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C1 Corvette Generator ID tag serial number 
Year of Corvette: 1960 Serial Number: How do I determine this number? Build Month: 01 / 60 Build Day: 20 Generator#: 1102043 Horsepower: …

Hood Out of Alignment 

what do the f and s mean on corvette clocks 
I have a 62 I have been restoring and when I was putting the clock I noticed a f and s and l was wondering what they mean

engine runs about 3 miles and stops running 
1960 corvette has been in storage for 30 yrs. I got it running, it starts great, will idle for an hour but when I take it on the road in 3/4 miles it quits …

Vin number 
Looking to buy a 61 seems to be a problem with the paper work. The vin number shows 13 digets not 12. There is a 3 that doesn't seem to belong there. Hopefully …

Trying to locate a 1964 Corvette with 12 degit VIN. 
I had a 1964 Corvette convertible with a 12 degit VIN (40867S111574). All VIN search sites I've tried require a 17 degit VIN. I would be very interested …

vin number on frame 
how do I find the vin no. on my 59 frame

Engine block Number on my 59 vette is F 72 ICU...what is this? 
Want to know what the block number of F 72 ICU stands for on my 1959 vette?

Car will not start. When the key is turned on, no lights, no sound with starter at all. Have jumped battery, still will not start.  
Cannot get the car to start. Turn the key on and no electric. I have tried to jump the battery but still will not start. Could it be the starter?

Intermittent hesitation while driving 
Shortly after filling 1960, 283 CU 230 HP car with high test 93 Octane from a no name gas station enroute to a show, began what has been an intermittent …

Location of radio antenna? 
I have a 58 vette which I purchased after the left rear fender was damaged and repaired. The radio antenna was relocated to the right side of the car. …

battery not staying charged 
1960 corvette, AT, has after market A/C and ele fan. The battery wont stay charged, it has the stock generator. Is the A/C and ele fan too much or is it …

Original engine or not? 
I have just retained an all original 1956 corvette from an inlaw. The car has been in storage for the last 35 years. Located next to the car was another …

vin plate attachment to body 
DMV is disputing the removal on vin plate for restoration it was replaced with pop rivets they say it should be welded but its fiberglass was it on with …

C1 1954 Hard top 
Does anyone know where I can purchase a new one ?

1958 Corvette Won't Start 
I recently had a 1958 Corvette delivered from Florida. I live in New England and the vehicle was trucked from Florida. The driver seem to start the vette …

How can I find the date of manufacture for my 1960 Corvette? 
How can I find the date of manufacture for my 1960 Corvette?

I was driving 61 corvette on a little cruz and it just died no power nothing . i replace the battery still nothing  
I was driving 61 corvette on a little cruz and it just died no power nothing .i replaced the battery a still nothing no lights turn the key on still nothing …

Between 1955 and 1962 which is the best Corvette to drive? and has the most legroom? 
Between 1955 and 1962 which is the best vette to drive?and the most legroom? thanks

Would the VIN ever be on the frame or cowl on a 1961 Corvette?

Owner Paint 
What is the original paint scheme for my 1961 Corvette VIN 10867S106549?

Corvette name and flags: Proprietary 
I am making a two carburetor spacers for my 1957 Corvette engine and I want to engrave the name Corvette in script on the side along with the flags. Is …

Not sure what the original engine size was 
I've got a 61 corvette from my grandfather and I'm not sure what the original engine was in this car bc he put in a 325. It says fuel injected on the side …

have 1962 
1962 injected vette big brake. What is in the trunk with two cannisters on each side with lines running between them. Looks factory never seen them before. …

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1956 trunk pad location 
Should the trunk pad lay over the back panel or be tucked in behind?

1959 battery Not rated yet
Where is the battery on a 1959 vet?

