1980 Corvette L82 wont start

by Jerry

1980 corvette L82 wont start. Just put an Edelbrock 1721 fuel pump on and new filter and it started just fine. The new pump puts out 6psi at 110gph and the original one is 7 1/2psi at 40gph and they say no regulator is needed. I drove it two miles and ran smooth, punched it while getting on the highway and did okay but the second time it seemed to have no power and it just shut down and the engine wouldn't restart. I checked and there is fuel being pumped after disconnecting the fuel line to see. I also put an old spark plug in the #1 boot and it had a yellow spark I read that it should look blue? I think this is the original distributor and all its components. The plug wires are not HEI also. I was already planning to change these but for now, what is the problem? It did run before.

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