

radio static Not rated yet
I get static from most of the speakers. Also what difference does it make to have a quality radio if the cabin noise from my powerful vette overwhelms …

hood closing Not rated yet
hood shock will not release to close hood

c 4 corvette Not rated yet
would a 1985 tagra top fit a 1986 corvette

I have a short or no power to my radio in my 1984 Corvette. Not rated yet
I was driving and the radio was playing when it went silent. No power to the radio or antenna. My power locks are not working. I changed the fuse which …

Bernard Not rated yet
My 1988 corvette is not a hard top and the plastic has shattered. Where can I find the material needed to replace and tools and adhesives to repair?

security won't allow car to start Not rated yet
developed problem with ignition security won't allow car to start what can it be ?

1990 corvette Not rated yet
the car will not open up its like its needing gas but there is alot of psi at the rail

92 LT1 Not rated yet
I changed the water temp sensor and now it just reads "LO" all the time. When should it register the temperature.

mechanic Not rated yet
how do i install an elctric window ribbon on my 1984 corvette?

AC and heater will not turn on. Help... Not rated yet
AC and heater will not turn on. I just bought this 88 c4 with 80k on it. Help.

Un requested braking Not rated yet
I have a 92 convertible,after about 20 minutes of driving at freeway speeds it seems as if i threw an anchor out of the car.it's a 6 speed and it takes …

Cappy  Not rated yet
How do I change light bulbs in the vanity visor on my 1985 Corvette?

86 vette instument cluster wiring diagrahm Not rated yet
I need a schematic for the instrument cluster? Does anybody have one or know where to get one from?

C4 won't start Not rated yet
'93 car was idle for two years. Supposedly had new opti.I changed the fuel pump the car started right away a little rough but ran.I did this for several …

Shifter and ignition switch problem Not rated yet
I recently have had my shifter button (automatic tranny) not returning to the up ( or home) position on my 93 corvette and now the key switch is giving …


Keyless Remote  Not rated yet
Can I program my '08' Grand Prix remote to work on my '95' LT1 hard top??iI live 42 miles from BOWLING GREEN, KY COOL DON'T YOU KNOW?

1984 Corvette Hood  Not rated yet
the hood on my 1984 corvette does not line up well with the front bumper on the passenger side the car has never been wrecked and the hood opens and closes …

1987 Corvette targa top Not rated yet
I own an 1987 corvette with a cracked plexiglass top , I have another top but the front mounting brakets are the rounded triangle shape which was made …

'93 c4 won't start after alternator change Not rated yet
I changed out an alternator for a 1993 corvette (mine) and found one wire that goes on the alternator bundle (3 wires) was disconnected. I spliced the …

stumbles on takeoff Not rated yet
Car stumbles on takeoff from lights, but drives ok

Adjusting the swing on wipers for a C4 85 Vette Not rated yet
My driver side post is stripped, I`ve drilled it and put a double set screw to keep the wiper in line, But both wipers seem to be out of alignment,I have …

stumbles under load Not rated yet
Changed the points, distributor cap, air filter, and changed the timing from 4 to 6 degrees BTDC. Now it stumbles (slightly) under heavy load. Any suggestions? …

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1986 Sudded Acceleration in First Gear Not rated yet
When overdrive is engaged and I'm starting from a stop (in first gear) the car seems to downshift and suddenly accelerate. It doesn't happen with OD turned …

1987 corvette Not rated yet
I want to know why my 87 corvette dash board reading won't show @ night ? I thought it was because the head lights weren't on but when turned on the dash …

Owner Not rated yet
When I got my engine rebuilt, they handed me my windsheild wiper arm and said it was broke ( not sure how this happened) any way I ordered a new arm and …

owner Not rated yet
My check engine light and anti lock brake lights are on. I have had a rebuilt engine put in and they said these lights are on because the car needs a new …

vette owner Not rated yet
does a 1985 corvette door fit on a 1995 vette

schoops36 Not rated yet
New corvette owner driving my vette hit a bump in road dash lights went out, checked fuse seems to be okay any sugestions as to what it could be?

