1993 Corvette Electrical issue

by Neil
(Arlington, Texas)

we have a 1993 Corvette that we have owned since 2000. A month or so back, it suddenly quit running - while my wife was driving it. I thought it was the opti-spark (so did lots of Corvette friends) ...so I bought a new one and replaced it - still won't start. Next, I replaced the Coil & ICM - still won't start. Tried a 2nd new opti-spark - still won't start.

So, purchased a rebuilt ECM (since you can't buy new ones)...it smoked when I plugged the battery cable back up. The blower fan in the front lower-compartment started running too - which is odd; the minute the battery is connected. If you unplug it, the ECM doesn't have any smoke coming out of it.

It appears that we have some kind of wiring short and I'm at a loss of where to search for it. I have removed the front inner fenders to search for a shorted wire but as of yet, nothing has been found.

Bought a scanner and it tells me ECM no response, obviously fried again.

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