1990 Corvette headlights and horn

by Cary

ok i just picked up a 1990 Corvette with 82k on the miles the car is in great shape but a few things i am not sure about

1, did the 1990 come with a keypad ?

2, the radio comes on and the Ant, goes up but there is no sound ?????

3, the horns was unpluged i pluged them back in and they still dont work

4, the headlights come on and the motor acts like it works but the pass side will open and then it free travels and wont stay up the drivers side will open but not lock in place all the time if i put it in place then it will stay most of the time

now i was smart enough to check all the fueses in the fuse box but they are all good. i am lost and before i take out the factory radio and replace it along with the horns i wanted to make sure it was a smart move.

other then that the car is in great shape runs out great and looks just as good, I no i can take it to the chevy dealer and i am sure 1000's of dollars later everything will be working

But i am trying to save money here i have wanted a vette since i was a teen and always knew i would get on i didnt want a new one i wanted from 88 to 92 and came across this one and after i robbed my savings a little i got it then called my wife and told here lol to my surprise she understood and is fine with it i am trying not to tell her about the lights and radion lol or atleast untill i fix it lol

thank you for your help

Indy dream at last Cary

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