retied toolmaker Not rated yet
I eliminated the air pump on my 1984 vette. I bought a pully kit from Mid America which took some redisigning to make it work. I want to reroute the upper …

Maxon  Not rated yet
Driving to the Lake 10 Days ago, Check engine light came on and off several times. and went out. Nothing on return trip. Wife driving to and from work, …

Will not start, will turn over Not rated yet
At the fuel relay(replace), at the fuel pump relay using a jumper wire between D & E the fuel pump runs and the car will start and run. If remove the jumper …

CHUCK Not rated yet


VETTE8500 Not rated yet
hvac switch will not open heater coolant valve 1985 does any know where the vaccum hoses are located

George Quinter Not rated yet
What top speed should you expect out of a L98 engine(1986 Corvette). Why does the speedometer show 85 MPH maximum speed?

wheels and tires Not rated yet
I'm looking at buying some wheels and tires from a 1991 corvette zr1 for my 1990 corvette coupe. I need to know if they will fit. I have 17x9 1/2 with …

fans donot run at any temp. Not rated yet
i have a 1987 corvette i just bought it and it has been work on befor , i have no dash is lights up but on inf is showen. and the fans do not run at any …

reset vats system on a 1987 c4 vette? Not rated yet
A little girl recently got into the car and locked herself in. While playing, she pushed every button and turned every knob that she could find. This …

Heater A/C fan motor not working,fuse is good Not rated yet
heater A/C switch turned but blower not working,fuse is good!1986 Corvette

1990 Corvette headlights and horn  Not rated yet
ok i just picked up a 1990 Corvette with 82k on the miles the car is in great shape but a few things i am not sure about 1, did the 1990 come with …

breadm,an905@aol.com Not rated yet
I can not find rear deck lid bezels for my c4 1987 convertible. All bezels I find are metal and I cant seem to find the original plastic bezels anywhere …

corvette surge issue Not rated yet
When I turn the air on my 92 corvette surges or misses. I turn the air off and the car runs smooth. What is causing this?

Unknown intake sensor/hose Not rated yet
i was replacing my thermostat and I noticed this hose was attached to the intake past the MAF sensor. Yet the other end was not attached to anything! …

TAP Not rated yet
I just bought a 1987 corvette for a low price knowing something had to be wrong. It has a slight miss when first started but when I was bringing it home …

Turn signal switch Not rated yet
How to replace a turn signal switch in my 1984 corvette?

89 c4 Not rated yet
turn signal light on dash ,both on also dash is dim,turn signal work ok,

1989 c-4 alternator Not rated yet
I just replaced the alternator but can not get the belt back on? What is the secret?

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1990 Lingenfelter JL1 Not rated yet
Hello, I have a question about my corvette. I bought a 1990 corvette coupe that was modified with lingenfelter parts. The engine is the L98 and the corvette …

owner Not rated yet
car does not start when depressing clutch? after several tries it will start

Greg Not rated yet
Climate control just disco flashes

1994 Corvette DTC 36 Not rated yet
I started my 94 vette yesterday and it ran terrific for 1-2 minutes then shutdown. It didnt sputter or slowly die it just turned off. Pulled Dtc code …

mom Not rated yet
How do I change the battery on a 96 Corvette? Do I need a special tool?

Corvette owner Not rated yet
How do i remove the passenger side dash bump out on a 1985 corvette?

interior Not rated yet
how to remove seats in c4 corvette where are the bolts

front signal turn lamp Not rated yet
how to replace

STARTING Not rated yet

1986 Corvette  Not rated yet
I want to replace my turn signal/cruise control lever/switch. Does it just pull out like my 85 Fiero?

jayjo Not rated yet
I'm having a problem with my 92 vette cranking up. I've had this problem for a while now. I replaced the battery, main lead to starter and the problem …

1985 corvette Not rated yet
i want to replace the leather boot on the gearshift and i want to know how to get the knob off

Security not working on 85 corvette Not rated yet
resistor at driver side horn and security system not working? any relevance?

c4 corvettes fuel pump wont turn off Not rated yet
My c4 corvettes fuel pump is staying on and the car won't start

speedometer lens Not rated yet
I have a 1996 corvette and the lens for the speedo is fogged up pretty bad, what do i have to do to get it out to clean it? I am scared to death of deploying …

i need to kno  Not rated yet
I need to know what all I need to check before I start my 1987 Corvette its been sitting for a while.

