funny pump sounding noise

by Doug

After any start up when first roll off there is a sound like a pump coming up to pressure. I never hear it again until I shut the car off and restart it and roll away again.

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Jun 06, 2013
"funny pump noise"
by: 2weelz

I didn't see where you supplied the year, but, I'm willing to bet a good chunk that what you're hearing is the anti-lock brake system doing its normal self test. Its a muffled "whir" that comes up and then quickly shuts down. My '89 C4 has the anti-lock system right behind the driver's seat beneath the driver's side storage box (on the floor behind the seat). If you lift the lid and pull the plastic box up and out, then move the insulation aside, you'll see the anti-lock brake components right there. The system is programmed to do a self test, where the modulator pump runs for a couple of seconds, after every start up and the vehicle begins to roll (sensed by the wheel speed on each wheel). If you DON'T hear that sound, it's time to be concerned...!

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