68 Corvette turn signal blows fuse

by Bill
(Elmwood Park IL)

I have a 68 Corvette. The turn signals stopped working. checked fuse, blown. Replaced fuse twice blows fuse. It appears if the turn signals are running on battery they work. Car running, as soon as I hit the turn signal. the fuse blows.

I have replaced all the bulbs front and back. All bulb sockets clean and dry. I did find one rear socket where the bulb was frozen in the socket, removed bulb carefully. cleaned socket, replaced with new bulb. the next socket i removed the old bulb but new one would not go in, left old bulb in.All bulbs work brake lights, headlights, rear lights, running lights.

I also replaced the turn signal switch. Same problem. Any suggestions? DO I need to replace the two bulb sockets that I mentioned? How do I check for shorts in the wires?


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