Horn doesn't work

by Robert
(Coon Rapids, MN)

I'd like to know were the horn relay switch is on my 1994 Corvette.

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Dec 11, 2015
Horn not working
by: Chris Kendrick

Hi all, I have an 86 Corvette Roadstor and horn did not work. Replaced relay, still not working.
Traced wires to steering colum plug and had power to horn, took steering wheel off and no power on ring that contacted steering wheel. Further investigation there is another ring under the intercater unit that has a pin on a spring like the one under the steering wheel. This spring had broken and would not hold up the pin to make contact. Replaced Spring using a ball point pen Spring .works great and a cheap fix. Hate to think of the cost if I had sent to a repair shop, where would they start to look. I live in New Zealand and do all my own repairs. When I imported my car to New Zealand there were quite a few problems with the car and could have spent a fortune on repairs if sent out for repairs. but with Kiwi attitude for doing things yourself you just go do it. At end of day it's a great Feeling of satisfaction that you have done it your self.
Enjoy your Vette as I do and Happy Motoring
Chris Kendrick. Vette Mad.

May 23, 2015
Repair to horn
by: Chris Kendrick New Zealand

My horn stopped working on 86 Corvette. Horn would go when earthing wires at the plug under dash. Pulled wheel off and the contact with the spring was OK. Under the inducature unit there is another contact point which is spring loaded, this spring was broken and not making contact. This was a very easy repair using a spring from a ball point pen. The spring is a tight fit in the holder but still plenty of spring hanging out giving heaps of tension on the contact ring. Just time consuming but an easy fix. Horn now works well. Hope this is helpful. Biggest problem with horn is where to look.
Happy driving.

Mar 01, 2015
horn on 86 covette
by: Anonymous

mine did not work on my 1986 corvette, I took the horn buuton off and cleaned the rust off of all contacts, and it now works... I used steel wool to clean it..

Jan 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

Relay is inside in the dash a ser I e .anual will tell you the location. If you hit the horn button without the car running a d its quiet you should hear a light click when you hit the button. Typically the horn is junk. Good luck

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