1978 Cooling Question

by Steven
(Toledo, Ohio)

I own a 1978 Corvette, and I have a question about the cooling system.

The previous owner rebuilt the engine placing a enhanced cam in the engine as well as headers.

When i purchased the Corvette in June of 2009 the radiator was not updated and it was the original one and of course there was no air dam spoiler in the front end, so the car would get hot about 212 Degrees, too hot for my liking.

So I had the radiator updated and I had the air dam spoiler installed and a new 160 degree thermostat.

Now my mechanic did a block check and there is no head gasket issues and no leaks whatsoever. Although the mechanic did say that my temp gauge in the car is off by 5 degrees.

So my main question is: Why is the car still running close to 200 degrees. My mechanic states there is good coolant flow and no head gasket issues or is this just normal for a 78 Vett.

merlin0625 at yahoo.com

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