1972 Corvette Stalls when going into reverse

by EJ
(Toronto, CANADA)

Greetings... My 72 corvette small block continues to stall when I put the car into reverse. In fact, it feels that it is resisting and not letting me back up. In other words, as if two or three people were at the back trying not to let the car back up. There is not fluid leaking, but I do believe I smell a "burning rubber" type of smell. The car seems to drive fine when in gears 1-4 although coming out of 1st gear can be challenging (the clutch seems to be sensitive in 1st gear). I have never had to rebuild or do anything to the transmission to this point. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated as I would not really want to go on an expensive "witch-hunt" to figure this out. Thanks. EJ

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