1987 Trans Problems Not rated yet
I was driving the other day and everything seem to be fine, I came to a stop sign and when I took off it did not want to come out of second gear and kind …

sharphaven Not rated yet
ac seems to blow on low never cools car . checked levels everything show has proper freon.

radio signal marginal 85 vette Not rated yet
After 3 radio upgrades the power antenna works well. The radio sound quality not so great compared to other vehicles I own with same kind of stereos. …

bob Not rated yet
I recently bought a 1990, my first. It is stock throughout. It has a manual blower switch-a button that pushes through 4 fan speeds. The high speed setting …

My 1991 Corvette starts for day then doesn't Not rated yet
My 1991 Corvette will start for days everytime I try and then out of the blue won't start. It turns over all lights are fine it just doesn't fire up. Have …

AUTO SHIFT KNOB Not rated yet

1996 Corvette Owner Not rated yet
The ac only comes out of the vent on top of the dash. It creates a condensation build up on the windshield. air is not coming out of the vents that face …

Rick with fan problem Not rated yet
btw my vette with fan problems is an 88 ...c4

Steve Coufos Not rated yet
Of the 7315 1986 corvette convertibles produced how many produced were yellow?

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Big Mac Not rated yet
1994 C4 is running 234 deg normal driving and when you get on it the AC shuts down and temp goes to 260 deg. The fans seem to be working and have been …

Mike59 Not rated yet
The air conditioner compressor will not come on when the air conditioner is turned on. I checked the fuses. All okay. Blower works but compressor not working. …

1989 corvette will not start Not rated yet
Hi, I bought a 1989 corvette, runs smooth and strong, but it always had problems turning before it actually starts. Recently, I parked it on a downward …

Rick Not rated yet
1987 Corvette Roadster, stock 5.7 TPI with 38000 original one owner miles. Recently the Check Engine Light came on and the Engine fell flat on its face, …

1984 Corvette Coupe - Beckey McAvoy Not rated yet
Just purchased a 1984 corvette and the security alarm went off, it finally stopped but now the car will not start. What's the answer? Thanks so much. …

cooling fan Not rated yet
At what temperature should cooling fan come on

1991 corvette heater fan will not turn off even when the car is lock? Not rated yet
Have just purchased a 1991 Corvette and found that the fan motor plug was disconnected. When it was connected back on the fan motor, the fan will not …

My problem is my vet will not start, and idle. All electrical parts including the computer has been replaced with new parts. New fuel pump and filter …

1987 RENEGADEL98 Dash lights Not rated yet
One month ago I replaced all 4 bulbs in dash cluster as gauges would not illuminate. Problem solved! The other night when turning on headlights, dash lights …

Julie, wont start Not rated yet
84 corvette wont start after it gets warm, rough idle and runs better at 1/2 throttle

wendell  Not rated yet
Why can't I get the stick shift into gear to reverse or forward when the engine is running in my corvette 1989 with the clutch fully depressed? No problem …

turn signal blown fuses  Not rated yet
my turn signal keeps blowing fuses every time i start the car not before

a/c heater programmer Not rated yet
Where can i get a a/c heater programmer for a 1990 corvette

95 corvette lights Not rated yet
95 corvette, lights behind gauges don't come on when turning on lights, where do I start looking? Speedometer lights up okay.

1986 horn problem Not rated yet
I replaced horn relay still no horn. My alarm still chimes inside but no horn. where do I start looking for solution? I have checked the horns and they …

Corvette owner Not rated yet
How do I replace the left rear turn signal and brake light bulbs in a 1985 Corvette? ( Outboard ).

