1994 Corvette DTC 36

I started my 94 vette yesterday and it ran terrific for 1-2 minutes then shutdown. It didnt sputter or slowly die it just turned off. Pulled Dtc code 36 so I checked the wire at the Opti and got 4.9 volts which meant the wire harness from ECM was fine. Im stumpped why I can restart right after it dies by pushing the gas pedal down and cranking it. I know it goes into limp mode(all fans on, SES and runs rough),but if I drive it to get coolant temp over 200 I can start it and restart it no problem,no SES and no codes. It also will show battery and service ASR sporatically when it dies but not all the time. Could it be PCM,ECM or is the opti going. If I let it sit overnighy it will start up great again and die after 1-2 minutes.


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