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cant find a switch to put up my power antenna on 86 corvette

audio system is a pioneer updated stereo & my power antenna stays down always. Is there a switch located some were to put it up ? thanks in advance, Ken

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Jun 06, 2013
Power Antenna
by: 2weelz

There should be a wire coming out of the connector on the Pioneer stereo (might be solid pink or yellow...though might be other) that probably isn't connected to anything. It is a switched "B+" (battery positive) used for switching external system devices, like the power antenna, remote amplifiers, pre-amps, etc.. This will be easy to identify. Being very careful not to allow any wiring to short together, with a voltmeter set for the correct range to measure 12VDC and the negative lead secured to a good ground, power on the stereo system and check for 12VDC on any wires coming from the stereo (you can ignore any wires going to the speakers). Once 12VDC is located, power the radio off and check the same wire(s) for voltage again...with the stereo off, the correct one will then read no volts (0 VDC). That is the wire that will "switch" the power antenna, and if you connect that wire to the pink wire on the antenna relay, your antenna should raise and lower when the stereo is turned on/off. Good luck...

Dec 01, 2012
power antenna
by: jim

The stock radio has a separate wire for the power antenna. when changing out the radio make sure the installer wired the antenna wire with the power wire. the antenna raises and lowers by powering on and off the radio.

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