2009 Corvette

All emphasis for 2009 Corvette went into developing the ZR1 Corvette. Listed below is what distinguish's the ZR1 from the other models.
• All-new LS9 supercharged 6.2L V-8 638 horsepower, 604 lb.-ft. of torque Dry-sump engine lubrication system same as Z06.
• Titanium connecting rods.
• Main bearing caps made of forged steel.
• Supercharger Eaton R2300, four-lobe "Roots" type (2.3L) Maximum boost pressure 10.5 psi.
• Crankshaft material is forged steel.
• Piston oil-spray cooling; direct-mount ignition coils; 11-rib accessory drive.
• Forged aluminum 9.1:1 pistons.
• Upgraded Six-speed, close-ratio, race-hardened manual transmission.
• New, high-capacity dual-disc clutch with 260mm plates compared to Z06 290mm. This reduced inertia and allows faster engine response and less drivetrain loss.
• Unique ZR1 vehicle identification number sequence, the last 4 digits designate the build sequence for that year.
• Higher-capacity and specific-diameter axle half-shafts; asymmetrical axle-shaft diameters – 33 mm on the right side and 40 mm on the left, enhanced torque tube construction.
• Specific suspension tuning provides more than 1g cornering grip.
• Twenty-spoke 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels.
• Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires – P285/30ZR19 in front and P335/25ZR20 in the rear – developed specifically for the ZR1.
• Standard Brembo carbon-ceramic, drilled disc brake rotors –15.5-inch-diameter (394-mm) in the front and 15-inch-diameter (380-mm) in the rear.
• Larger blue-painted brake calipers with substantially increased pad area.
• Aluminum body structure with one-piece hydroformed perimeter rails frame and magnesium engine cradle same as Z06.
• Standard Magnetic Selective Ride Control with track-level suspension.
• Wider, carbon-fiber front fenders with ZR1-specific dual vents.
• Carbon-fiber hood with a raised, polycarbonate window – offering a view of the intercooler below it.
• Carbon-fiber roof panel, roof bow, front fascia splitter and rocker moldings with clear-coated, exposed carbon-fiber weave.
• ZR1-specific full-width rear spoiler with raised outboard sections.
• 220-mph Specific gauge cluster with boost gauge (also displayed on the head-up display) and (370 km/h) speedometer readout.
• Curb weight of 3,324 pounds.
• Top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h).
• Seats, sill plates and gauge cluster with the ZR1 logo.

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