Intermittent hesitation while driving

by George David
(Garden City NY)

Shortly after filling 1960, 283 CU 230 HP car with high test 93 Octane from a no name gas station enroute to a show, began what has been an intermittent hesitation problem. Never had issues before this timeframe; with around 2000 miles since complete professional, frame off restoration, using 44 original plugs, Delco Remy original points, condenser, rotor, 091 Coil. Gap on plugs set to .035 and points to .019. The single 4 barrel Carter WCFB carb was just rebuilt with under 100 miles when issues encountered. You can be driving at 30 miles per hour in town or 55 miles per hour on parkway, when car suddenly without warning, hesitates and then will continue to perform normally. Issue lasts seconds, with a slight jolt from car when it hesitates. Subsequent to this, drained all gasoline, checked plugs, changed condenser, rotor and checked points. Replaced the WCFB Carter with another rebuilt unit that was set-up properly using vacuum gauge and set to 625 RPM. Additionally, 2 cans of dry gas added to gas tank with new high test fuel. Battery is new. Most recent issue found while car was in driveway with engine running at 625 RPM, the car began to slow down until it eventually stalled out. At first hard starting but then it ran at the 625 RPM. After 10 minutes of idling, car stalled a second time, repeated procedure to restart and did not fail afterwards. I suspect issue with fuel purchased from the no-name gas station enroute to a car show several months ago. It seems to be fuel related as opposed to electrical. Perhaps dirt that is embedded in the fuel line, requiring the complete system to be emptied again and blown out. Any ideas?

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Mar 27, 2017
no name gas stations
by: Anonymous

No name gas stations, usually, convenient stores, are the worst places to purchase gasoline. They purchase their fuel from no name tankers, who in turn purchase their fuel from national name tankers but only what's left at the bottom of the tanker. What they are purchasing is fuel with plenty of sediment. Check your fuel filter or change it and you could also have hard build up in your fuel line. Dan

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