92 C4 horns not working

by Hal
(sarasota, florida)

Newly acquired C4 60,000mi.

Records show horns replaced , but horn buttons on steering column not working. Local vette shop says likely bad ( possibly rusted)relay or bad wiring in dash/steering column. They declined to work on it...too hard to get to, too many hours (10+) and too expensive! Any ideas? any work around? Thanks

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Jan 21, 2015
horn contacts
by: Scott

Had same issue in my '92. Actually the right button was sunken and stuck. Parts are no longer available, so fiddling is the only option. Check online, I think I found a video on corvette forums or digital corvettes blogsites. I used a small jeweler type screwdriver to pop the button off the wheel. There are curved tangs on each side that hold it into place, which will be evident when removed. Be careful. Underneath is a curved copper strip that is pushed onto a brass contact by a plastic pin projecting from the button underside. My pins were deformed from hard pressing, and were restored with warmed needle nose pliers. The copper strip may need gentle reforming as well. Just click button into place to finish, it may take a few tries. I was really annoyed there are no parts available for this, maybe there will be in time. Good luck.

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