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Help Me identify this light on my 1990 Corvette Convertible.

by Larry Arszman
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

What is this?

What is this?

I am a new COrvette owner. I am trying to learn as much as I can about this car. One small item has become difficult to identify.

What is the little red light (that flashes sometime)between the two seat adjusts on the middle console of a 1990 L98 Corvette convertible???

I have been "googling" every thing I can think of and connot find anything on this.


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Jul 28, 2014
Help Me Identify this light......
by: Anonymous

Yep that's what it was....I removed the aftermarket Security system when it locked up my car and wouldn't let it start.


Jul 14, 2014
by: projectvette90

Most likely this light is from an aftermarket security system.
ive worked on many corvettes and the c4s have become very popular in the past few years.
The only device that goes between the electronic seat adjusters would be the ride damping system or a blank plate.
So to my knowledge its most likely an aftermarket security light.

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