1969 over heating

by drew
(feasterville,PA, usa)

My 1969 Stingray has been running hot only when on a highway or if I push it hard and it will stay hot I need to drive it nice and easy for it to cool off.. Can any one help? I replaced thermostat with a 160F and have installed a high flow water pump with no help??? Thanks Drew

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May 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have had similar problems on two old cars. Had radiators cleaned, etc but to no avqail. replaced everything, tried everything. Both were cured by new radiators. I am guessing that rodding the radiators did not clean them well enough

Oct 20, 2010
hot on highway speeds
by: Auto Appraiser * Ned

it may sound crazy..however I have seen many upper radiator hoses weakend & get sucked closed under high rpms when hot water gets pushed fast through them it creates a suction only when engine is warmed up and hose gets hot....it closes off the circulation. therefore strangling the cooling flow? what rpm is highway speeds at?
Is there a spring inside upper hose...some replacement hoses have a spring built in for non collapse situations. give a try...check it. hope it helps. when engine is hot rev engine from underhood and watch hose...does it collapse closed under higher rpms?

Jul 28, 2010
69 VETTE Running hot
by: 69copo

Check your timing, and I would recommend putting 180° thermostat back in the car, with 160° thermostat the fluid in the radiator does not have efficient amount of time to cool down, you also might want to consider electric fans. Good luck.

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