starting issues

by rich
(bridgton, maine)

My corvette seems to have an attitude problem that i cant seem to adjust

It starts up, but then again,like now i find my self sitting here and it wont start. the lights dont even dim when i turn the key...whats it.s problem? i didnt do any wild driving to set off the anti theft device,i dont believe can it be taken out?
(2) and it just started to over heat recently. but i just put a new hp radiator in it lasts summer...along with the thermostat...the wires(2 rust colored)came apart from the black fuse link that went to the radiator, but we replaced it with a fuse in between two wires we got at auto zone. she ran but the fan i think isnt turning on
(3)and is there a certain tool to take these light bulbs out of the instrument cluster?

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Apr 30, 2016
Starter issues
by: Anonymous

Can you hear a "clicking noise" when you urn the key? I had he same problem with my '89 convertible and would have to wait 20-30 minutes before my car would start again. I switched out the starter for a Hitachi gear reduction starter and the problem went away.

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