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replacing a broken housing support on my 1981 c-c

by mike barker
(west jordan, utah)

the 3 bolts I am talking about next to the body

the 3 bolts I am talking about next to the body

the 3 bolts I am talking about next to the body

what it looks like when all removed

The problem is I was able to remove the entire headlight (includes the housing support, actuator and all working levers and springs) It is now sitting on my garage floor waiting for the new housing support to arrive. I highly recommend if your going to do this job remove your hood and mask off the headlight and the body around the head lights so you don't get chips when you remove it. My questions is what steps do I take to re-install the entire system. At 1st I thought I could install the housing support but if you do that 1st then you can't clip in the bearing retainer (well you can) but then you can not install the 3 bolts that hold it in because there is no room for your hand between the outside body. If someone has done this before or has video that have taken during this procedure I would love to talk to you or get a copy of your video. Help please so I don't chip up more paint.

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