1981 Corvette Engine Idle changes (Improves) when I unplug the two wire connector on thew alternator

by John
(San Clemente, California)

I have an 1981 Corvette with just under 31,000 original miles. I am not sure if the alternator is original or not and I have a brand new battery. Everything works great with two exceptions.
My dash, cabin running and under hood lights all pulse when at an idle but are consistent when the engine is above an idle. As I was testing connections while the car was running I unplugged the two wire connection to the Alternator and the engine idle actually improved (smoother idle) and gained about 150 rpms. The lights also stopped pulsing. What could have caused the idle to increase, run smoother and why are the lights pulsing at idle?
Also I have a slight flat spot when driving the car and starting from a stop. I assume carburetor rebuild but want to get ideas before I go there.

The entire car is stock, just as it was when driven off the car lot in California.

Thank you for any insights.

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