1984 corvette digital instrument cluster continually flashes

by Dtroyder
(Detroit Michigan)

Bought an 84 corvette with a rod knock and a boat load of other problems. Anyway the digital dash was so dim it was almost impossible to read. Sent it out and had it repaired for 250. dollars. Now it only blinks continually. I have good grounds in the engine compartment, are there grounds in the passenger compartment that may cause this or is there an internal digital dash problem still. I have been researching blogs for identical problems and have found others with the same problem but never any repairs listed. Does anyone have a clue what might be the problem? It's almost like it's counting down till blast-off. I sure would appreciate any clues to fixing it. The blinkers and high beam indicator are the only thing that function properly.I researched and found the cluster uses info from other on board computers, is this a possible problem. Thanks in advance for any replies...Respond to Dtroyder at aol.com also, so I am sure to get the reply

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