catalytic converter/long tube headers

by Brian Barrington
(St. Johns, FL)

I am considering purchasing a 1971 Corvette. I am unsure of the requirement for a catalytic converter with this model. The car's exhaust system was modified with long tube headers and dual exhaust, but I am not aware of any converter. I believe 1971 was the first year that low-leaded gas requirements made Chevrolet detune the engine for the car to meet federal emission ratings, but I do not think there was a converter installed on this model. I think that began with 1975 model. I am a Florida resident and Smog restrictions (nil) are not the same as rest of the country and there is not a requirement for emission testing here.
I am pretty sure the car is legal to drive, but I am wondering if, 1- I will have to back-fit it with a converter and 2- are the long tube headers a show stopper, i.e., legal?


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