Maverick Not rated yet
My 87 corvette ac problem My face plate works fine. Fuses look good Do not hear the fan in the car. Do not hear the fan under the hood. What …

will not shut off Not rated yet
My 84 corvette will not shut off with key

Replacing AC system on 1990 Corvette  Not rated yet
Just bought my first Corvette. A 1990 Convertible with L98 engine. The previous owner had started replacing the AC system components. He took out all hoses, …

damnedcold Starter wiring help? Not rated yet
Replacing 1988 starter -3 wires to use on two posts, removed starter a while ago, don't remember where the 3rd wire goes - the end connector seems too …

Problem, Light turns on its own? Not rated yet
interior light turns on after a couple of hours? "88 corvette

location of drain tubes Not rated yet
Cannot find the drain tubes for 88 vette. Water along the botton of the side of driver's side door. and by the driver's side headlights.

1992 vette Not rated yet
sometimes runs great then all of a sudden it will start stumbling and running rough not maf, tps,injectors,had them checked out don't know what to do any …

Overheat Not rated yet
When do the c4 vettes run hot

headlight switch  Not rated yet
When I pull my light switch out one notch my headlights come on but not my park lights

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zman94 Not rated yet
I have a 94 Corvette convertible that makes a snapping noise when I turn left, also when I stand on the gas and then let off it makes a loud sound from …

1992 Corvette will turn over but not start Not rated yet
My vette was running fine put it in the garage for a week went out to start it and all it would do is turn over.I have checked all wiring to the Icm, the …

dragsterslayer Not rated yet
where is the horn fuse on a 87 vette?

How do I replace the AC evaporator core on a 1985 corvette? Not rated yet
I have a slow leak in my AC. Note: When I shut off the motor (with the AC running), I hear a hissing from the evaporator core area for about 15 seconds …

Trouble Removing Targa top Not rated yet
I'm having a hard time removing the targa top from my 96 corvette coupe.The top has never been remove is it possible that it stuck to the weather striping? …

loose turn signal housing on 84 corvette Not rated yet
both of my turn signal housings are loose.i have looked and can not figure out how to tighten them without removingthe front bumper

owner ,1989 corvette Not rated yet
Looking for a special tool used to fill coolant system on c4 corvettes, screws on radiator and forces coolant in under a vaccum,used on a 96 in the …

Idling issues Not rated yet
My 87 has recently experienced problems with the idle. It ill go for days/weeks running, starting and idling fine. Then for no apparent reason, the car …

High temp. on a 1994 Not rated yet
Was wondering what the normal temp. operating ranger is for a 1994 corvette. I just changed the water pump and drained all the coolant.

wheel tuck Not rated yet
why does my C4 tuck the wheels more on the left than the right

bob bee Not rated yet
loud hot water type noise right side of dash like a blown water hose or something starts when on freeway lat until shut off

ms corvette headlamps different speeds Not rated yet
1985 corvette headlamps left and right have different speeds up and down

Martin, headlight module on a 94 vette Not rated yet
Where is the headlight module on a 94 vette?

Jerry Mulderick Not rated yet
I believe the driver's side window stop has broken on my 1994 Corvette Coupe. The window raises up pasted the metal front corner shield or whatever it's …

temp control Not rated yet
95 LT1,sitting still in the driveway relays on fans seem to be working as should,no ac on main fan kicks on 228,cools engine down,turn ac on the aux fan …

Ike S 1995 Corvette wont start Not rated yet
My 1995 Corvette wont start the words Park, and Break Preasure appear on the dash when I attempt to start it. Would be happy for any help.

headlight alarm 1984 corvette Not rated yet
The headlight "on" alarm comes on when i turn on the headlights while the car is running.

1987 in dash cruise control module replacement Not rated yet
Where can I get a replacement or can a in dash cruise module be repaired 1987 corvette auto

replacement key for a 1990 corvette Not rated yet
I need a replacement key for a 1990 corvette

Fuel Gauge problems Not rated yet
my miles per gallon an miles till empty gauges or digital display will only read 0. This happend after we up graded the coil to MSD can you tell me what …

new cd player in 86 vette Not rated yet
Ok got everything hooked up(I think) and tuner works on the new cd player in my vette(just replaced the bose speakers with modern ones and hooked them …

tighturns Not rated yet
hi....I keep breaking my drivers window ribbon, should my window stop automaticly at its top when I raise it. If it should is there a switch that needs …

cem How CAN I REPLACE BRAKE LIGHT BULB ? Not rated yet
I've 86 Corvette tiger top and my problem is ``How CAN I REPLACE BRAKE LIGHT BULB ?

