87 Corvette battery drain

If I leave my car sitting for more than 5 days she will not start. I disconnected the negative side of the battery for two weeks. No drain, it tests good. After reconnecting she stars right up.Put the tester on the battery and it tests at 12 volts. When the car is running it tests at 14 volts which tells me the alternator is good. I'll take the car out for a good run, an hour or more and return home and shut it off. When I try to restart it nothing happens. If I wait about an hour she'll start right up. I understand that this could be a condition known as heat soak of the starter. If so would you recommend a new stock starter with heat wrap material or a high torque starter that is lighter and heat resistant? As far as the battery drain it could be numerous things such as the VATS system, starter solinoid, ignition switch, voltage regulator, MSD ignition box, worn distributor gear, Injector leak, etc. where would you start? Thanks

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Dec 30, 2012
Battery Protectors
by: Corvette-web-cental

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Dec 11, 2012
Battery Drain
by: Dennis

To find the batt. drain pull the positive lead and put a test light or voltage tester between the positive lead and the positive batt. post. If the light glows [test light] or you have a reading on the voltmeter you have found out you have a batt. drain somewhere. Then pull one fuse [circuit] at a time. When your light goes out or you have no reading on the voltmeter you have found the circuit that is causing the problem. It might be the device at the end of the circuit or the wire itself. Pull the wire on the device [radio, heater, etc.] before trying to follow the wire to see if it has a short. Hope this helps.

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