75 corvette 350 cranks but will not start

by Terry Martin

The engine will crank but not start. Purchased car 4 years ago and have been in the process of restoring it for several years. It sat in previous owners garage for 35 years on jacks. I removed and cleaned the tank the first year and installed several gallons of gas. Since then I added gas every year with no mileage accumulation of vehicle except small moves in and out of garage. This year I noticed that it ran bad, could smell gas and it was difficult to keep running, backfires through carb etc. Checked spark, module, coil, fuel pump, replaced fuel filter in carb and added in-line filter filter. I also rebuilt carb,added dry gas to remove any moisture from gas in tank and added additional new fuel to tank and flushed out fuel lines. The engine will not start!

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