1991 Convert Charcol canister

by Greg Pitts
(Conroe, Texas)

I am working on my 1991 convertible, the fuel tank creates so much pressure when you take the cap off if you are not careful it would shot into the air. I have got all the new valves to replace on the vent hose but my question is. Should the charcoal canister hold a vacuum if you plug one hose and put vacuum to the other? If not how can the vacuum activated valve between the tank and the charcoal canister function? I have checked all the rest of the system it holds vacuum but the canister will not. If it is not supposed to hold a vacuum when the solenoid near the throttle body opens it is basically a 3/8 open vacuum leak. I have looked for this info several places and not been able to find any, all info on this subject will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You Very Much!

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