6-speed shifter boot replacement. Not rated yet
What is the best way, to take off the console face, in order to replace the shifter boot?

Low oil pressure at temp Not rated yet
I have a 1988 Corvette with about 63K miles on that runs pretty good but I've notice that sometimes that the oil pressure will go very low (enough to turn …

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Transmission noise 2nd gear only Not rated yet
Makes a wine when accelerating and decelerating. And no noise when there is no load on transmission. Could this be a gear mesh issue? Joe

larry Not rated yet
I have a 1995 vett that will not crank unless I ground the starter relay.The car was hacked in to and the IGN cyl was cut out and the air bag went off.I …

hp Not rated yet
Have just bought a 350 out of an 88 corvette, with a small cam, a weiand supercharger and Holley 750 carb wondering for any estimates on hp. thanks …

HEADLAMPS Not rated yet
I Need to know how to remove the headlamps. All of it the cover and brackets and lamps.

85 c4 Not rated yet
drain tube for cowl

findning stamped vin number on fram or in engineroom Not rated yet
Hello!" I shall register a corvette c4 1991 in Sweden imported from northern Ireland. I'm trying to find the vin number somewhere on the frame(stamped) …

1986 corvette troubles Not rated yet
Hello, I am not getting a reading for my coolant temp on my dash. This problem started after my fan motor stopped working. I replaced two coolant temp …

Where is the turn signal flasher on an 86 convertable corvette and what does it look like  Not rated yet
Where is the turn signal flasher on an 86 convertible corvette and what does it look like.

1985 corvette Not rated yet
My turn signals on my 85 corvette won't work. What could be the problem?

Flasher Not rated yet
I have a 1990 C4 Coupe I need to know the location and the R/R on the turn signal flasher I'm up grading to LED's. Also putting in LED"S In third brake …

86 Alarm/ keyless entry Not rated yet
My husband has an 86 C4. The horn hasn't worked since he bought it but he recently had some work done on it and the guy said it was just a fuse and he …

1995 C4 Corvette-new clutch slave cylinder-won't start-security light is on  Not rated yet
Would the security light indicate the key is wrong? Or would it be the sensor that activates when the clutch is fully depressed?

Where are the drain tubes located for cowl vents on 1986 corvette Not rated yet
Where are the drain tubes located for cowl vents on 1986 corvette

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 85 vette? Not rated yet
Where is the turn signal flasher on a 85 Vette?

Where do you find the turn signal flasher on a 1990 Corvette Not rated yet
Where do I find the turn signal flasher on a 1990 Corvette

88 Corvette ignition installation Not rated yet
I removed the steering wheel and replaced the ignition, my question is there a special tool to collapse the spring in order to get the lock ring in?

i have a 1988 chevy vette convertible and its idling high in park around 1400 rpms how do i fix this Not rated yet
i have a 1988 chevy vette im haveing problems with it idling high in park around 1400 rpms how do i fix this

1987 Corvette Interior light turning on and off on their own after we get out of the vehicle. Whats wrong? Not rated yet
1987 Corvette Interior light turning on and off on their own after we get out of the vehicle. Whats wrong? The lights are running my battery down every …

Since my door locks have started working about half way my 1984 won't start as if there is no power to the starter. does the security system have anything to do with the starter cut off  Not rated yet
Since my door locks have started working about half way my 1984 won't start as if there is no power to the starter. does the security system have anything …

86 convertible deck lid will not release my top on passangers side. have replaced cable and adjusted it so the arm moves all the way over. Not rated yet
On my 1986 convertible deck lid, is their any adjustment to the latch it self? as i do not want to brake another cable. Is there a built in safety …

Option info Not rated yet
Hey Guys, Where on my 84 would I find the tag that gives me the options on the car? Im trying to see if my car has the factory oil cooler option or …

c4 security alarm can not stop Not rated yet
C4 security alarm can not stop

Ac/ Heater fan not working Not rated yet
My 86 corvette AC/heater fan will not work. I relaced a blown fuse in the fuse box and the low/med fan settings came on. Switched to Hi the fan would …

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Where is the turn flasher on a 1986 Corvette located? Not rated yet
Where is the turn flasher on a 1986 Corvette located?

