1993 Corvette coupe questions?????

by Steve Harr
(Christiansburg, Virginia)

I understand I am a novice, have been wanting a Corvette for years and years.

Retired in 2009 due to Vietnam continued issues, saved, bought another of my bucket list items(a motorcycle), then had a heart attack in May 2015,had to sell the bike, but had more $$ for a C5....then in November 2015 due to unforeseen circumstances my wife and I gained custody of our 6 yo grand-daughter and with these expenses the C5 went backwards to maybe a C4.

Have looked and searched, researched and talked to owners of C5's and C4's and get varied opinions on the C4. Looked at a few which were run to death or ready to be. I may have found a 1993 C4, 54K miles, 6 owners, dual power seats, climate control, cd, black with gray, nice looking and sounds great BUT it has a "Rebuilt attachment" to the title which I have no idea what this is or means......current owner has no idea either.

Been in it and under it, no signs of repair, mending, body work.........

The only items are scuff (not a tear) on exiting side of drivers seat backrest portion.......cruise doesn't work.....antennae doesn't extend/retract....passenger door handle broke from the panel...drivers seat electric motor makes a noise when working but it does work.......that is all I can see, everything seems to work properly.

Other than repairing those items please tell me what I need to look into further, what will these repairs usually cost to repair, what is the issue with the Opti Spark I keep hearing about?.....Your pros and cons on this vehicle.....asking $6500 for it.

Thanks for your help....

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