62 upper radiator shroud bolts Not rated yet
I'm not sure if this is correct? The upper shroud is attached with 8-5/16 bolts but the rear tabs down by the frame seem to be attached with a hex head …


Replace the stock radio in my 1959 Corvette Not rated yet
Can you tell me how I go about replacing the stock wonder bar radio in my 1959 Corvette? Does the console with the clock and temperature controls have …

clock removal Not rated yet
I would like insteructions on HOW TO REMOVE the clock in a 58 .' I have the passenger knee panel off, and can reach around behind to the back of the clock, …

missing fender scoops on '56 Vette Not rated yet
I recently purchased a '56 Corvette with no fender scoops. The second owner claims it was ordered without them. I know of only two other '56's without …

Correct original exhaust system for 1959 245hp engine? Not rated yet
Hi Can you confirm that a 1959 283/245 dual 4 carb car had originally an exhaust system that had oval mufflers with a cross over pipe? I want to …

1958 to 61 Corvette hood Not rated yet
Will a 1961 Corvette hood fit a 1958 to 62 Corvette? I have a original hood that has a tear drop scoop on it and would like to know what years it will …

How to change radio in a 1958 corvette Not rated yet
Bought a restored 1958 corvette, with a non-working radio. Ordered a replica wonder bar radio and need to know how to install it. Need radio installation …

1962 Vette died while running - won't start/turn over. Not rated yet
Hello - I'm not yet a car guy...but I do have an original 1962 corvette. While running it simply died - lost all electrical power - won't start or turnover. …

Brake lights and rear running lights don't work Not rated yet
My brake lights and rear running lights don't work. Headlights working fine.

1961 frame question Not rated yet
Does a 1959 Corvette c1 frame fit on a 1961 Corvette

1956 front of hood is too high at the center Not rated yet
Good Day, my 1956 corvette hood is too high at the front lip by a 1/4 inch. This exists for about a foot + on either side of the hood front center line. …

1957 corvette vin number Not rated yet
My 1957 corvette is from Canada and only has 9 digits (E5S100216). Is this correct for a Canadian vin number?

engine no.  Not rated yet
i have a 1962 corvette serial no 20867S103433 4speed some one has decked the block HOW do i find out what the engine no. was. please help.DALE............. …

Battery tray Not rated yet
Just making sure the battery tray on 62 is weld to the frame? Is there any other alternative besides welding it back to frame. Thanks 1953-1962 C1 …

Battery tray Not rated yet
Just making sure the battery tray on 62 is welded to the frame? Is there any other alternative besides welding it back to frame. Thanks

How to attach heater delete plate on firewall of 1956 Vet Not rated yet
How do I attach a heater delete plate on the firewall of a 1956 Corvette. I need pictures, please.

Trying to remove a 1962 Corvette clock from the panel Not rated yet
I can't seem to get clock lose from the center panel. Am I missing something?

Steering hits the stop-1960 Corvette Not rated yet
I rebuilt my 1960 steering box with a complete kit and it came out great and works fine. EXCEPT, the pitmen arm hits the stop turning left and has a 1/2" …

early or late 1959 corvette? Not rated yet
My 1959 corvette, vin j59s104398: Is it early or late?

C1 Corvette won't sit level Not rated yet
Left rear is one inch and a half higher than the rest of the car. Frame does not seem to be bent. Checked all of the obvious and can not find the problem. …

trying to adjust soft top brackets Not rated yet
What is the best way to adjust the soft top brackets on a 60 Vette?

valve size 59 corvette 270 horsepower engine  Not rated yet
Need Valve Size 59 corvette 270 horsepower engine.

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Tail light do not work on my 62 Not rated yet
My tail light do not work. However, my brake lights and turn signal do. They were working fine now they do not. I have not added any new parts. I replaced …

Tail light do not work on my 62 Not rated yet
My tail lights do not work. However, my brake lights and turn signal work. They were working fine now they do not. I have not added any new parts. I replaced …

Did the valve covers of th e1958 vette come with fins? Not rated yet
Did the valve covers of th e1958 vette come with fins?

Serial number for Generator Not rated yet
Where can I find the serial number for my 1961 Corvette's generator?

Hello, my c1 1959 is charging with up to 17 Volt, zhe dynamo is new. How to adjust the charging voltage??? Not rated yet
Hello, my c1 1959 is charging with up to 17 Volt, The dynamo is new. How to adjust the charging voltage??? Paul thanks in advance …

Cigarette lighter & clock Not rated yet
I have 12 volts to my cigarette light and my clock but neither one works. The clock has been restored and the cigarette lighter is a new replacement. …

1961 Corvette hood won't open Not rated yet
The hood cables have slipped I think inside the handle. In addition, I cannot get the right side to open even when I pull on that cable. I believe something …

Restoration Not rated yet
How do i know how a 1959 Corvette left the factory? Color,eng.trans.,etc.