Removal and Installation Of Shifter cable on auto 86 corvette Not rated yet
what is the easy way to remove the shift cable on an 86 corvette. i have already removed the seat and pulled the center console. My question is do i need …

can any body help with a picture of the cruise control items inside thae car for a 1987 corvette , this unit has been converted to RHD  Not rated yet
Can anybody help . I need pictures or layout information of the items for the cruise control on a RHD 1987 corvette . The engine baylayout is ok I need …

87 corvette will not crank Not rated yet
My car was parked for 18 months everything worked fine! now i just put a new battery in it it was cranking slow but it started. parked it back in the garage …

putting an optispark together? Not rated yet
I'm replacing my optispark on my 1994 vette and was looking for a diagram to put this beast together? also, I was told that if you place the distributor …

Why does only one side of my dash on my 86 vette work? Not rated yet
Why does only one side of my dash work on my 86 vette?

corvette headlights Not rated yet
I have an 84 corvette the drivers side headlight has quit going down I have replaced all the relays and it didn't make a difference I believe the motor …

what is the normal engine operating temperature for a 94 vette Not rated yet
what is the normal engine operating temperature for a 94 vette

where is the radio relay on a 86 vette? Not rated yet
Where is the radio relay on a 86 vette?

would c5 seats fit in a c4? Not rated yet
would c5 seats fit in a c4?

1994 c4, LT1 idle problems when hot Not rated yet
I have a 1994 c4 with an LT1 and it has idle problems when hot. It has an auto trans so sometimes when at a red light I have to stand on the brake so …

How do you replace a turn signal indicator on a 1986 Corvette? Not rated yet
My turn signals work fine but on the dash, only the left indicator blinks, the right does not so I would guess its the indicator light bulb. Any help on …

Removal of air pump Not rated yet
I have tried without success to remove and replace the air conditioning pump on my 1985 Corvette. Do I need to remove the drive pulley? Is there a diagram …

How do you remove nuts from bottom posts of gauge bezel? Not rated yet
How do you remove nuts from bottom posts of gauge bezel?

corvette 1987 350 engine operating temperature Not rated yet
corvette 1987 350 engine operating temperature

Idle to high Not rated yet
I have a 86 vette with TPI and it idles to high for me its around 1100 to 1200 rpm, Already turned in throttle screw and it did nothing. How can I fix …

How do you change the turn signal fuse in a 1986 Corvette Not rated yet
My turn signal is going out and the rate which it blinks has slowed. How and where do I install a new fuse in a 1986 Corvette. Thank you Big …

sammy C5 Wheels on a C4 Not rated yet
Can I put stock 2004 Corvette wheels on a stock 1990 Corvette? The bolt pattern is right, but I'm not sure about the offset. Thanks

Quality Manager Car Inspection after salvage Not rated yet
Purchased a wrecked 1988 corvette; replaced the entire front clip with 1989 parts. I have no title or receipt for the replacement parts and need to get …

Ventilation Not rated yet
I have a 94 Corvette coupe. I notice when I use the automatic climate control and push the dashboard vent button that nothing comes out of the dashboard …

94floyd Not rated yet
I have a over heating problem on a 1994P 5.7. Been to shops trying to solve the problem, no luck just keep spending money.Relays and sensors have been …

Engine operating settings Not rated yet
Can anyone tell me what the optimal engine oil, water temps are for a '94. Also oil pressure.

1986 Convertible Restoration Help! Not rated yet
I have purchased a 1986 convertible which I would like to restore. I,m interested in finding someone who like to help restore it and use it for advertising …

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