1993 Turns over wont start, may got to Hot

by David Hance
(Mooresville NC)

LT1, about 85K miles. Been keeping outside with car cover for 3 years.

OK, I was charging the battery and forgot and let the car run for about 3 to 4 hours. I shut the car off and a month or two later when I returned the battery was dead and not even a sputter when jumped but turns over fine. Replaced battery. The door lights wont shut off. Removed stale gas. I have fuel Psi coming out of the rails but the spark plugs are dry. Shot some Master blaster into Intake not even a sputter.
Tried to get a spark plug on end of wire to spark on center Valve cover bolt but No spark. I have changed out the coil and the regulator cause I thought maybe they cooked on the right head....nothing. So, now I am thinking maybe the temp rose when I shut it off even more in the NEW opti spark unit and it cooked.
Any reference on the Opti spark relocation kit out there?????please let me know, this is getting old after 12 years/thankyou,

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