92 Corvette will not start

by Steve Miller
(Indianapolis Indiana)

Yesterday I backed the car out of the garage, I carefully rinsed off the engine compartment, now the car will turn over, but it will not start, no codes are showing in the dash, battery is fully charged, I hear the fuel pump cycling, I have checked all of the fuses, they look good, could something have gotten too wet?, I was careful not to soak anything, just a mild mist

Any ideas? the car has a newer ECM

Let me know what you think


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Jul 08, 2016
by: Cheever

They are very touchy under the hood when it comes to any fluid. They arnt like a newer car that are reasonably safe to wash. With that said if it's not starting and you believe that's the problem. DON'T start it, disconnect battery and wait till its fully dry. Not only will this help with further damage it will allow your computer to reset. (Hopefully just a sensor got tripped) after car is for sure dry reconnect battery and try to start it. Make sure it's dry though. Not just the surface of engine. Best to wait longer them 2 try starting when wires and stuff wet. If this fails to work the damage is done and u will need to trouble shoot what got shorted out. Best of luck.

Mar 25, 2016
Do NOT Wash the 92 to 96 LT1 engines!
by: Corlt1

Happened to me years ago with my 92 after washing the engine. The Optispark Ignition cannot get wet. You cannot wash the engine or you will have to spend around $1000 to have it replaced.

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