C4 Corvette Cold Start service engine light on Runs rough in gear until engine light goes out

by Joe Seager
(Titusville, Florida, USA)

It doesn't matter what time of day I start my LT1 C4 1995 Corvette. What happens. The service engine light comes on. The car starts as it should. Idle is a little high at first. I can rev the engine and it sounds normal. When I put the car in reverse out of my driveway everything seems normal. I put the car in drive and the engine starts to sputter like it want's to quit. After driving the car for approximately 4-5 miles the service engine light goes out and the engine runs normal. I've already had the following replaced: fuel injectors, opti spark, spark plugs, and spark plug wires. I can't check the service engine code because it goes out before I can get to a place to check it for me. I don't trust the mechanics here locally.

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