1987 Corvette targa top

by Kyle Aldredge

I own an 1987 corvette with a cracked plexiglass top , I have another top but the front mounting brakets are the rounded triangle shape which was made for 89-up. I'm just wondering if I can replace the brakets on the top or do I need to buy the piece that is placed on the top of the windshield where they connect? If so where can I find it, I have looked almost everywhere.

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Feb 09, 2012
its easy and will work
by: Anonymous

It should fit with no problems at all... I have a 86 model and the whole car is all original from the factory.... my top has the round triangle fittings on the top and fits perfect, but it also can from the factory like that. they may need to be adjusted and to do that all you have to do is loosen the two torque bolts up till your able to move them around with your fingers and then tighten them lightly so that when you put the top back on the car they will move to exact fit when you carefully thread the inner bolt to the top.. but make sure that you tighten the inner bolts on the back first and make sure they are tight and then do the fronts so that way you can have the right adjustment on the fronts... once you tighten the front (finger tight only) back them off very carefully and do the same to the back two bolts, lift the top off carefully and flip it over and then hold down the triangle plates and tighten the bolts. after you do that put it back on and make sure it tightens down good... its easy to do bc mine came lose and it took me a whole 10 mins to do. the factory wrench to remove the top will also fit the bolts holding the triangles in place.

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