Cruise control wont engage

by Tim Mortson
(Lupton, Michigan USA)

I have a 90 Lt1 and the cruise wont turn on. I have a shop manual for the car and have gone through every trouble shooting procedure that it lists for not engaging. I have tested every input and output wire going to and from the module. Replaced the cruise servo with a new Cardone servo from the local parts store. I have replaced the cruise module twice with a Cardone module from Rock Auto. The original module wasnt working, I believe because of mice being in the car, covered crap and pee. The 1st replacement module was not giving out a voltage signal of 8volts from the servo position sensor, pins H&F, on the module to pins B&D on the servo. The second replacement module wasn't putting out any voltage to the Vent Valve control relay on the servo. The manual states that if I jump Pins A&C and pins G&K on the module connector with cruise on and engaged, the servo should engage, which it does. Removing jumper G&K on the module connector, the servo should remain pulled in,which it does.This points directly at a faulty module again.
Am I missing something?? or am I getting junk module from Cardone?? I am currently waiting for the 3rd replacement module from Rock Auto. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Tim Mortson,

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