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cold start problem

Car when stone cold does not want to crank up, have to engage starter for a long time then it fires and once it does it is fine the rest of the day it will hardly turn over before it starts after the initial starting and it acts fine the rest of the day

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May 15, 2015
not starter
by: Anonymous

Coolant sensor dodo bird. To the one that said starter it is defaulting to a set voltage making it impossible rich plugs need to fire a while before warm enough to start

Mar 15, 2014
Cold Start
by: 87 Corvette Owner

I have the same problem on my .87. It is not the starter. I have replaced the starter twice with GM starters. The problem is an electrical sensor. I am not sure which because it happens only when it is cold and I live in Los Angeles. What I experience is the engine tries to catch and if it does it immediately turns off. Eventually it catches. I usually turn off the ignition wait a couple of minutes and try to restart. The issue is similar to an older carburator car with a stuck choke.

Jan 25, 2013
by: Don Herstine

Where are you in Alaska ? It sounds like your starter is going bad because after it gets warmed up it turns over easier . Every car turns over harder the first time in the morning but if it really drags in the morning i would get the starter checked.

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