Engine starts but does not stay running Not rated yet
Engine starts but when the key is turned back from the start position it will die. Suggestions?

Lost car Not rated yet
I'm looking for a 1961 vette 10867S109044 HELP

distributor Not rated yet
Can I use a hei tach drive distributor with a 61 6500 rpm generator drive tach?

Is there more than one place to locate the engine number? Not rated yet
Cannot find it where the value cover meets the block (on the passenger side).

engine stamping Not rated yet
I am looking at a 1957 Corvette the engine is stamped F419C what is it?

'58 Corvette hood will not remain latched down while driving. Not rated yet
'58 Corvette hood will not remain latched down while driving.

repairing a trunk key hole  Not rated yet
The trunk key hole was damaged when I received the car ( 1959 ) I am trying to put the hole back in the right place and the correct diameter of the hole. …

Engine block Number is F 72 ICU...what is this? Not rated yet
Want to know what the block number of F 72 ICU stands for?

C1 clock that starts and then stops Not rated yet
I have an original Westclock clock in my '61 Corvette. It continually work for a bit, then stops. I remove it from the housing, blast it with air and …

1960 hard top rebuilding Not rated yet
Is there any were I can get rebuilding manual for a 1960 hard top. We recommend investigating this Manual Original Corvette, 1953-62: The Restorers …

starting 62 corvette Not rated yet
Ignition switch does not transfer power to solenoid wire in harness when turn key. Using jumper wire from BAT to SOL wire in harness, car turns over. …

hood latch instalation Not rated yet
I am restoring a 1959 the car did not come with any hood latches and I am about to install the new ones. Are there any tricks to lining up the male and …

changed from two four barrels to single four. Not rated yet
Intake obtained supposed to be from same model but carb mounting is tilt up in back causing high float level on primary fuel circuits. possible wrong intake …

vin number Not rated yet
if i have the vin number of 56 vette i had when i was younger how can i see if its still around and where? mi e elliott htrod032 at yahoo dotcom

My 1960 Corvette will not start Not rated yet
I have 12.15 volts in my battery and it does nothing when I try to start it, but if I hook up jumper cables it starts and runs fine till I shut it off …

Voltage regulator Not rated yet
I can not locate my voltage regulator on my 1958 can anybody please tell me where it is located?

Could I use my intake? Not rated yet
Hi, I have a dual quad set up for my 59 corvette. But it was for a 245 hp motor. Could I use the same set up on the new motor that has solid lifters with …

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no tail lights or dash lights 1960 corvette Not rated yet
No tail lights or dash lights 1960 corvette

troubleshooting headlights Not rated yet
i have a 1961 vette and my radio stopped working after i hit the wonderbar. i went to take out the fuse and the glass broke. i put in a new one but now …

C1 trunk cable release anyone? Not rated yet
Has anyone installed a trunk release under the dash for the 58, 59 or 60 Corvettes? I have my oversize fire extinguisher mounted in the trunk and it would …

Luin Epperly Not rated yet
Part of the engine serial number on my 1959 corvette is missing--all of the other numbers match. Is there any way that I can find out what this number …

1958 Corvette Not rated yet
I have a 1958 corvette. I want to replace the heater and clock console panel. What is the best way to remove the old panel? How are the nobs removed and …

Value of a fresh 61 283 marine corvette engine Not rated yet
Whats the value of a fresh rebuilt 283 marine corvette engine?

i was wondering what motor is in my 1961 vette Not rated yet
Nom motor how can i tell which 283 is in it ?

how do you adjust the trunk on a 61 vette? the right front side is up about 1/2 inch Not rated yet
The trunk on my 61 vette is up about 1/2 on the front right do I adjust this? We recommend this restoration book Original Corvette, 1953-62: …

53-54 corvette complete tri power,  Not rated yet
I picked up a 53-54 corvette complete tri power, Anyone know what it is worth. Has been sitting for over 40 years.

1961 Temperature Gauge Not rated yet
How do you remove and replace Water Temperature Gauge in a 1961 Corvette? We suggest looking into this book Original Corvette, 1953-62: The Restorers …

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