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adding a supercharger

I own a 75 corvette with original engine that is pushing about 400 horse power. I am running 370 gears. I put a 750 double pumper holley. I have put some money into the engine. I was thinking of adding a Weiand 144 Low Profile Pro-Street Supercharger Kit. The question is, will it fit under the hood? Will I need to do any other adjustments in the hood or in any other part of the body?

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Jan 03, 2012
weland supercharger
by: 69corvette

Hi, There is no way That you are going to be Be able to fit That blower underneath a stock corvette hood, I was able to fit 1 in a 69 camaro with a 4 inch cowl induction hood, It will fit underneath a 2 inch Cowl induction hood However you cannot put a air cleaner on it then, your corvette will be the same way, if you were to buy aftermarket 2 inch cowl induction hood for you corvette it will fit with out a air cleaner, a 4 inch cowl induction hood will fit beautifully. there are some other things you may want to think about befor you purchased that blower, it is a very nice blower that's for sure, you need to think about what compression ratio that you are running in your motor it maybe too high for a blower, if you put the blower a motor with 10 to 1 compression ratio, it will run like a bat out of hell but you're going to break your motor, to run a blower properly you need a low compression motor 8 to 1 compression ratio is great for that blower, also don't forget you have to cool it down. the blower will make your motor runs hotter electric fans would be nice with electric water pump and of course a bigger radiator, you also going to needa a MAD boost timing master,( that will help protect your motor) and believe it or not that 750 carburetor is a little small for it a 850 would be a better choice with biger jets, there are several other things you need to think about also so whatever you decide good luck.

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