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C4 Black Rose

by Russ Field
(Farmington, MN USA)

I just went out to start my 1992 Corvette for an end of the year drive.
The starter won't engage.
I have full battery power though and the starter won't even click.
It is a six speed manual transmission.
I have pressed the clutch to the floor as always and nothing happens.
Is it a switch problem at the clutch?
Or is there something I should check?
I have never had any problems before or even an indication of a problem.
There is only 50,000 miles on it.

Any advise?

Thank you,

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Nov 29, 2009
by: Auto Appraiser * Ned

some things to check**..first thing before you attempt this.... is safety..... make sure car is blocked and e brake is on...and you are not underneath the car trying this as you have a standard trans....etc..(use 2 people)....when a vehicle is not started often and driven often sometimes the surface between the magnetic brushes & the armature in the starter get a what is called a dead spot. this means that the voltage is not transfered to the armature to spin the starter over when you turn the key. you can use 2 people to try this...it sounds crude but it will work if this is the problem....try tapping (a tapping motion) the outside of the starter casing (in the middle) lightly with a hammer multiple times.... at the same time someone is turning the key (use a clicking motion on & off quickly) with the key... this will causes a jolt to the brushes for better contact and the vehicle will usually start? I have had this happen many times before. let me know if it works. Thanks Ned.

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