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Light vibration or shutter.

by Keith
(Hendersonville,Tn. )

C5 Corvette Torque Tube Coupler Notice The Cracking in the Rubber

C5 Corvette Torque Tube Coupler Notice The Cracking in the Rubber

2001-2013 Corvette Torque Tube Bushing

Light vibration,only between 1500-2000 rpms, ruled out harmonic balancer(damper), torque tube, and crankshaft. It runs smooth otherwise especially in higher gears and faster speeds.

SET OF 8 Corvette BRISK PERFORMANCE SPARK PLUG Replaces AC Delco 41-985 - w/ 360-degree electrode ABXWFCV

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Feb 21, 2016
Light Vibration
by: Keith

Thanks for your suggestions Chris and the input. I have ruled out the Torque Converter and the spark plugs which are 8 New NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs but as we know the coupler is a big job. I really do not think that it is the coupler though because when it manually changes to another gear and gets out of the 1500-1800 rpm range the vibration goes away. I guess the next question to ask is; Would it not do it all the time if it were the Torque Tube coupler??

Thanks for your help,

Jan 18, 2016
Couple things to check
by: Chris

Check your wheels are in balance.
Recheck that your harmonic balancer has not moved forward on the crankshaft.
If its an automatic check the torque converter as it could possibly be at fault. Manually selected a lower gear at the same speed you normally feel the vibration. Vary the engine speed back to where yo u feel the vibration and determine if any different.
Torque converter mounting plate and attaching hardware another spot to look.
When you said torque tube is good you actually looked at the rubber bushings? Was there condition flawless or a little cracked on the rubber?
How about a tuneup? When was the last time you replaced the AC Delco 41-985 plugs with a SET OF 8 Corvette BRISK PERFORMANCE SPARK PLUG - w/ 360-degree electrode

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