1987 Runs Rough

by Rob
(Seymour, CT.)

My '87 runs great 90% of the time but it will intermittently start to run rough, bog, hesitate or stall if at idle. It comes and goes and can happen at any time either cold, hot, idling or driving with no rhyme or reason. It might last 5 seconds or be so bad I have to pull over. It will just clear up and run great again. I first noticed it after taking it out of winter storage 2 yrs ago. I thought it was bad gas and have since run a few fresh tanks through it and have ruled that out.

The check engine light does not come on and i get no codes when I hook up my scanner. I notice that most times when it starts to run poorly the upshift light will light up and the fan will kick on even if the engine is still cold. It’s an automatic and I have never seen the upshift light come on before this started happening. I have a quick disconnect on the battery and it seems to clear up if I disconnect it and wait a few minutes though I'm not sure that works 100% of the time.

I've replaced the O2 sensor and the MAF with no luck. I really thought it was the MAF as it even fooled me for a bit into thinking that fixed it but then it started acting up again. I’m trying to sell the car and don’t want to create a science project out of it I also don’t want to give it so someone to fix and spend a fortune. Any help would be much appreciated.

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