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I'm restoring a 1973,350 V8 Vette for my son. What is the best carburater to use.

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Jul 05, 2011
Good street carb
by: Buck

You cant go wrong with either a Holley or Edelbrock. For street and everyday performance, a 600 to 650 CFM is fine for a 350. Bigger carbs, 700 and up lose vacuum and low end performance and idle quality on stock or mildly warmed vehicles of 350 to 400 CID. Ive got a 400 Pontiac with a mild cam and headers and it is very streetable and works well with a 650 Holley. Same with my 81 Vette, except I have a 600 Edelbrock on it. Get a vacuum secondary, or an Edelbrock with their odd little counterweight secondaries and you should do fine! Make sure you get a squarebore or spreadbore carb that matches your intake manifold. If youre not sure, take a digital pic of the manifold where the carb mounts, and show it to the counter guy where you are shopping for the carb and they will tell you which you need. When you install it, use baby powder, silicone spray, or PB brand Dri Lube on both sides of the gasket so if you need to remove the carb at a later date, the gasket wont stick and tear.

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