by Mark
(Eureka, Ca.)

Driving to the Lake 10 Days ago, Check engine light came on and off several times. and went out. Nothing on return trip. Wife driving to and from work, suddenly has really bad miss. Changed Plugs 2 times w/new. Changed Wires, Cap, Rotor, checked timing light on marks. Checked each wire at the plug with light to make shure each wire was hot and firing all good. Scan -

No codes, Check Engine Light will not even come on? with jumper pins. I think it should at least show a 12 for normal. Nothing. Checked each injector, they are all clicking ticky ticky ticky. Sound normal. Sounds like it is horably out of tune barely runs, miss at all RPM's. Lost, can't even scan and no one seems to have an ODB One cheap like the one my kid borrowed and never brought back. Of course.

Still Lost, Mark Maxon

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