Will 275-45-fit275 my 1989 corvette without rubbing

Will 275/45/17s 275 fit 89my vette no rubbing

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May 05, 2012
Vette Tire Sizes
by: C4 Ragtop

1989 C4 L98 Convertible

I run 285/75 ZR17 Firestone on the front with a 10.5" 5 spoke wheel and a 7+offset.

On the rear I run a 12" wheel with a 335/35 ZR17.
No issues.

I have run 245/40 Michelin Pilot on the fronts on the same wheel and same rears and they work very well except the nose drops considerably lower and the air dam will hit all parking stop blocks.
Much smoother overall ride though with the Michelin.

I've also a set of stock '93 Sawblades with stock Goodyear and the offset; the car does not handle nearly as well in the turns or straights.
The rears will break loose at just a tad of throttle and the ride is rough.

I have also run the 315/35 ZR17 rears on 7+offset 12 inch wheels with the 245/40 Michelin on front.
Very good also. Probably best. For city work. fast corners at country road city suburb speeds/
and very good in heavy rain.

For the open road and the 100+mph corners the 315/35's rear / 285/75's front is the fastest.

Hydroplane is a constant issue with all these Z or higher speed rated wide, low profile tires with this lightweight hot-rod. Except the Michelin.

I use a 00.00 toe both front and rear and set 00.00 degrees angle on the rears. Minus 1/8"to 1/4" on the track.

All four wheels and tire rubber sit outside the fender wells.

At speeds of 135-150 the car is most stable with
the largest rubber. But the stability is even better with the nose lowered as with the 245/40's.

At speeds of 70-90+mph in heavy rain with standing water on the roadway the hydroplane issue is constant but can be overcome with power and steering control.

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