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dash heater outlets

by Larry

On my 81 vette the air will only come out of the vents under the dash at the front of the console. What do I need to do to get the air flow to change to the other outlets including the defrost.

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Jul 07, 2019
air only from bottom vents NEW
by: paul whalen

remove the right side console panel. you can see the vacuum switch. the switch has small vacuum hoses around it.you have to check each port for a leak.
this is what opens and closes the vent doors. also
make sure that the switch isn't leaking or bad.their
is also an adjustment sleeve on the cable that opens and closes a vacuum switch that is mounted behind
the glove box. take the glove box out and you'll see
the little white switch. make sure it is closing when you move the cable. if it is not closing all the way try turning the adjusting sleeve to make it

Jan 15, 2013
by: Don Herstine

Their is a cable running from your controls that goes up behind the dash and the end came off .DO you have a corvette parts mag? If so look under AC
heater controls and you will see a cable . One end
goes under the dash and connects to a lever and it probably came off. You can pull your glove box and get too it i think . Good luck

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