'68 C3 427ci (L36) Overheating at high RPM

by Joe
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

'68 C3 Big Block with aluminum rad, electric fan with full shroud, FAST fuel injection, 160 degree thermostat, hi- flow water pump, air conditioning, 50-50 mix water to antifreeze and the original front spoiler. With RPMs greater than 3100 RPM and an OAT of 80 degrees F. engine temperature increases to 220 degrees. With RPMs below 2700 RPM and the same hot day, engine temperatures will remain 190 - 200 degrees. Other than a larger front spoiler, is there anything else that I can do to keep the temperature down at high RPMs?????
This is a rebuilt engine with no internal upgrade (L-36).

Suggestions would be welcome...

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