1986 corvette troubles

by Mike C

Hello, I am not getting a reading for my coolant temp on my dash. This problem started after my fan motor stopped working. I replaced two coolant temp sensors and the fan motor. I also wired the fan so that I can manually turn it on. My fan works fine now but I have no coolant temp reading. Their seems to be a third sensor on the coolant reservoir I am not really sure if thats what it is though? Could that third sensor be my problem?

Also upon acceleration their is a clicking noise seems to be coming from the right front side of my engine. This noise however only happens when I am driving. If I am in park and press the pedal their is no noise.

this is my first corvette and I am hoping to eventually put in a Ls1 that I am building in place of the L98. For now I need to solve a few minor issues thanks for the help.

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