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by Bob DeSimone
(Camarillo, Ca)

I Just bought a 68 Corvette 427/390/Auto. The car is mint in every way, but when moving the transmission from Park to Drive, there is this loud "BUMP" and the car literally drops her rear end....

I called my mechanic, a very knowledgable guy who works almost exclusively old Corvettes. He says, it's "The nature of the beast" That I'm "Sitting almost directly over the rear end, and in older Vettes, this is the Norm. The Norm as long as the rear doesn't whine at around 60 or so.

Also, said it could be the U joints, or Snubber at the rear....But can be fixed.

Checking on blogs I see that many Auto Corvette owners are experiencing the same thing...IS there ANY way to fix this? I mean, the car COULDN'T come off the assembly line like this

The car is being shipped to me in a few days, and I'll be taking it in. In the meantime, if anyone can shed more light on the subjext, I'd appreciate it


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