1992 electrical fire

by Tom

We have a 1992 C4 that caught on fire and burned after being parked for over 3 hours. Had battery replace 53 hours earlier. Insurance company says fire started in dash. Can anyone tell me what accessories have power when the switch is off? If short happened in another device or accessory would the fuse not have blown first? Can anyone share their opinion on this mystery?

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Feb 24, 2013

2 years ago my 1990 suffered the same fate. I returned from work, parked and went upstairs to shower. 20 minutes later neighbor beating on the door 'your cars on fire'.Could not raise the hood and the flames too intense. Fire dept is 1.1 miles away took them 23 minutes to get there after I CALLED IMMEDIATELY. Fire dept cut thru hood, put out fire, engine plenum, harness windshield, smoke damage to interior, etc. They said it was electrical, but I just had a new battery, cables and the system checked out by a corvette pro. Next day other neighbor said he saw 3 kids standing around the car after I was inside pushing something down the windshield area. Asked Fire Dept to check for arson and they said the case was closed already (2 days later). Bought another vette (I know im sick) 1 week later. Insurance? Since it was in the driveway, they said its a homeowners issue, not auto insurance. Motto of the story? GET FULL COVERAGE, a .45 auto, security lights and a big mean dog!

Jan 20, 2013
by: Don Herstine

This isn't the first time i have heard about this ,
A friend of mine had the same thing happen ,it cot on fire under the dash .He had been driving it and
parked it in his garage ,went in and had lunch , came back out in the garage a seen smoke in side of car
, pushed it out of garage into the street and called fire dept . they said it cot on fire under the dash . Never did hear why , if you find out
post it and let us all know . thanks.

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