1982 Corvette C3 Collector Edition / change Oil Pressure Sender

by William Ölsner
(63505 Langenselbold, Hessen, Germany)

My question,

I have changed the original Oil Pressure Sender in my corvette C3. The number on the original Oil Pressure Sender is 12 83 and 80,4.

I changed (new) with Eckler's Oil Pressure Sender, 1982-1984 Early. On Box is the Name "STANDARD T-SERIES.
Eckler's say that is the right Pressure Sender for my C3 Collector Edition.

now i have the feeling that the Motor has no more the same power like before.

By the original Oil Pressure the Pressure Gauge show me higher pressure like now.

Before I change the pressure Sender, the Pressure Gauge show me 60 / 70 psi.

With the New Eckler's Pressure Sender the Gauge show me now the maximum 40 psi.

Can you tell me the problem ??

many thank, to you William from Germany

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